Ghost Rider vs. Thor: Who Would Win in a Fight and Why?

THor vs. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider and Thor are two of the most powerful and iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. Both have divine powers at their disposal and have faced some of the toughest cosmic threats in battles of epic proportions. Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, can unleash hellfire and control the forces of the afterlife. At the same time, Thor, the God of Thunder, wields the power of Mjolnir and commands powerful lightning. Today we have a truly interesting match-up, so without further ado, when it comes to a fight between Ghost Rider and Thor, who wins? 

Ghost Rider wins in a fight against Thor. Even though Thor is physically stronger than Ghost Rider, Thor has nothing in terms of magic to throw at him due to Ghost Rider’s immunity to most types of damage and his ability to reassemble himself even after the most severe damage. Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare might also prove effective in weakening Thor and at least slowing him down enough for Ghost Rider to dispose of Thor for at least a very long time. 

Now that we’ve given you a summary of how the fight would play out, it’s time to analyze the powers, abilities, strength, and durability of both Ghost Rider and Thor. If you’re interested in more, stay with us. 

Powers and abilities

Ghost Rider has many powers at his disposal, but his two signature abilities are Hellfire manipulation and Penance Stare. Hellfire is less important when it comes to a fight between him and Thor as he would be mostly immune to it and able to absorb it efficiently. Ghost Rider’s most important ability in this context would be Penance Stare.

Ghost Rider penance stare

It works on gods, it works on everything with a soul, and although Thor is worthy and honorable, he is not without sin, and it would have some effect on him, at least when it comes to slowing the God of Thunder down. Ghost Rider had taken on cosmic entities before and proved quite capable of holding his ground in those fights. The matter is further complicated when you consider that Zarathos can further empower Ghost Rider. 

Thor, on the other hand, has immeasurable control over energy. He can produce powerful energy blasts and lightning and summon the Godblast, although it takes time and is not practical in a random fight. But the thing is, even if he throws everything he has, including a powerful energy blast from Mjolnir at Ghost Rider, it’s not really enough to take Ghost Rider down, as he can always reassemble himself and is, like Thor, vastly immune to most forms of damage and energy-oriented powers. 


In terms of powers and abilities, Ghost Rider takes this round because he has something to throw at Thor, and Thor has nothing, at least nothing, to take care of Ghost Rider permanently. 

Points: Ghost Rider (1:0) Thor


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Strength and Stamina 

Thor can lift more than 100 tons and be empowered until his strength reaches incalculable levels. Thor also has unimaginable levels of stamina at his disposal and is able to exert himself without tiring for long periods. Utilizing his strength, Thor managed to move the World Engine, which held the World Tree, which contains nine universal space-time continuum. 

Thor world tree

Ghost Rider is classified as being able to lift at least 5 tons in his base form. He can likewise reach immeasurable strength levels using his powers and further empowerment by Zarathos. When it comes to stamina, Ghost Rider doesn’t have to sleep, eat, or drink. He is a divine Spirit of Vengeance that mostly runs of magic (and vengeance), so his stamina levels can also be considered limitless. 

Ghost Rider throws crane into the air

Even though Ghost Rider has the potential to be physically stronger, Thor takes this one since he doesn’t need empowerment to be stronger. 

Points: Ghost Rider (1:1) Thor


While Ghost Rider was never in the company of the fastest Marvel characters, he is no slouch. He has been known, at times, to reach speeds massively faster than light, he can teleport, he can travel great cosmic distances in no time, and by utilizing his Hellcycle, he can likewise fly. Ghost Rider has extremely fast reflexes in combat; his history of facing tough opponents proves that. 

Ghost Rider defies laws of physics with Hellcycle

Thor is in the same ballpark as Ghost Rider in terms of speed. He can fly, teleport, and move at speeds that are faster than light. His Asgardian physiology provides him with massively faster reflexes than the average human. 

Thor dodges asteroid

When it comes to the speed department, both Thor and Ghost Rider are fast. Due to this, the point goes to both of them since speed wouldn’t be most vital in this fight. 

Points: Ghost Rider (2:2) Thor


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Durability is one of those things that Ghost Rider’s opponents need to take into a fight. The vessel of Spirit of Vengeance might be mortal and extremely fragile, but once it transforms into Ghost Rider, everything goes. The transformation causes all tissues from the vessel’s body to melt down, leaving only the immortal skeleton. Ghost Rider is highly immune to most types of damage, including magic damage that Thor would throw his way. Physical damage is not the way to go either because Ghost Rider can reassemble himself pretty efficiently. 

Ghost rider durability

Thor is among the most powerful Asgardians, and while he is not invulnerable and immortal, he is pretty close to it. Like Ghost Rider, Thor can absorb most types of magical and physical damage. He tanked some pretty powerful hits from cosmic beings in the past, but he is not as durable as Ghost Rider, as he can still die if damaged enough. 

Points: Ghost Rider (3:2) Thor


Neither Thor nor Ghost Rider is known as Marvel’s brightest minds. Both are pretty much on the same level regarding their intelligence, with Thor having a great insight into Asgardian magic and technology and being a great tactician. Ghost Rider being well-versed in occult and divine origin. However, I will have to give Ghost Rider a slight advantage due to his psychic abilities and his power to read everything about certain people, creatures, gods, and other entities so he can judge them accordingly. 

Thor tacitican

Points: Ghost Rider (4:2) Thor

Combat Skills 

Ghost Rider is an experienced fighter able to utilize his chain efficiently and in a deadly way, but his combat skills are severely underdeveloped compared to Thor. Combat and warfare are something that Thor excels at. He comes from a race of proud warriors and has some of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe at his disposal. He was trained in most forms of both armed and unarmed combat and had millennia of experience. Ghost Rider doesn’t stand a chance in this aspect. 

Ghost rider fight


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Ghost Rider vs. Thor: Who is stronger and who wins? 

Even though Thor is physically more imposing, Ghost Rider takes the win. His penance stare can deal with Thor to some extent, just long enough just that Ghost Rider can deal with him, while Thor has nothing to deal with Ghost Rider permanently. He is a stronger and better fighter, but Ghost Rider is more versatile and indestructible.