Ghost Rider vs. Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?


When it comes to Marvel Comics, few characters embody raw power and intense determination quite like Ghost Rider and the Hulk. Both characters have been thrilling fans for decades with their abilities to take down the most formidable foes, leaving destruction in their wake. Ghost Rider is a divine being, an embodiment of vengeance itself, and Hulk is a result of an accident that perfectly embodies pure anger. With everything said, both characters are powerful and nearly indestructible, but if it ever came to a fight between Ghost Rider and Hulk, who would win in a fight and why? 

Ghost Rider would win in a fight against Hulk. With all Zaratahos’ power at his disposal, Ghost Rider is a borderline cosmic entity in terms of power. Ghost Rider has more versatile abilities, and even though Hulk is extremely difficult to injure or kill, Ghost Rider’s penance stare might slow him and revert him into Bruce Banner form. Hulk, on the other hand, can counter Ghost Rider only when it comes to raw strength but has nothing in his arsenal to neutralize him. 

Now that we’ve covered the main answer, it’s time to analyze how we came to our conclusion. In the rest of this post, we’re going to analyze Ghost Rider’s and Hulk’s powers, abilities, strength, durability, and other aspects and try to give you an objective overview of the fight. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

The Hulk is widely recognized for his immense strength, but there’s more to this powerful character than just raw power. The Hulk possesses a unique ability to harness and control gamma radiation, and his level of radiation emission increases as his anger grows. Additionally, he has a heightened sense for detecting astral projections and is completely resistant to certain types of mental manipulation. Combined with his brute strength, these abilities make the Hulk a formidable opponent in any fight. 

On the other hand, Ghost Rider is an entity that has taken over an individual. As a divine spirit, Ghost Rider has unparalleled power over souls. He is best known for his two signature abilities: the Penance Stare, which allows him to inflict punishment on individuals or entities by reflecting their sins back at them, and the manipulation of Hellfire, a powerful force that can burn materials, beings, and even souls. In addition, Ghost Rider can control minds, resurrect the dead, and read thoughts, among many other supernatural powers related to the spiritual and mystical realms.

Penance Stare might not outright kill Hulk since he is not evil by nature, but it might slow him down enough for him to revert to Bruce Banner. Ghost Rider’s powers and abilities are simply too versatile and cosmic in their scope, so this point goes to him. 

Points: Ghost Rider (1:0) Hulk


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Strength and Stamina 

Ghost Rider can, on average, lift up to 5 tons, but due to the divine nature of his powers, his strength can be further augmented to immeasurable limits. Since being possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance replaces normal human processes, Ghost Rider doesn’t have to eat or drink. Due to not having any muscle tissues while in the divine form, his stamina is nearly limitless. Ghost Rider’s powers are not connected to his stamina. They are connected to Zarathos and under circumstances that grant him powers. 

Hulk was exposed to gamma radiation, which is the source of his powers. Hulk’s physiology had to change on a molecular level to gain access to incredible strength. Hulk’s strength is immeasurable. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets in turn. Since there’s theoretically no peak to the level of anger he can achieve, his strength is also limitless. Only a few characters in the Marvel Universe can match Hulk’s levels regarding strength and stamina, so this point goes to him.

Points: Ghost Rider (1:1) Hulk


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Ghost rider is certainly not the fastest character in the Marvel Universe, but he is known to achieve supersonic speeds regularly and, on occasion, even speeds that are massively faster than light. He can further enhance his speed with the famous “Hellcycle,” and he can likewise fly and open portals to other dimensions and planes of existence. Ghost Rider is extremely mobile, and this speed also reflects in combat. 

Hulk has a bulky physique, but his super-strong muscles allow him to move faster than you could have imagined. He can leap and jump incredibly high, and while swimming, he managed to match Namor’s speed. This is an incredible feat, and just like with Ghost Rider, his speed translates to combat well. Even though Hulk primarily utilizes his godlike strength, he can be quite mobile when he needs to be.

With everything said, even though both Hulk and Ghost Rider are fast, Ghost Rider is a bit faster and more agile. 

Points: Ghost Rider (2:1) Hulk


As the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider is nearly indestructible and possesses immense immunity to damage. Ordinary weapons and even exorcism have little to no effect on him. The transformation process sees his flesh and tissues dissolve to reveal a bony structure that is highly resistant to harm. It is only with the use of holy weapons that Ghost Rider can be effectively hurt or defeated, and holy weapons are hard to come by. 

The Hulk is known for his exceptional durability and robustness, making it difficult to cause him harm. Conventional weapons made out of Vibranium and Adamantium are the only known materials capable of penetrating his skin. However, even if you were to successfully wound the Hulk, his remarkable healing factor would quickly kick in, enabling him to recover near-instantaneously, enraging him and making him an even greater threat. This is what makes the Hulk a formidable force to be reckoned with in any fight.

Still, Hulk can be injured by divine beings, and Ghost Rider can count himself as one, while Hulk simply has nothing to throw at Ghost Rider. Except for his strength, that wouldn’t do much against an undead skeletal being. 

Points: Ghost Rider (3:1) Hulk


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Ghost Rider is slightly above average when it comes to intelligence. He has a vast knowledge of the occult and a deeper insight into the human psyche due to his unique powers that mostly rely on “reading souls.” 

It never feels fair to compare Hulk’s intelligence to anyone else since the other character will most likely lose especially since I have to compare Bruce Banner’s intelligence and not Hulk’s per se. But, as well all know, Hulk is just the other side of the coin, and Bruce Banner, the other side, is among the smartest minds in the galaxy. He is super-genius with immeasurable intelligence. He is an expert in the fields of nuclear sciences and physics. Occult knowledge can’t measure up to this, so this point goes to Hulk – or, to be more precise, to Bruce Banner. 

Points: Ghost Rider (3:2) Hulk

Combat Skills 

Ghost Rider has no formal training when it comes to martial arts or combat, but he manages himself quite well when he needs to. He is extremely skilled when it comes to utilizing his Mystical chain, and he is not the one to run away from a fight. 

The Hulk is a highly skilled fighter known for his mastery of hand-to-hand combat and proficiency with various weapons. He has been trained by some of the most renowned martial artists in the Marvel Comics universe, making him a formidable opponent in any physical altercation. 

Relying on combat skills and strength alone wouldn’t be the best approach for Ghost Rider to fight against Hulk. This point goes to Hulk. 

Points: Ghost Rider (3:3) Hulk

Ghost Rider vs. Hulk: Who Wins? 

As you can see, the two are pretty evenly matched. Still, he has a slight advantage due to the nature of Ghost Rider’s powers. He might not be able to necessarily neutralize Hulk, but he might shock him just long enough to revert into Bruce Banner. It is unknown to what extent Ghost Rider’s penance gaze would work against Hulk, but the Jade Giant is far from blameless in some aspects. Hulk simply doesn’t have anything in his arsenal to deal with any divine being, much less against Ghost Rider. Even if he somehow manages to destroy his current body, the Spirit of Vengeance simply moves on. 

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