9 Greatest Daredevil’s Love Interests, Ranked by Importance

Greatest Daredevil’s Love Interests, Ranked by Importance

Daredevil is a certified lady’s man. He had many romances and partners in Marvel Comics; some aren’t even relevant anymore. However, that aspect of Matt Murdoch’s character is somewhat acceptable (in most cases) since he is presented as a charming man whom his handicap cannot deter. Matt Murdoch is “up there” with Tony Stark as the man with a high “ladies count,” which prompted us to rank Daredevil’s love interests by importance.

Because of many women, we won’t include every single lady Matt Murdoch dated in Marvel Comics since his first appearance in the 1960s, and we make sure we pick the most iconic and known individuals. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

9. Heather Glenn

Greatest Daredevil’s Love Interests, Ranked by Importance

Matt Murdoch first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1964; since then, he’s always had a love interest. In the 1970s, Marvel decided to introduce Heather Glenn, the daughter of Maxwell Glenn, the president of the Glenn Industries who was secretly under the influence of the Purple Man.

On the other hand, Heather supported Matt Murdoch and his efforts to make Hell’s Kitchen a better place for people. However, the suicide of her father drove Heather to depression and becoming an alcoholic. This led to Matt and Heather breaking up with each other, but not before discovering Murdoch’s Daredevil identity.

After a brief relationship with Tony Stark, Heather revealed Matt’s superhero identity to Tarkington Brown and eventually committed suicide as her father. Her story is tragic, and her death influenced Daredevil’s character in the long haul.

8. Candace Nelson

Greatest Daredevil’s Love Interests, Ranked by Importance

This woman made it on the list because of her connection to Matt Murdoch’s best friend, Foggy Nelson. Matt didn’t know about Candace at all because Foggy kept her secret since she once uncovered sensitive information about her school and shady military business.


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Matt and Candace briefly dated during that time, but the younger Nelson had to leave, and their relationship has fallen apart. Nevertheless, because Candace has a connection with Foggy Nelson, she needs to be mentioned in this context.

7. Kirsten McDuffie

Greatest Daredevil’s Love Interests, Ranked by Importance

Daredevil had many relationships, most of them quite unhealthy, but the one he had with a lawyer from San Francisco, Kirsten McDuffie. From the moment they met and entered the relationship, Matt and Kirsten hit it off immediately – despite having much different backgrounds.

Kirsten suited dark, mysterious Matt, who needed at least something positive in his life. Their break up was due to Purple Children brainwashing everyone to forget Matt Murdoch and Daredevil are the same person. Matt breaks up with Kirsten because he returns to Hell’s Kitchen to restart his life.

Matt and Kirsten meet again, this time because of business – McDuffie is a lawyer for Daredevil and Foggy Nelson after the hero is accused of committing a murder. Kirsten helps Matt massively during the trial and makes sure he avoids prison. Since then, they have been good friends. Nevertheless, McDuffie might not be the most notable woman he ever dated, but she is Daredevil’s most healthy romantic relationship in his life.

6. Typhoid Mary

Greatest Daredevil’s Love Interests, Ranked by Importance

We are back to “toxicity” because Typhoid Mary is far from a normal woman. Typhoid Mary is known in the Marvel comics as the supervillain who fought against Spider-Man and Daredevil, but the latter had a much deeper connection to her.

Mary had “a split personality disorder,” meaning Matt Murdoch dated Mary Walker, but her other personality was killing people. Daredevil was partly responsible for Mary’s condition because he was the one who injured her, which led her to become Typhoid Mary.

Of course, Mary vowed that no man would ever hurt her, and she fought Daredevil a lot since that moment. One time, she even set Daredevil on fire – this is probably one of the strangest relationships Daredevil had since his first appearance in comics.


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5. Black Cat

Greatest Daredevil’s Love Interests, Ranked by Importance

Felicia Hardy, also known as the villain/reluctant hero Black Cat, is mostly connected to Spider-Man. Over the years, Felicia Hardy was one of the women Spider-Man would go to after having issues with Mary Jane Watson.

However, in the usual Matt Murdoch way, he dated another vigilante/villain from New York during the ‘Spider-Island’ comic-book storyline, where the esteemed lawyer tried to prove Black Cat’s innocence and help her avoid jail.

In true Black Cat fashion, she uses Daredevil to make Spider-Man jealous and ensure that the Black Spectre organization gets “off her back.” Her mission succeeds because Spider-Man is immediately “hung up” on her while the crime organization backs off from Black Cat and her activities. Black Cat isn’t the most important Daredevil woman in his life, but the fact that they were together at one point in the comics says a lot about both of them.

4. Black Widow

dd and black widow

Arguably, one of the most iconic female superheroes in Marvel Comics is Black Widow. Natalia Romanova is a former Russian spy who defected from her home country and joined the government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and eventually the Avengers.

Her involvement with Daredevil was first showcased during the 1970s when the duo joined forces and fought crime. Being two attractive people with very difficult pasts, Black Widow and Daredevil entered a romantic relationship.

Interestingly enough, they were very serious at one point and even made Matt Murdoch reject the advances of another woman whom we will mention later. Besides fighting crime together, Natasha and Matt moved to San Francisco to live together but eventually broke up.

Still, even after ending their relationship, Daredevil and Black Widow respect each other and consider themselves close friends. They are still one of the most iconic Marvel Comics couples.

3. Echo


Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, is a huge part of Daredevil’s lore – at least in the last two decades. Echo and Daredevil are quite similar since both of them bear a physical handicap that they use to their advantage – fighting crime and protecting innocents.

Echo and Daredevil first met when Kingpin sent the woman to kill a Man Without Fear to stop his archnemesis once and for all. However, Daredevil tells Echo the truth about her father being killed by Wilson Fisk, which leads to her avenging her father by shooting the criminal mastermind in the head.

After the alleged death of Kingpin, Daredevil took Echo under his mantle to mentor her further in the fight against the crime, which led to them being romantically involved.

Echo and Daredevil eventually broke up but stayed close friends. Since the Disney+ series ‘Echo‘ is coming out later this year, we might see these two former lovers together on the screen.

2. Karen Page

karen page

One of the most important characters in Daredevil’s lore is definitely Karen Page, Matt Murdoch’s first love. The esteemed lawyer really loved Karen, whom he met after he hired her as a secretary in his lawn firm in Hell’s Kitchen.

They quickly get together, but Karen leaves him after Matt reveals his secret identity. After that moment, Karen didn’t feature that much in ‘Daredevil’ stories, but her big moment arrives in arguably the most important story in Daredevil’s lore – ‘Born Again.’


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Karen and Matt reconcile their love, and the woman even becomes Daredevil’s bonafide sidekick. They are together for most of the 1980s until they break up again. Of course, as it usually is with the great loves of notable superheroes, Marvel brought Karen and Matt together once again in 1991.

However, one of the worst moments in Daredevil’s life arrives when Bullseye murders Karen Page in 1999. Just before her death, Karen betrays Daredevil by selling the information about his real identity to Kingpin, which she wholeheartedly regrets.

But her regret isn’t enough to save her life, leading Daredevil to depression and almost suicide. Fortunately, Matt realizes that Karen’s memory and their time together are enough to motivate him and continue to protect the innocents.

1. Elektra


Finally, we have Elektra, one of the female characters from Marvel who consistently walks the line between black and white – she is a perfect example of a morally grey character.

Elektra is similar to DC’s Jason Todd – she was killed by Bullseye and resurrected by the Hand, a ninja clan that is very prominent in the criminal world.

Both Daredevil and Elektra have insanely tragic pasts that attracted them to each other in the first place. Elektra is violent and a mercenary who doesn’t stray from killing people, so she and Daredevil oppose many things. Despite those obstacles, they have frequently been “on and off” together for years.

In 2022, in Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil’ run, we learn that Matt Murdoch faked his death, and Elektra took over the mantle of the Scarlet Avenger.

This prompted Punisher to become the leader of the Hand, and to stop him, Daredevil and Elektra needed to get married to establish the opposing terrorist group, the Fist.

Currently, Daredevil is still considered dead, while Elektra still obviously loves Matt Murdoch. Nevertheless, ‘Daredevil’ from 2022, written by Chip Zdarsky, is really good, and every fan should definitely check out that comic book run.

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