DC Fans Are Already Discussing Who Should Direct ‘The Brave and the Bold’

the brave and the bold

While all our eyes are on the upcoming Superman: Legacy, the first DCU movie, we didn’t forget that James Gunn and Peter Safran announced a bunch of DC projects that are a part of DCU’s Chapter 1, officially called Gods and Monsters. Gunn already confirmed that he’s writing and directing Superman: Legacy, and James Mangold has been hired to write and direct the upcoming Swamp Thing movie. Apart from that, we don’t know which writers and directors will get a chance to work on other DC movies that are currently in development.

When James Gunn announced the first five DCU movies last February, he only announced the official titles and himself as the writer of Superman: Legacy. After some time, Gunn was also confirmed to direct Superman: Legacy, and James Mangold was hired to write and direct the upcoming Swamp Thing movie. Three movies with no cast or crew attached to them are The Authority, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and The Brave and the Bold, which is set to introduce an all-new Batman into this new franchise.

Matt Reeves is currently developing the sequel to The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, but that’s a separate thing, and since Ben Affleck will say goodbye to his Batman in The Flash movie soon, DCU will need a new actor to play Caped Crusader. Selecting a new Batman actor is always a tough job because whoever you pick, you can be sure a good amount of fans will be displeased until they see a picked actor in action as Batman. While there’s no clue who could play Batman in DCU, that isn’t stopping fans from at least taking a guess on who will be the next Batman director.


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Who should direct ‘The Brave and the Bold’ according to DC fans?

We’d say that directing a Batman movie is an honorable job for a filmmaker. Many directors are known for directing Batman movies. Tim Burton is remembered as the original Batman director, Joel Schumacher is remembered as a Batman director, although not in a good way, an acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directed probably the best superhero trilogy of all time, and Matt Reeves also did a great job on The Batman. One thing’s for sure: a special kind of burden exists when a filmmaker signs up to direct a Batman movie.

Although it will be long until we know the official director for The Brave and the Bold, some DC fans already expressed their wishes on Reddit. Some of the directors that were mentioned were: Matthew Vaughn, Chad Stahelski, Drew Goddard, Sam Mendes, Andy Muschietti, Rian Johnson, and Edgar Wright. One commentator even mentioned Denis Villeneuve. There’s been a lot of mentioned directors, but we picked those we found most interesting.

It’s very hard to believe an acclaimed filmmaker like Denis Villeneuve would agree to direct The Brave and the Bold, although Villeneuve once said that if he was ever going to do a superhero movie, it would be Batman. But the problem is that The Brave and the Bold is a studio movie, which means there would be many restrictions regarding the story and the movie’s setting as a part of the cinematic universe. As we all know, Villeneuve is a visionary director, and if you’d want him to make you a Batman movie, you’d need to give him full creative freedom, which is hard to expect for a movie set in the cinematic universe.


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Basically, all the other mentioned directors would be a more realistic choice for The Brave and the Bold. Matthew Vaughn is best known for directing all the movies in the Kingsman film series and X-Men: First Class, so he’s no stranger to the superhero genre. Chad Stahelski is known for directing John Wick franchise, so he’s definitely an amazing action director, but he doesn’t have any directing experience outside of it, although he’s currently working on the movie adaptation of the acclaimed video game Ghost of Tsushima.

Andy Muschietti is best known for directing the It duology, and his next movie is the upcoming DCEU movie The Flash. If the movie achieves a good result, we have no doubt that Gunn would like to work with the Argentinian filmmaker again. Although one of the comments mentioned that Muschietti would probably work on The Flash 2 if the first movie performs well, we need to wait to see how realistic The Flash 2 is, considering that DCEU will conclude this year.

Sam Mendes is known for directing acclaimed movies like 1917 and American Beauty and two James Bond movies, Skyfall and Spectre. Drew Goddard is known for writing and directing Bad Times at the El Royale. Rian Johnson is undoubtedly a great filmmaker, although he made many Star Wars fans very angry. And in the end, let’s mention Edgar Wright, another amazing filmmaker who almost directed the original Ant-Man movie for the MCU before he stepped down. As we know, MCU movies are also studio movies, and directors who are working on those movies just need to take the script and turn it into a movie. Edgar Wright is also a visionary director, and it’s hard to imagine him directing not just The Brave and the Bold but any DCU movie. We’d love to be wrong.

The Brave and the Bold is in very early stages of development, and it’s gonna take a while before we learn who will work on that movie. Until then, Matt Reeves continues to develop The Batman — Part II, which is set to be released on October 3, 2025.

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