Eternals Looks To Cast Marvel’s First Openly Gay Actor

Marvel's First Openly Gay Actor

Eternals Looks To Cast Marvel’s First Openly Gay Actor

Marvel has begun casting roles for their upcoming Eternals movie. The movie, which is rumored to include characters like Starfox, Makkari, Elysisus, Thena, Zuras, and Druig, will also include Sersi, Ikaris, and Piper. Marvel Studios is reportedly looking to cast an openly gay 30-49-year-old actor for a role defined as, “physically looks like a superhero”. Marvel is open to all backgrounds (ethnic or otherwise) but has a preference for the role to go to an openly gay actor. While the role of the character remains a mystery, it is thought that Marvel’s first openly gay actor will be a big part of the movie.

Filming for Eternals is slated to begin later this year in the United Kingdom. To gear up for filming, actors are being brought in from around the globe to see if they are a perfect fit for Marvel. While no choices have been confirmed, we can expect news to roll in very soon.


The Eternals are a race of beings created by Celestial experimentation. That is, the Celestials experimented on human creatures and from their experiments, the Eternals and Deviants were born. The Eternals appear very similar to humans. They have human features and if a group of people, couldn’t be picked out from the crowd. Unlike humans, they possess abilities and powers. Ikaris, for example, can expel cosmic energy from his body in the form of beams. He can also fly and possesses mild psionic abilities. 

The Deviants, on the other hand, do not appear as human. They are more grotesque and are often imbued with superhuman strength and durability. The most famous Deviant, Thanos has been at the forefront of the MCU for over a decade. 

Kevin Feige has vehemently expressed his desire to take the MCU to the deepest depths of space. The Guardians of the Galaxy were a launching point for space exploration, with the Kree and Skrulls Captain Marvel will explore the idea further, and the Eternals should bring the idea full circle. 

The Eternals movie doesn’t have a release date and probably won’t get one until after Spider-Man Far From Home. After all, who wants to know about Phase 4 before the Avengers set the world straight?



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