10 Darkseid Weaknesses Ranked by Severity

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Darkseid has always been one of the greatest villains in DC history, as he has almost always been the toughest villain for the Justice League to defeat. He is a constant thorn in the side of Superman and has almost always needed an entire team of superheroes to work against him. As such, there’s no doubt that Darkseid is an incredibly powerful villain who has always been a serious threat to the heroes of the world.

While it may be true that Darkseid is a powerful threat, not even he is without any weaknesses. That’s because he does have his own fair share of weaknesses, and some of these weaknesses come in the form of actual people who have made life difficult for him as well. So, with that said, let’s look at all of Darkseid’s weaknesses.

10. Radion

batman radion bullet

Radion finds itself at the top of this list because this is the most common weakness that any New God has. Every New God is weak to Radion, and this is the only substance that can actually hurt them due to how toxic it is to the New Gods. However, its source is unknown, and that means that it isn’t the most reliable substance to use as it is incredibly difficult to find.


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Like all New Gods, Darkseid is weak to Radion. But because he is stronger than most New Gods, it might take a bigger dose of Radion to defeat him. Most New Gods, however, can be killed using a Radion blaster or bomb.

9. Reason


It might be true that Darkseid is often portrayed as a powerful god who can only be stopped with sheer force, there are some cases where he understands the importance of negotiation in certain situations. For instance, Highfather was once able to find a way to convince Darkseid to make a pact with him if they wanted their worlds to be spared of destruction. Of course, Darkseid saw the logic and reasoning behind it and agreed.

The thing is that Darkseid is just as smart and logical as he is strong. He has always been a cunning and manipulative leader, but he also knows and understands that it is important to use logic and reasoning when it comes to certain situations. This is why Highfather was able to find a way to negotiate his way to a truce with Darkseid, as they all gave their own bargaining chips to one another in the form of their own sons.

8. Someone stronger

anti monitor vs darkseid

Darkseid has always been portrayed as one of the strongest and most powerful villains in the world of DC. He is a New God and a powerful being capable of going up against the entire Justice League on his own. While that may be true, the thing is that he isn’t the strongest and most powerful being in the universe.


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There are plenty of other beings who are far stronger than Darkseid, and these beings can either fight him on par or destroy him without any effort at all. For instance, the Anti-Monitor was able to handle Darkseid without much effort at all. So, if the Anti-Monitor can defeat Darkseid, the other beings, such as the Endless and the Angels, are going to have an easier time against Darkseid.

7. Omega Beams

omega beams

Darkseid has a lot of different powers and abilities that he can use, but he almost always relies on his incredibly powerful Omega Beams when it comes to dealing with some of the strongest opponents. That’s because he doesn’t have to lift a finger to deliver this powerful attack, and that means that he can defeat an enemy almost effortlessly.

But while we know how powerful the Omega Beams are, we also know that it is so powerful that not even Darkseid is able to withstand the awesome power of his own attack. In Superman vs. Darkseid: Apokolips Now!, Superman is able to find a way to lure Darkseid’s Omega Beams right back at him, causing immense pain to the New God.

6. Superman

darkseid superman

Speaking of Superman, he has always been the true powerhouse of the Justice League and is often portrayed as one of the mightiest heroes in the history of comic books. In that regard, he can go up against some of the strongest villains the world of comic books has ever seen, and this includes none other than Darkseid himself.


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Even though Darkseid has almost always been stronger than Superman, there have been some instances wherein Superman was able to not only hold his own against Darkseid but even beat him. Of course, whenever Superman isn’t holding back, he can defeat Darkseid. And because Superman’s indomitable will is greater than almost anyone else, he can find the extra strength he needs to defeat one of the strongest villains in DC.

5. Black Racer

black racer

The Black Racer is not only one of the fastest speedsters in DC but is also one of the strongest beings, as he is basically one of the embodiments of death. So, whenever the Black Racer is going after someone, that means that this person is about to die. Of course, the Black Racer symbolizes the fact that no one should be fast enough to cheat death, including Darkseid.

There have been instances wherein the Black Racer was able to kill Darkseid. The first was in Final Crisis, where the two versions of the Flash led the Black Racer straight into Darkseid. Meanwhile, the second one happened in Darkseid War, where the Black Racer possesses the Flash and kills Darkseid together with a blast coming from the Anti-Monitor.

4. Misdirection


In terms of pure power, Darkseid is one of the most difficult villains to defeat because not a lot of superheroes are able to overpower someone like him. But John Constantine, who himself doesn’t have the physical capabilities and the powers to defeat Darkseid, was able to find a way to come out on top in his encounters with the evil New God.

Due to his reputation as a con man and a master of magic and illusions, Constantine was able to use misdirection to his advantage to deceive and lie his way through a victory over Darkseid. He is able to use a powerful spell that misdirects Darkseid, tricking the powerful villain into going back to where he came from. So, while Constantine shouldn’t be able to defeat Darkseid, he was able to do so because he was always a talented trickster.

3. Doomsday


Created as a Kryptonian superweapon and monster designed to kill and destroy, Doomsday is one of the few characters who have killed Superman. Of course, that’s because Doomsday’s physical abilities are on par with Superman’s own strength, speed, and durability. But the scariest part about Doomsday is the fact that he can return to life and eventually become immune to whatever kills him.

In that regard, Doomsday was able to rampage his way to a victory over Darkseid as not even the New God’s powerful Omega Beams were able to harm the mindless monster. He was able to singlehandedly demolish Darkseid on his own. Even if Darkseid were to find a way to kill Doomsday, the monster would just come back to life, immune to whatever Darkseid used to kill him.

2. Batman


It is true that Batman is only a mere human being but it is the fact that he is Batman that makes him the most dangerous member of the Justice League. He doesn’t have the powers and the strength necessary to defeat someone like Darkseid. However, in a lot of different cases, Batman was able to actually find a way to defeat the evil New God, who has always been strong enough to take on the entire Justice League all on his own.

In one of the animated movies, Batman was able to beat Darkseid by threatening to destroy Apokolips, as the New God conceded to the regular human being. Then, in the comics, there was an instance wherein Batman basically beat Darkseid to a pulp and killed him when the New God stole the body of the recently deceased Damian Wayne. Batman used the Hellbat armor to defeat Darkseid, thus proving that even an ordinary man can kill a god.

1. Anti-Life Equation

anti life

Darkseid has always been known for his unending desire to acquire the power of the Anti-Life Equation, which would allow him to become one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. While he often struggles to acquire it, he is consistent enough to try to find a way to get his hands on this Equation. But in the Cosmic Odyssey series, Darkseid learns about the power of the Anti-Life Equation the hard way.

In that storyline, Darkseid was able to summon several heroes to find the different aspects of the Anti-Life Equation. He was able to encounter the Anti-Life entity, which he realized was far too powerful for him to control, as the being was able to nearly kill him before Doctor Fate intervened and helped him. Had it not been for Fate, Darkseid would have surely been killed by the very thing that he coveted the most.

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