How Strong Is Daredevil? Compared to Other Strong Characters 

How Strong Is Daredevil Compared To Other Strong Characters

Daredevil’s most notable ability is his radar sense. We also know that he is among the best fighters in Marvel Comics, thanks to his years of training and dedication to crime fighting. And while he faced various dangerous and overpowered villains over the long years of the character’s existence, we know that he was never exactly a physical powerhouse in the true sense of the word. This is why we decided to explore Daredevil’s physical abilities and see how strong he is, especially when compared to other strong superheroes. 

Daredevil is not that strong. He can lift up to 450 pounds, and while this is impressive for a human, it’s not nearly as much as some other powerhouses in Marvel Comics. Daredevil has peak human strength and can be, at best, classified as an enhanced human. He would most likely be able to compete with other enhanced humans but comes nowhere near superhumans and cosmic entities. 

Now that we’ve given you a brief answer to how strong Daredevil exactly is, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. We are going to break down the source of Daredevil’s strength and compare him to some other characters in his range. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Daredevil has superpowers, but strength is not one them 

Usually, when you have a mix of an innocent bystander and radioactive chemicals, you know there is a superhero origin story brewing. And Daredevil’s origin story pretty much followed the same path. He was splashed by radioactive chemicals as a child and was rendered blind. But soon after an accident, he figured out that almost every aspect of his being had improved. 

Daredevil developed the so-called radar sense that allowed him to render images in his mind based on echolocation and project his surroundings as if he were not blind at all. He also developed a far superior sense of hearing, touch, smell, and balance. But you know what he never gained? Super strength. 

Daredevil is strong when compared to an average human, as he has peak human strength. His physical abilities come from long years of practice and crime-fighting, and now his abilities operate on another level completely and possibly even surpass the finest human athletes.

Daredevil lifting a weight with a single hand

Daredevil can lift up to 450 pounds, but he has some feats in the comics that show he can surpass this quite easily. Due to his superb control over his central nervous system, he managed to effortlessly topple a limousine, lift a man and throw him. He managed to fight several people at once, he wielded various heavy things as weapons over the years, and even though he has been defeated numerous times over the years, he’s still going. 

Daredevil is an example of how far superior training can get you, as he faced far more physically stronger adversaries over the years and lived to tell the tale. But how strong is Daredevil when compared to other strong characters? This is what we’re going to explore next. 

Please remember that we won’t compare Daredevil to superhumans and cosmic entities, as it wouldn’t be fair, and the answer would be obvious. 


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Is Daredevil stronger than Captain America?

Captain america

Captain America gained his enhanced strength when he ingested Super Soldier Serum, which vastly improved his strength, speed, durability, and other physical abilities, including his mind.

And even though Captain America is known to be strong, he was never among the strongest characters since he doesn’t have superhuman strength, only enhanced. It’s estimated that Captain America can lift up to 1 ton but can comfortably sustain up to 800 lbs. He could go even further if he pushed the limits, however. 

Daredevil doesn’t have such advantages, and he is limited in what he can do strength-wise. He might go toe-to-toe with peak athletes and other strong humans but can’t go up against Captain America as he is stronger than Daredevil. 

How does Daredevil compare to Kingpin?

Why Is Kingpin So Strong Does He Have Superpowers

Wilson Fisk, otherwise more famous under his crime lord name Kingpin is known to be among Daredevil’s biggest villains, literally, if I may add. What is interesting when it comes to Fisk is that he is a true beast of a man that is composed almost entirely out of muscles, and even though he is not superhuman by any means, he can still lift surprising weight and has peak human strength just like Daredevil. 

Kingpin can lift up to 650 lbs on average, even though he does have some feats in the comics that witness that he can lift up to 1245 lbs. This makes Kingpin significantly stronger than Daredevil, but it’s no wonder when you look at his physiology. 

Daredevil vs. Black Widow: who is stronger?


Black Widow was enhanced by a Soviet version of the Super Soldier Serum, and that serum had a weaker effect than the stuff that Captain America took. Still, her Red Room training worked to improve other sides of her characters, making her one of the most skilled spies and most lethal women in Marvel Comics. Still, the question remains, how strong is Black Widow compared to Daredevil? 

Black Widow can consistently overhead press 500 pounds. If we’re going by that alone, she is not that much stronger than Daredevil. It’s only barely, and it’s questionable how much of an advantage that would give her in a fight. 


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Is Daredevil stronger than Black Panther?

Story of Black Panther

Like Captain America and Black Widow, Black Panther has enhanced strength, but it’s not any kind of serum derived from a lab. It’s due to Heart-Shaped Herb that transformed him into a Black Panther with the help of Goddess Bast.

Even though Black Panther also has superior tech, his enhanced strength is more than enough to deal with enemies that come his way. Black Panther can, on average, lift up to 800 pounds, which is more than double what Daredevil can lift, making him much stronger. 

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