Does Trigon Love Raven? Relationship Explained


Superheroes live in universes as elaborate and complicated as ours and often have fleshed-out and developed backstories that make them more real and easier to connect with us. One of the superheroes with a deeply tragic story is DC’s Raven. As an offspring of a mortal woman and a powerful demonic entity Trigon, her family story is complicated, to say the least. She fought against Trigon on numerous occasions, and sometimes she even worked with him. With everything said, a lot of fans are wondering does Trigon love Raven, and is he even capable of it?

Trigon does love Raven, but it’s more complicated than we think. Trigon values Raven because she is powerful, and he sees her as one more weapon in his arsenal that he can abuse. Their relationship is more often strained than not since Raven has trouble coming to terms with what her father is, what she wants from her and how she feels about it. Ultimately, Trigon loves Raven for selfish reasons, and their father-daughter bond is far from being healthy.

Now that we’ve covered the gist of Raven’s relationship with her father, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. The two are often at each other’s throats, but there has to be more under the surface. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Raven’s origin explained

Raven was born to a human woman named Arella, but she was conceived by a powerful demonic entity capable of destruction on cosmic proportions called Trigon. Trigon has unimaginable powers, and over his long and seemingly endless existence, he managed to father many children.
Most of those children, however, were sons, and by the end of it, most of them will perish.

Arella, Raven’s mother, was originally a part of a demonic satanist cult that worshiped Trigon. Disguised as a handsome man, Trigon raped her, and during the ordeal, she conceived Raven.
As soon as she found out that she was pregnant, she was afraid of what Trigon might do to her and her unborn daughter. She escaped to Azarath seemingly out Trigon’s reach.

Angela Roth aka Arella

Trigon usually killed the women that bore his children. At least, that was the case with his previous sons. When he found out that he had a daughter, he decided against killing Arella for several reasons.

First, Raven was his first and only daughter. She also inherited some of his powers but to a larger extent than her other siblings. She was much more powerful than the rest of Trigon’s sons, and this made Trigon respect her from the start.
Second, he wanted Raven to be raised by her human mother. Raven was his only child that had the capacity to feel human emotions, and he wanted to see where it went. Eventually, he knew he could use Raven’s peculiarities in his own machinations, and he had great plans for her from the start.


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Trigon has treated Raven differently since the beginning of her existence. He watched her carefully and the story that would play out, which oftentimes proved to be tragic for Raven. Eventually, she faced her father, and he was so impressed by her natural affinities for magic that he decided to give her free will, the capacity to choose her own destiny, and a place at his side. But did Trigon ever love her?

Trigon’s and Raven’s relationship in the comics explained

Trigon loves Raven in his own twisted and selfish way. It’s not an unconditional love that one might feel toward their child. It’s rather a powerplay of sorts. Raven is the most powerful out of all his children and an only daughter. Trigon values power and domination above all, and the fact that Raven is the most powerful of his children makes him respect her the most out of all children.
Trigon, on numerous occasions, proved that he cares about Raven’s well-being more than he cares about the rest of his children. He would get angry and destructive if he thought that something had happened to her.

He tricked her into leaving earth before he decided to destroy it. Trigon wants Raven to rule by his side, she is his only weakness, and he wants nothing more than for her to rule by his side. But let us not romanticize such toxic relationships. Trigon wants Raven because she is powerful and his key to unlocking even more power. He is willing to gift her the throne of hell and give to her her own world to rule, but everything comes with a price, and Raven is aware of it.

She was forced to go against her own father on numerous occasions due to his evil nature. Sometimes she sides with him, and sometimes she opposes him, but ultimately no matter how you look at it, she ends up suffering.


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Trigon’s and Raven’s relationship in other media

Trigon and Raven have a pretty antagonistic relationship in the DC’s live-action show Titans. She is seen going against his father’s wishes and him taking on a role of a villain. The show didn’t do much in terms of giving depth and exploring the relationship between the two.

It would seem that Raven was completely opposed to everything that Trigon stands for. This shows the difference between the show and comics, as in the comics, Raven joined in on Trigon’s conquests occasionally.

In Teen Titans, Trigon is ever present in Raven’s life, and the two are often fighting over petty things, the show demonstrates a more comical take on the relationship, but Raven is still opposed to everything that her father has in store for her.

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