Gorr vs. Kratos: Which God Killer Would Win in a Fight?


In a world that loves pitting popular super-powered fictional characters against each other, it’s no surprise that two of the most powerful god killers would be put face to face.  In one corner is Gorr the God Butcher, a major antagonist of some of Marvel’s most powerful deities including Thor, Odin, Zeus, and many others. On the other is Kratos, from the popular God of War franchise who is an extremely skilled warrior with a knack for killing powerful gods. So, who would win if these two god-killers ever met in battle?

Gorr would win in a fight against Kratos. This is because Gorr is stronger, faster, and more invulnerable to injury than Kratos. It would be a close fight because Kratos is an extremely accomplished combatant but in the end, Gorr would be the victor.

This article will explore both of these god killers’ powers and abilities, comparing them to determine who’d have the upper hand in a battle. So, if this sounds like an interesting read, be sure to follow through till the end so you get the full scoop!


Originally, Gorr was an alien mortal living on a barren planet in the outer reaches of the galaxy who was facing starvation and death. Before then, he hadn’t been transformed into a god butcher and, therefore, didn’t possesses any superpowers. Therefore, one could argue that at that time he was as strong as or slightly stronger than a normal human.

However, when he got his hands on the All-Black Necrosword, he was transformed and imbued with superhuman abilities the likes of which rival Marvel’s greatest deities. One power the sword gave him was superhuman strength.

The Necrosword gave Gorr incredible strength, capable of rivaling powerful gods like Thor and Odin. It’s stated that Gorr could easily lift 100 tons or more, showing just how much of a threat he is on the battlefield. We’ve seen Gorr display extreme showings of strength, for instance ripping Octy’s head clean off his body, brawling with three Thors at a go, and incredibly holding down Stormbreaker as the Bifrost was pulling it, Thor, and Gorr up.

The Necrosword grants Gorr godlike strength, which increases with every god he kills.

By comparison, Kratos and other gods in the God of War franchise boast supreme strength, but this power is scaled differently than what we see in comics. They are immensely strong but more often than not, they’re a bit less powerful than Marvel gods.

It’s been stated that Kratos can lift close to 50 tons easily. This is usually evident because he’s able to overpower gigantic monsters and deities that are far larger than him. At one point he was even able to match Zeus’ strength and even destroyed him.

While Kratos is supremely strong, Gorr has to win this round. Gorr can match the strength levels of Marvel gods who are far stronger than gods in the God of War franchise. What’s more, every time Gorr kills a god, he absorbs their power increasing his strength to unimaginable levels.

Point: Gorr (1:0) Kratos


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Another advantage that Gorr has thanks to wielding the Necrosword is that it grants him insane levels of speed, to match and outclass even the fastest of gods in the Marvel Universe. Gorr can react close to the speed of light which makes him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. It stated he can move faster than the speed of light and he has feats to prove this.

For instance, during his first encounter with Thor, he blitzes him leaving Thor bewildered by his incredible speed. Gorr can move light years in a matter of seconds and he is fast enough in flight to achieve intergalactic travel. To top it all off, the more gods he kills, the faster he gets and since he’s had several millennia to kill numerous gods, it’s unimaginable how fast he has become over the years.

On the other hand, despite having a tall frame and ripped musculature, Kratos has superhuman speed which allows him to move at speeds indiscernible by the human eye. This makes him a surprisingly nimble fighter with amazing reflexes and agility. He can dodge attacks and counter at lightning speed which explains why he was able to take down Zeus as well as Hermes.

Kratos can speed-blitz his enemies, especially when he enters the Spartan Rage allowing him to take down multiple opponents all at once.

Gorr wins this category because he can absorb the power of the gods he kills making himself even faster in the process. I am, however, hard-pressed to mention that this section is a close call.

Point: Gorr (2:0) Kratos


For one to make it his life’s mission to go after gods, he has to be incredibly durable because gods can dish out a devastating amount of damage. Luckily for Gorr, the Necrosword grants him superhuman invulnerability allowing him to take blows that would otherwise incapacitate lesser beings. His level of invulnerability is akin to the gods he fights and in some occasions surpasses them by far.

For instance, he was able to tank hits from three different Thors all at a go without flinching and go on fighting as if nothing had happened. He was also able to survive being knocked into a black hole and smashed into a moon by Young Thor. He was also able to take multiple planet-destroying blows from Present Thor without showing signs of damage.

Kratos is mostly known for his ability to brutalize his opponents to gain victory. But what most people rarely seem to recognize is that Kratos can take just as much as he can dish out. He’s incredibly durable and has survived devastating attacks from some powerful gods like Zeus which would have maimed other beings.

He’s survived being stabbed by swords and even took a blast from Mjolnir at point-blank range without any sign of injury. Only powerful attacks and divine magic can harm Kratos.

Gorr wins this round. He tanked hits from three gods all at once and what’s more, with every god he kills, his durability increases. It’s safe to say he’s more durable than Kratos.

Point: Gorr (3:0) Kratos


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Although he received no formal combat training, Gorr has on numerous occasions proved to be a capable fighter. In his millennia of existence, Gorr has gone up against some of the most skilled fighters and in the end, only he survived to tell the tale. He’s killed countless gods in the universe and only a skilled fighter would be able of something like that.

Gorr has the history to prove that he’s a master combatant. He fought and defeated three Thors all from different timelines at a go, he killed all the gods in Asgard and locked up Old King Thor for 900 years, and tortured a god of torture to death. In the movie Thor: Love and Thunder we also see him fight off both Valkyrie and Mighty Thor with ease, as well as nearly killing Thor at the Gates of Eternity.

Kratos is one of the greatest fighters in God of War and has undergone extensive training as a Spartan to even become a general. He’s skilled in the use of multiple weapons and even without weapons he’s a master hand-to-hand combatant with a knowledge of every combat skill.

Even without undergoing extensive combat training, Kratos would still be a master fighter because as a demigod, this ability is almost innate. The training he underwent had the effect of making him an even better combatant than most gods. This is evident as he’s able to defeat Zeus, Hercules, and Hermes, among many other skilled fighters.

Kratos wins this round. Thanks to his innate fighting skills as well as the training he underwent, there’s no doubt he’s more of a skilled combatant than Gorr who had no formal combat training.

Point: Gorr (3:1) Kratos

Gorr vs. Kratos: Who Wins?

There’s no doubt that Kratos is a better fighter than Gorr. However, thanks to the Necrosword, Gorr is simply much stronger, faster, and more durable than Kratos. What’s more, Gorr can still hold his own in a fight, I mean he’s killed countless gods in his millennia of existence so he must have a wealth of experience. It would be an epic clash, but ultimately Gorr would come out on top. 

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