Hulk vs. Captain Marvel: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?


Both Hulk and Captain Marvel are known to be powerhouses in the Marvel Comics Universe. The Hulk is a product of a gamma radiation accident, while Captain Marvel has her unique DNA to thank for her powers. Both are incredibly fast and strong, and both have faced unimaginable threats and lived to tell the tale. This is why we decided to stage this hypothetical fight to see how it would play out. Between Hulk and Captain Marvel, who is stronger & who would win in a fight? 

Hulk is vastly stronger than Captain Marvel, and he would eventually win this fight. Captain Marvel has her energy projection going for her, but Hulk is vastly more durable and would be able to tank it with ease. The two fought in the comics, with Hulk coming out on the winning side. Captain Marvel has a more versatile power set, but once again, it wouldn’t do much against Hulk, who is known to be among the most durable characters. 

Now that we’ve covered the outcome of this fight, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. We’re going to analyze the strength, speed, durability & powers of both characters so you can see how & why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us!

Powers and abilities

Hulk was turned into the Jade Giant during a freak accident with gamma radiation that changed him on a molecular level and provided him with unseen levels of strength. And even though strength is his trademark “ability,” Hulk has more going for him. 

Hulk can absorb, utilize, and to some extent, emit gamma radiation for a variety of effects. The angrier he is, the more radiation he gives off. It would seem that his anger scales with pretty much any attribute.

If you’re thinking about mentally manipulating Hulk to cause him to calm down and, consequently, his powers to lose potency, think again. Hulk is highly immune to mental manipulation, which makes him impossible to calm during a fight. 

Captain Marvel got her superpowers when she was exposed to Psyche-Magnitron detonation, which activated her latent powers. The Brood also heavily experimented with her, which further increased her energy manipulation powers. If we ignore Danvers’ physical attributes and abilities for a moment, we can see that she is a powerhouse in every sense of the word.

She can unleash powerful blasts of photic cosmic energy, and by manipulating that same cosmic energy, she can create various different objects, tools, and weapons by merely willing them into existence. Captain Marvel’s energy-manipulating skills are not focused on offense only, as she can create powerful force shields around herself.

Based on everything, Captain Marvel has a more versatile power set, as her energy-based skills are something she is known for, and she can utilize them for various effects. In this sense, Hulk is a bit limited, so he lost the first point. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:0) Hulk 


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Strength and Stamina 

Hulk is the most famous for having unlimited strength at his disposal and is among the physically strongest characters in Marvel Comics Universe. The angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he is, which means we can’t exactly calculate how much he can lift or damage he can potentially unleash via his punches.

Someone can rarely match his strength and stamina levels, as they are unlimited. Hulk likewise doesn’t require any sustenance while in a fight, as his anger potentially keeps him going infinitely. 

Even though she can’t possibly hope to match Hulk’s strength, it’s estimated that Captain Marvel can lift up to 75 tons which puts her pretty damn near the top when compared to other characters.

However, Captain Marvel has occasionally been shown to exceed this limit, as she was seen supporting the weight of the dead Celestial so he couldn’t crash into Earth. Due to her unique physiology and subsequent improvements, Captain Marvel can fight for a long time without getting tired. Her body naturally produces significantly fewer fatigue toxins than the body of an average human. 

It’s very rare that someone goes up against Hulk in the strength category and wins. Captain Marvel is no exception to this rule. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:2) Hulk 


Even though Hulk is pretty bulky, he can be devastatingly fast if he wants to. This is due to his super strong muscles that allow him to put a lot more force into his running and jumping than the average human (or superhero) can. Hulk’s default movement speed might not be much, but his jumping and leaping are supreme. He was also able to outpace Namor while swimming and has been known to match the savage combat speed of some of the fastest characters in Marvel Comics. 

Captain Marvel is extremely fast and can travel at supersonic speeds and fly. Due to this and in part due to her military combat training, she is also blindingly fast in combat. It’s hard to keep up with Danvers in combat as she can appear to be a blur. While in Binary form, Captain Marvel flies at speeds so high. She resembles a falling star. 

Hulk is fast and is able to generate extreme force while jumping/running and moving in general. However, Captain Marvel is faster and has quite an advantage both on the ground and in the air due to her flying abilities. This point goes to Carol Danvers. 

Points: Captain Marvel (2:2) Hulk 


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Hulk is basically immortal in the sense that there are very few things (and characters) that can come close to piercing his skin. We know that he is highly invulnerable to physical damage, and only weapons made out of Vibranium and Adamantium can come close to piercing his skin.

But still, his healing factor takes care of the damage before he even notices it’s there. With all of Hulk’s abilities, his healing factor only gets better the angrier Hulk is. It’s highly unlikely that anyone can hope to subdue and injure an extremely angry Hulk. 

Captain Marvel is not fragile herself as she is known to be able to tank nuclear detonations and explosions of planetary scale. She also ages far slower than your average human and is resistant to biological weapons as well due to her mixed human Kree heritage. Captain Marvel is almost impossible to kill, and it would take a pretty massive discharge of cosmic damage to come near damaging her. 

Captain Marvel is extremely durable, and she can go up against the most famous superheroes with healing factors in the comics. However, it’s not enough to go up against Hulk, who is virtually indestructible. This point goes to Jade Giant. 

Points: Captain Marvel (2:3) Hulk 


Hulk is not special when it comes to his intelligence. In fact, he is pretty dumb and is mostly led by his anger and instincts, and although it doesn’t seem fair to include Banner’s intelligence in this comparison, some versions of Hulk have access to Banner’s brain while at their most savage.

Bruce Banner is a genius and among the best nuclear physicists in Marvel Comics. He demonstrated his brilliance by easily reprogramming complex computer systems and infecting them with viruses that even Tony Stark couldn’t counteract. It is estimated that Bruce’s IQ is around 160, and while we don’t have exact numbers for Hulk’s IQ, we can assume that it is significantly lower. 


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Captain Marvel had a successful career even before her powers activated. She is a driven and ambitious person that was tackling danger even before she attained her superhuman abilities. She is quite a proficient spy. She is a brilliant author and one of the most skilled pilots in the comics. Due to her military training and her Kree knowledge, she is among the most capable tacticians in Marvel Comics. Her knowledge of Kree technology likewise gives her an edge. 

Captain Marvel comes nowhere near Bruce’s intelligence, but she is significantly smarter than Hulk. This is why both get the point. 

Points: Captain Marvel (3:4) Hulk 

Combat Skills 

Even though Hulk is not smart, and it’s impossible to train him through conventional means, he is still a dangerous fighter due to relying on his savagery and pure physical strength. Due to his size, speed, and strength can block and parry any hits coming his way thanks to his deadly instincts and anger-driven focus. Hulk, did receive some form of formal training, but it’s not what he relies on to deliver the point. 

Captain Marvel, on the hand, did receive formal military training. She is an exceptional fighter, probably among the best in Marvel Comics Universe. She is quite skilled in various fighting techniques and even in hand-to-hand combat. Most of the time, she is faster and stronger than her opponents, and her knowledge of tactics and warfare usually means that she is prepared for all possible outcomes.

Captain Marvel relies on her training and skills, and Hulk relies on his savagery. Due to this, both get the point because both are equally effective in combat. 

Points: Captain Marvel (4:5) Hulk 

Captain Marvel vs. Hulk: Who wins?

As you can see, based on points, it would be a really close fight, but in reality, it wouldn’t. Captain Marvel stands little chance of defeating Hulk due to his vastly superior strength and durability. There’s simply no way to approach Hulk and somehow negate his anger, making him more and more lethal as time passes. Is Captain Marvel more powerful?

Perhaps, due to her versatility, but she is not stronger and more durable, and due to Hulk’s immunity to pretty much everything, the right type of weapons and enough physical strength might be the key to disabling him for any significant time. The two fought in the comics before, and it didn’t end well for Captain Marvel. 

What do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments. 

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