Does Miles Morales Have a Symbiote?

Does Miles Morales Have a Symbiote Will He Get One

Peter Parker and Miles Morales share many things – besides the Spider-Man mantle and consequent deaths of their dear uncles (one more problematic than the other), the superheroes of New York City share the same storylines. Some fans found that quite boring since they felt Miles Morales deserved more diverse and different storylines from Peter Parker. However, when something works once, Marvel Comics like to do it again. Peter Parker’s Spider-Man was once bonded with the Venom Symbiote, particularly in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ comic book run in the 1980s. Spidey wore the iconic Venom-Spider suit during the ‘Secret Wars’ event and eventually got rid of it. But did Miles Morales also get a symbiote?

Miles was bonded with the symbiote in the comic book run from 2019, titled ‘Absolute Carnage.’ In the comics, Cletus Kasady was resurrected by the Cult of Knull and hunts for everyone previously connected to the symbiote to use their codexes to free Knull from the celestial prison. Venom, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and others team up to stop Dark Carnage from destroying everything, but in the second issue of the comic, Dark Carnage infects the young Spider-Man with its offshoot, overwhelming desperate Miles and turning him into Spider-Carnage.

This whole storyline was hard for Miles Morales, who was infected by the Dark Carnage symbiote and became a manic powerful lunatic. When he was affected by the symbiote, Miles Morales was terrified for two issues before Eddie Brock’s Venom freed him by killing the parasite. Of course, we are also wondering if we will see Symbiote Miles Morales in another fictional media, which will also be the focus of this discussion.

Has Miles Morales ever been infected by the symbiote in Marvel Comics?

As we already pointed out, Peter Parker and Miles Morales share many stories with each other. Of course, this made sense when Miles was part of another universe, but the trend continued since Secret Wars and young Spider-Man’s transfer to Earth-616.

Yes, Peter and Miles aren’t the same superheroes, but Marvel insisted on having another Spider-Man being infected by the symbiote. We know how the symbiotes work in Marvel comics – they attach to the host, and in most cases, the parasite controls the victim.

Does Miles Morales Have a Symbiote? Will He Get One?

That was Knull’s goal when he created symbiotes – he wanted to infect the whole universe and create his own galaxies-size Hive. Venom symbiote was different, and it didn’t want to control the host but protect them, hence why the dark lord exiled the rouge symbiote from Gorr’s Homeworld.

Of course, the Venom symbiote bonded with many hosts in the galaxy until stumbling upon Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. The iconic Spider suit we see after the Secret Wars event in the 1980s is when Spider-Man used a strange material to fix his suit. He bonded with the Venom symbiote but eventually realized that the suit was acting strange and realized that the material was actually the parasite.


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Spidey got rid of the symbiote, which felt betrayed by the Web-Slinger, and eventually bonded with Eddie Brock. On the other hand, Miles Morales wasn’t bonded with the symbiote until he was already a part of Earth-616.

The Secret Wars brought Miles Morales and his family to Earth-616, and the young Spider-Man quickly adapted to the new world, mostly by joining various superhero teams like Avengers and Champions.

Of course, Miles Morales started working with Peter Parker as well. The dynamic duo fought many enemies together, but when the ‘Absolute Carnage’ comic book story saw the old nemesis of Venom and Spider-Man emerge from the dead, the whole world was in danger.

When Cletus Kasady, the host of Carnage and the serial killer, is resurrected by the Cult of Knull, he begins his quest to hunt down people once infected by the symbiote.

Eddie Brock’s Venom reluctantly asks for the help of Spider-Man, who realizes that Miles Morales doesn’t know what is happening. While Venom tries to reach out to the young superhero, Miles is busy with Scorpion when the horde of symbiote monsters suddenly attacks them.

Seeing that Carnage arrived to claim Mac Gargan’s Venom codex, Miles rushes to help the man by fighting the monster. However, everything goes wrong when Venom arrives and saves Scorpion and heavily injured Gargan – he fails to reach out to Miles, who is overwhelmed by the symbiotes and infected by their offshoot.


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Miles Morales becomes a six-arm symbiote doppelganger, and he is terrifying. He does free himself with his Venom Blast but willingly gets captured again to spy on Dark Carnage and his plans. Of course, this proves to be a wrong decision since the symbiote overwhelms the young Spider-Man once again. Eddie Brock eventually frees Miles from the symbiote, and Venom merges with the harvested codexes and hunts Dark Carnage.

Does Miles Morales Have a Symbiote? Will He Get One?
Peter Parker was bonded with the Venom symbiote, while Miles Morales suffered under the control of Dark Carnage.

Miles Morales had his symbiote moment; frankly, he was really scary. As the Spider-Carnage, Miles lasted for two issues in the ‘Absolute Carnage’ storyline, which led us to another Spider-Verse event.

Interestingly enough, the PlayStation Showcase recently introduced the gameplay for the new Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games, and it looks epic. The protagonists of the game are the Symbiote Spider-Man, and Miles Morales, who work together to save the world.

Of course, there will be more Spider-Man games in the future, and another Symbiote Spider-Man might be in the future Insomniac game franchise.

Will Miles Morales from PlayStation games get the symbiote?

If you own the PlayStation console, you’ll know that the gaming world got really excited with the news that Insomniac Games will release another Spider-Man game in the Fall of 2023.

Of course, before ‘Spider-Man 2’, we had ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ in 2018, which explored the origins of the Web-Slinger, which also featured Miles Morales (only as a civilian), and the sequel ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ in 2020 (as Spider-Man).

The recent trailer for ‘Spider-Man 2’ showcased Peter Parker’s Spider-Man in the Venom symbiote suit, and it looks really cool. Of course, Spider-Venom is marginally stronger but gets angrier as the game progresses, making Miles Morales and his allies concerned for his well-being.


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We know that Insomniac will continue developing more Spider-Man games in the future, so maybe that means we will see Miles Morales affected by the symbiote. This is only speculation, but knowing that Carnage didn’t feature in the previous games, there is a possibility we’re going to see the villain in future Spider-Man projects.

Throw Miles Morales into the mix, and maybe we get Spider-Carnage as we did in Marvel Comics.

What do you think? Will Miles Morales get his own symbiote in the Spider-Man games, and will we see the young hero infected by Carnage’s offshoot as we saw in the comics? Let us know in the comments below.

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