‘GotG Vol. 3’: Who Is War Pig? Meet Judy Greer’s Character


Guardians of the Galaxy finally concluded the story (so far) for the coolest team in the whole galaxy, but one thing that always made the franchise among the best in the MCU is the plethora of interesting characters with smaller roles that fans get intrigued with. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, one of those characters is War Pig, played by Judy Greer. We decided to use this opportunity to explore War Pig’s character in a bit more detail.

War Pig was a cyborg pig modified by High Evolutionary to serve as his henchman. War Pig had a smaller role of guardian Nebula in front of High Evolutionary’s ship but was ultimately sent on her way to retrieve Rocket Raccoon from Bowie. The character is unlikely to return to the MCU, considering that she has been killed at the hands of Adam Warlock. War Pig is played by Judy Gree, a veteran MCU actress who likewise played Maggie Lang in two installments of the Ant-Man franchise.

Now that we’ve covered War Pig briefly, it’s time to expand on it a bit. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

War Pig is Hellspawn, one of High Evolutionary’s experiments

High Evolutionary’s most defining character trait is his perfectionism, and due to that, he decided to create numerous hybrid races to “improve” upon nature itself. He is the known creator of the Sovereign and Star-Children, but among his most “successful” projects are likewise Humanimals.

Those Humanimals are highly evolved animals with character traits of humans, intelligence, and the ability to function well, as a regular person would. High Evolutionary didn’t discriminate in terms of animals that would become his experiments. He experimented with raccoons, rabbits, otters, turtles, and many other species until he got the desired results. And while Humanimals were supposed to be peaceful and free of corruption, and this is why he placed them to start the society on Counter-Earth. Obviously, he had to create an artificial species to defend the Counter-Earth, the Hellspawn.

The Hellspawn, as the name indicates, were a species of cyborg animals created to fight and defend their master and his creations. So far, we know that High Evolutionary modified two types of animals to create Hellspawn, a bird and a pig.

War Pig is obviously a cyborg pig and belongs to the Hellspawn race. This granted her enhanced stamina, strength, durability, and a certain bloodlust that was programmed into her even though the Hellspawn were created to defend and not necessarily to fight.


‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’: Is High Evolutionary Dead?

What happened to War Pig?

War Pig had a minor task (depending on how you look at it) of watching over Nebula, who had to stay outside of High Evolutionary’s ship because her cybernetic limbs could technically be considered a weapon.

It is only later that Vim, High Evolutionary’s second-in-command, sends War-Pig to Bowie to retrieve Rocket Raccoon and brings him to High Evolutionary at once.

War Pig attacked Gamora, determined to complete the objective. However, she was stopped by Adam Warlock, who beheaded the poor Hellspawn.

And that answers the question of whether we will see War Pig in bigger roles in the MCU. We won’t because she’s dead.

War Pig is played by Judy Greer

War Pig is played by the veteran actress Judgy Greer. This is her second role in the MCU following her appearances as Maggie Lang in Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp. She is one of the few actors to portray two different roles in the MCU in two separate franchises.

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