GotG 3: Who Is Phyla-Vell? Meet Kai Zen’s Character


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 introduced many new characters to the MCU. Some, like High Evolutionary, will be remembered for their villainous tendencies, and for some characters, their journey is at the beginning. Phyla is one character that didn’t get much screen time initially, but at the end of the movie, she is revealed to be among the newest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy following the disbandment of the old team. Due to this, we’ve decided to bring you a bit more detail about Phyla-Vell as well as the actress behind her.

Phyla-Vell is one of the Star Children that were genetically modified by High Evolutionary. She was supposed to be relocated to the new Counter-Earth following the destruction of the old planet. Guardians of the Galaxy ultimately saved Phyla along with other Star Children during the destruction of High Evolutionary’s ship, and she ultimately joined Guardians of the Galaxy. Her increased strength, stamina, and energy-manipulating powers are welcome additions to the team.

Now that we’ve given you the basics of Phyla’s character, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Phyla was created by High Evolutionary but lacked intelligence

High Evolutionary created many species over the course of his life. Most notably, Sovereign, Humanimals, and Star Children. Even though he sought to perfect already existing nature’s designs, he was rarely pleased with his creations, always looking for a way to top them, which began the story of Star Children.

High Evolutionary sought to create a perfect society free of corruption and evil, and for this purpose, he created Humanimals, a race of highly evolved intelligent animals, and placed them on his newly created Counter-Earth. Rocket Raccoon was once destined to be relocated to Counter-Earth, but he wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough, so his Batch 89 was sentenced to death. Luckily Rocket escaped soon after giving High Evolutionary the means to create the perfect Humanimals.

Batch 90 of the Humanimals was relocated to Counter-Earth, but after some time, it became evident that they weren’t the perfect creation that High Evolutionary sought to attain. Their society was as corrupted and flawed as just about any society, hiding the ugly underbelly underneath perfectly manicured lawns and white picket fences.

This motivated High Evolutionary to create a new Counter-Earth and start working on a new race. The Star Children. The Old Counter-Earth was promptly destroyed.

Over the course of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we saw High Evolutionary doing some tests on Phyla. She displayed high stamina reserves and incredible endurance but lacked intelligence, like most of Evolutionary’s creations.

None of his creations were capable of original and independent thought. They could only repeat already known knowledge and perfectly memorize it. High Evolutionary planned to extract Rocket’s brain, see what makes it tick, replicate the discoveries, and imprint them into Star Children.


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Phyla was saved by Guardians of the Galaxy and eventually joined the team

Phyla was like the rest of the Star Children, kept in specialized cages in the ship’s holding area. When Nebula, Drax, and Mantis encountered the children, they could not communicate with them because the Star Children were using extremely simple language resembling gibberish. Luckily Drax was able to communicate with them.

Phyla was one of the representatives of the Star Children that attempted to communicate with the Guardians when Nebula upset them and made them cry. Luckily Drax showcased to them his monkey routine that was always able to get his daughter in a good mood, and communicated to the children that they needed to stay away from the ship’s wall because it was going to get blown away by Knowhere.

Phyla communicated the message to Guardians successfully, and ultimately all children were saved and safely evacuated to Knowhere. Nebula left the team along with Drax to take care of the children.

Instead of inhabiting High Evolutionary’s new Counter-Earth, eventually, all Star-Children found their place at Knowhere, with Phyla even joining the team. She can be seen on a distant planet along with Cosmo, Rocket, Groot, Kraglin, Blurp, and Warlock. They were hired to protect Krylorian townspeople from a creature stampede. While waiting, they discussed their favorite music, including Phyla’s admiration for Britney Spears and Korn.

Phyla is played by a young actress named Kai Zen

Kai Zen is an 11-year old American actress known for her roles in various projects. She portrayed June in the 2020 Netflix film “Feel the Beat” and also played the character Pepper in the television series “Eureka!”

Prior to her acting career, Kai Zen promoted children’s clothing and consumer brands in 2017. In 2018, she appeared in a commercial for Xfinity. She made her screen debut in the television program “American Housewife” before landing a role in the Netflix film “Feel the Beat.”

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