All 65 Batman Suits Ranked by Power

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Batman is infamous for his crime-fighting style and gloomy demeanor, but he’s also been named the “King of Armor” among fans. Since this iconic superhero has been around for over 80 years, there have been countless additions to his massive wardrobe. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about all of Batman’s suits to date, ranked according to their power levels.

Every DC Comics Batsuit ranked

Unlike many other heroes, Bruce Wayne does not have any superpowers of his own. Instead, he uses his creativity and innovation to craft Batsuits for different situations – a process that’s made far simpler due to how rich Batman is.

rainbow batman

Batman has a setup for just about every occasion, environment, or villain, topped off with matching weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. He’s flaunted a ton of unique variants over the years – including a suit in each shade of the rainbow, a zebra print suit, and even a suit with a mummified aesthetic.


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At the time of writing, Batman has at least 85 Batsuits, or up to around 200 when including every variant seen with on-screen releases – in fact, Batman has many suits we haven’t even seen yet. For the sake of simplicity, this list will focus on different looks and types of Batsuits rather than color or pattern variants.

We will also be excluding Batman-esq figures created through Elseworlds and fusions – such as “Speeding Bullets” (Superman) or Dark Claw (Wolverine). Batsuits from animated Batman movies and live-action Batman movies have been left out, as these usually stem from the DC comics.

65. Jungle Batman

jungle batman

This all-black caveman outfit appeared with Batman Vol. 1 #72, accessorized with his iconic mask. While it was suited for the setting, it is the weakest of all his suits to date.

64. Batman 1939 Batsuit

batman 1939

Batman’s suit in 1939 was simple, slowly developing through similar redesigns over the following decades. However, it lacked modern innovations, making it the weakest full Batsuit on the list.

63. Experimental Batsuits

experimental batman

Batman began experimenting with Batsuit types at an early stage, creating a selection of suits for different purposes. It would be many years before he would create suits that serve countless functions.

62. Silver Age Batman (1960s)

batman silver age

Batman’s suit seen in the 1960s followed the same style with a modernized Batman symbol. However, it now featured seemingly stronger materials and usage.

61. Devil’s Workshop Batman

batman devils workshop

This suit made its debut with Batman/Houdini: Devil’s Workshop. Although it matched the era, it ranks lower due to it comprising a classic Batsuit underneath a dark trenchcoat.


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60. Captain Leatherwing Batman

leatherwing batman

Captain Leatherwing is an adaptation of Bruce Wayne, exclusive to the Earth-494 continuity. This pirate-inspired Batsuit is ideal for taking down bad guys while he mans his ship and crew, although it’s made of regular materials.

59. Riddle of the Beast Batman

riddle of the beast

This look is worn by an unknown Batman, being released with JLA: Riddle of the Beast. Very little is known about the suit or its wearer, but this Batman’s strength and abilities are certainly impressive.

58. Troika Batman

troika batman

Batman’s suit in Batman: Troika followed the same design as his classic suit, with the exception of all-black with greenish hues. It’s believed to have a similar power level when compared to some of Batman’s more modernized suits.

57. Medieval Batsuit

medieval batman

This medieval outfit is featured in Batman #39 (2016). It sees Batman in an all-black and fully armored set, wielding a medieval sword.

56. Knight Batman

knight batman

Batman is shown wearing a knight outfit inspired by those of the round table. While this Batsuit doesn’t boast tech, it’s fully armored in the style of the era.

55. Reign of Terror Batman

batman reign of terror

Batman’s outfit in Batman: Reign of Terror followed a style akin to an outlaw. He wears black gloves, a shirt, a cape, and a variant of his hood, although it lacks power due to being made of ordinary fabric.

54. Batman Age of Wonder

batman age of wonder

Batman from the Age of Wonder wears a Batsuit similar to the classic. The main exceptions are the shape of his cloak and boots and having different weapons on his belt.

53. Classic Batsuit


The classic Batsuit became blue-black and gray over the years, and it’s worn by Batman for all-around use. Countess variants of this suit have been created, many of which have been excluded from this list, such as the Batsuit seen with Hush, the New 52, Rebirth, and others.

52. Digital Justice Batman

digital justice batman

Batman wore a futuristic suit in Batman: Digital Justice (1990). It has differences in style and color, with slightly more armor than classic variants.


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51. Arctic Batsuit

arctic batman

The Arctic Batsuit was featured in Superman/Batman #30. It was specially designed to withstand harsh colds and storms.

50. Legends of the Dead Earth Batman

dead earth batman

Batman from the Legends of Dead Earth wears an all-black Batsuit with a gold variant of the Bat symbol. It’s fitted with a jetpack, armor, and weapons systems.

49. Swimming Batsuit

swimming batsuit

Batman’s Swimming Suit allows him to perform complex jobs underwater. It allows him to breathe and withstand immense pressure while being equipped with various gadgets and tools.

48. Underwater Batsuit

underwater batman

The Underwater Batsuit was featured in Superman/Batman #45 and The Shadow/Batman #5. It’s tough and resilient while allowing Batman to breathe and gain great speeds underwater.

47. Murder Machine Batman

murder machine batman

Batman of Earth-44 is one of Barbatos’ Dark Knights and is known as the “Murder Machine.” His demeanor and personality make for an intimidating villain, and the ferociousness of this Batsuit only enhances his threat level.

46. Terra Occulta Batsuit

terra occulta batman

The Batsuit in JLA: Terra Occulta was more streamlined and athletic in its design. It allowed for speed, mobility, and agility, making it useful for combat as well as many other situations.

45. Anti-Freeze Batsuit

anti freeze batman

Batman’s Anti-Freeze Batsuit is featured in Detective Comics #1013. This suit is pure fire, with an awesome design and fully armored components – all topped off with a heavy-duty flamethrower.


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44. Terminus Armor

terminus batman

Batman’s Terminus Armor debuted with Batman & Robin #12 (2011). This Batsuit can land some seriously brutal blows while being able to withstand a ton of damage.

43. Jetpack Batsuit

jetpack batman

Batman’s Jetpack Batsuit is featured in Detective Comics #12 (2012), flaunting a similar design to his classic suit with the addition of a high-powered jetpack.

42. Scarab Batsuit

scarab batsuit

The Scarab Batsuit is featured in Robin #128 (1993). This Batsuit is a tank, being fitted with numerous weapons systems, gadgets, and tools – although, its size does make it considerably slower than many others on this list.

41. Anti-Clayface Batsuit

anti clayface batsuit

Batman occasionally creates a special suit for specific opponents, as was the case in Batman #20 (2011). It features a range of combat systems and is highly resistant to Clayface attacks, making it one of his more powerful suits.

40. Merciless Batman

merciless batman

Batman of Earth-12 gains the powers of Ares after donning his helm. While this did give Batman new abilities and a new godlike Batsuit to match, he was also cursed with an unquenchable bloodlust.

39. Defoliant Batsuit

defoliant batsuit

The Defoliant Batsuit is featured in Detective Comics #15 (2011), and it was also used against Clayface. This suit combines combat with durability and heat-based attacks.

38. Outer Space Batsuit

outer space batsuit

Batman has a suit for exploring outer space. It’s featured in Batman/Superman #28 and provides oxygen while withstanding atmospheric changes, and is topped off with a range of combat features.

37. Multiversity Batman

multiversity batman

Batman of Earth-17 is shown with the release of The Multiversity, a series of one-shots set in the New 52. This Batman wears a mechanized blue and red Batsuit fitted with flight systems, weapons, and much more.

36. Retro Space Batsuit

retro space batman

This outer space Batsuit has been tailored for galactic combat and resembles Batman’s Beyond outfit. It’s fitted with a high-powered jetpack and weapon systems while affording mobility during battle.

35. Red Death Batman

red death batman

Batman from Earth-52, better known as “Red Death,” is a member of the Dark Knights and a dangerous villain within the continuity. His Batsuit is streamlined for sharp and quick attacks, with an aesthetic that resembles a corrupted version of Batman.

34. Anti-Scarebeast Batsuit

anti scarebeast batman

Batman’s suit for Scarebeast is featured in Batman #630. It has a similar design to Batman’s classic suits but is fully armored with special traits to combat Scarebeast’s abilities.

33. Stag Armor

stag batsuit

Batman’s Stag Armor debuted with Batman/Shadow #5. Batman is fast, agile, and nimble in this suit, aided by some innovative high-tech additions.

32. Devastator Batman

devastator batman

Batman was renamed “Batman the Devastator” after he was consumed by a modified virus strain. This Batsuit and its wearer are undeniably terrifying, boasting strength and power that even Batman cannot control.


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31. Batmancer


The Batmancer Batsuit features more power than many other suits, in addition to a few special fittings. It’s armored from head to toe, with a distinguishable headpiece that looks more like a real bat.

30. Wrath Batsuit

wrath batsuit

Batman’s Wrath Batsuit debuted in Detective Comics #24 (2011). This suit is adored by many fans, known for its ability to do some serious damage while withstanding powerful enemies and extreme conditions.

29. Trinity Armor/ Anti-Bizarro Batsuit

batman anti bizzaro

Batman’s Trinity Armor is one of the most popular among fans, being featured in Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman: Trinity #3. Batman is shown with heavy gauntlet-like weapons, metal-plated armor, and classic gadgets – finished off with some sharp spiked boots for killer kicks.

28. Dead Earth War-Bat Suit

war bat

Batman of the Legends of Dead Earth also creates a bot-like Batsuit for dire situations – in this case, the “War-Bat.” This Batsuit is incredibly powerful and resilient, capable of taking down complex threats.

27. Nano-Mech Batsuit

nanomech batsuit

Batman’s Nano-Mech Bastuit debuted with Superman/Batman #59. This suit is far more high-tech than many others, and it allows Batman to fly, cling to walls, and fight with maximum efficiency.

26. Azrael Batman Suit

azrael batman

The Batsuit worn by Azrael is incredibly overpowered as is, made more dangerous by how violent Azreal is. Although Bruce Wayne never wore this suit, it was created in his image – with the intention of Azrael replacing Bruce as the new Batman.

25. Subterranean Mech Batsuit

subterranean batman

Each of the main superheroes got a new look with Justice League #1 (2018), including Batman. This version is powerful and fully weaponized, comprised of tougher materials and sophisticated systems.

24. Dawnbreaker Batman

dawnbreaker batman

Batman of Earth-42, known as “Dawnbreaker” or “Bat-Lantern,” takes the power of the Green Lantern. While the suit itself is powerful due to its enhancements, the figure represents Batman’s fear of how dangerous and villainous he may become if he were to ever obtain superpowers.

23. Anti-Clayface Bot-Batsuit

batman clayface 2

Clayface is a tough villain, and Batman has made multiple suits to take him on. The Anti-Clayface Bot debuted with Batman: Gotham After Midnight #3 – #4, flaunting weapons and armor while measuring around the same size as Clayface.

22. Batwing Suit


The Batwing suit was worn by Luke Fox and David Zavimbe, initially created by Lucius Fox – without the usual specifications provided by Batman. It’s incredibly powerful and versatile, being fitted with tons of armor, weapons, and a jetpack.

21. White Lantern Batman

white lantern batman

Batman harnesses the White Lantern ring to defeat Savage in Batman Universe #5. While this was short-lived, it’s one of the most powerful forms he has taken over the years.


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20. Haz-Bat Suit

hazbat batman

The Haz-Bat suit is iconic, originally featured in Justice League #36 (2011). It’s lightweight, featuring medical scanners as well as enhanced thermal imaging for harmful gas and viruses, and is able to withstand a blast from Superman.

19. Magma Mech Batsuit

magma mech batsuit

Batman created the Magma Mech Batsuit to withstand erupting volcanoes, lava, and molten rock, getting the chance to use it with Dark Days: the Forge. While it’s capable of fighting, its main purpose is to ensure Batman’s survival.

18. Batman Beyond Suit

batman beyond 1

The Batman Beyond Batsuit is a top pick for fans in terms of style and power, debuting with its prototype in Batman #20 (2011). It features flight abilities, electromagnetic pads, and a built-in cloaking device while being resistant to water, electricity, heat, and radiation.

17. Exoframe Batsuit

exoframe batsuit

Batman’s Exoframe Batsuit is infamous for shocking a weakened Superman thanks to its electrified gauntlets. It also boasts mechanics that strengthen Batman’s body during battle.

16. Anti-Predator Batsuit

anti predator batsuit

This Batsuit is featured in Batman vs. Predator (1991) and was designed especially for taking on this extraterrestrial opponent. It grants Batman enhanced strength and defense, allowing him to evade the Predator’s invisibility technology thanks to echolocation.

15. Project Batman/Rookie Batsuit

rookie batsuit


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Project Batman was a special Batsuit that Batman spent ages creating, eventually being named “Rookie” upon completion. It was designed to be worn by Jim Gordon following the supposed death of Batman, as it would grant the wearer enhanced strength and durability as well as an EMP pulse and a Batarang gun.

14. Thrasher Batsuit

thrasher batman

Batman’s Thrasher Batsuit is featured in Batman #9 (2011). It’s comprised of meta-aramid fibers designed by Batman, enabling him to withstand extreme heat and cold while utilizing E.M.P. weapons, electrical shocks, and cryogenic Batarang launchers.

13. Augmentation/ Post-52 Batsuit

Post 52 Batsuit

Batman wears this suit post-New 52, and it’s one of the more powerful suits in terms of brute strength. It can punch holes in cars as well as solid structures made of concrete, wood, and metal.

12. Man-Bat Suit

man bat suit

The Man-Bat Batsuit was created by applying the Man-Bat Serum to the Suit of Sorrows. This suit allowed Batman to generate electric shocks, fly, and use invisibility – all while showing fans how terrifying a true “Batman” would really be.

11. Stealth Batsuit

stealth batsuit

The Stealth Batsuit is featured in Superman Unchained #2. It was created to get by completely undetected, and Batman used it to evade Superman’s vision.

10. Black Power Ring Suit

power ring batman

Batman gains the power of the Black Lantern ring, shown in Dark Nights: Death Metal. In addition to wielding mystical powers such as necromancy, energy manipulation, and immortality, Batman’s suit also gets a makeover – flaunting black leather and spikes to suit the theme of the DC comic storyline.

9. Justice Armor

justice armor batman


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Batman’s Justice Armor takes inspiration from the Batman Beyond look in terms of appearance and color. This suit is more powerful with enhanced armor resistant against Superman punches, flight systems, weapons, gadgets, and protection from mind control.

8. Batman One Million Armor

batman one million

Batman One Million is a master of martial arts (arguably the best in the DC Multiverse), and his Batsuit boasts tons of cool features like holo-body and shape-shifting. He is far smarter than the main Batman, being able to hack into his Batcave in less than a second, and he’s arguably more powerful – at least in regular Batsuits.

7. The Insider Batsuit

batman insider

Batman’s Insider Suit debuted with Batman: Bruce Wayne the Road Home, and it’s become a favorite for many fans. What makes it stand out is its ability to mimic various superpowers – but, these abilities’ usage does involve cooldown times.

6. Suit of Sorrows

suit of sorrows batman

The Suit of Sorrows was given to Bruce Wayne by Talia Al Ghul, initially created during the Crusades of 1190 using the armor and breastplates from the fallen Order of Purity soldiers. It’s a powerful suit, but it’s cursed to bring violent rage and madness to those who wear it, making it extremely dangerous – even for Batman, who locked it away.

5. Justice Buster/ Fenrir

justice buster batman

The Justice Buster debuted with Batman #35 (2011). It was designed to take down the Justice League quickly and efficiently using super strength, citrine neutralizers, plasma cannons, plasma shields, and hyper-speed servers while being able to withstand a thorough beat-down from Superman in the process.

4. Hellbat Suit


The Hellbat Batsuit is featured in Batman and Robin #35 (2011), and is used by Batman when he attempts to rescue Robin. Superman formed the suit in the sun, after which Wonder Woman forged it on Olympus, enabling Batman to fight against off-world supervillains using flight, enhanced strength, protection, as well as a cloaking feature.

3. God of Knowledge Batman

god batman

Darkseid Wars saw Batman sit on the Mobius Chair and temporarily become the God of Knowledge. While this getup didn’t flaunt as much tech and weaponry, the concept of infinite knowledge being gifted to the most dangerous man around is undeniably epic.

2. The Batcavatron


The Batcavatron is a more recent addition to Batman’s endless wardrobe, being a colossal beast of a Batsuit – Batman can barely be seen manning this suit from inside the head section. It’s incredibly overpowered and tanky, with the ability to rip roofs off buildings and liquefy enemies.

1. Batman’s Final Armor

final batman

Most fans believe that Batman’s FInal Armor is the most powerful suit to date, debuting with Justice League #24 (2018). This Batsuit could make Batman the most overpowered DC character overall when used as it can read and alter the minds of others on a cellular level while flying, fighting, and providing Batman with anything he could need thanks to reactionary adaptive capabilities.


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Those are all of Batman’s major Batsuits from DC Comics, ranked based on their known power levels with stats thanks to the DC Database and fans on Quora. Batman is a man of few words, but he’s definitely a man of many suits – the Caped Crusader truly has something up his sleeve for just about any situation.

What’s your favorite Batsuit of all time? Can you think of any other Batsuits that deserve a mention on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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