Did Daredevil & Black Cat Ever Date? Relationship Explained

Did Daredevil & Black Cat Ever Date Relationship Explained

Regarding romance in Marvel Comics, Matt Murdoch is the man at the forefront of love interests in his comic book tenure. On the surface, he is a reserved man to help one in need with his expertise in law during the day, but he is an extremely skilled and powerful superhero at night. Since his first appearance in 1964, Daredevil had many great storylines, with many different women that earned him the title “ladies’ man.” Daredevil is mostly seen with Elektra, with whom he has a really complicated relationship, but in one comic book story, he had an interesting interaction with another New York-based vigilante/antihero, Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat. This article will discuss whether Daredevil and Black Cat ever dated.

In ‘Daredevil’ vol.3 comic book story from 2011, we see Spider-Man and Daredevil helping Black Cat after she is falsely accused of stealing a WiFi Holographic Projector, which was retrieved from Black Spectre’s gang. After retrieving the device, Black Cat and Daredevil kiss and almost go “all the way.” However, it was later revealed that Black Cat was working with the criminal organization, Black Spectre, to get the device back, but in the end, she warned Daredevil on time and helped him.

Felicia Hardy is much more connected with Peter Parker, and in this particular comic book, we saw some interesting dynamics and moments that really intrigued us, especially in the context of this article. If you’re interested in the explanation of this strange dynamic, stay with us until the end.

Black Cat is closely connected to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man

Black Cat first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1979, and since day one, she was supposed to be Spider-Man’s archnemesis – and she was. During her efforts to help her father escape the prison, Black Cat meets Spider-Man, who immediately goes against her. Of course, the Web-Slinger sees something deeper in the troubled villainess, who seems to be more than just a crook wanting to save her father.

Spider-Man and Black Cat had many “cat-mouse” chases that mostly ended up with Black Cat going over her “values” and helping the web superhero. Black Cat faked her death multiple times to help Spidey, which infatuated the superhero even more. At that moment in time, Spider-Man and Mary Jane are “on a break.” Mary Jane refuses to be tied down and refuses Peter’s proposal for marriage. After seeing that nothing is working for them, M.J. leaves New York while Peter dedicates himself to the Spider-Man mantle and, consequently, starts dating multiple women, including Black Cat.

Did Daredevil & Black Cat Ever Date? Relationship Explained
Black Cat and Spider-Man shared some significant moments in the last few decades of Marvel Comics.

Their relationship is turbulent, but over the next few decades, this couple becomes the Marvel version of Batman and Catwoman – the relationship that is based on “will they, won’t they,” and simply being on opposite sides of the law.


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After she almost dies helping Spider-Man, the two superheroes begin a romantic relationship. This is where it gets complicated. M.J. left New York and refused to marry Peter Parker, but she didn’t know about his secret life as Spider-Man. Black Cat knew both Spider-Man and Peter Parker, which ultimately became a huge issue for the woman.

Did Daredevil & Black Cat Ever Date? Relationship Explained
Daredevil and Black Cat team up to discover who framed the female vigilante.

After the incident that left her with strange powers, Spider-Man breaks up with Black Cat, the latter even leaving for France. During her absence, Peter gets back with M.J., tells her about his superhero life, and they get married. Felicia isn’t very happy about that development, but in the end, she develops a great relationship with the couple.

Their story goes on and on in Marvel Comics, with them being together more than not, but they probably won’t ever be endgame because Black Cat isn’t interested in Peter Parker, but only Spider-Man.

That is consistent with their history in comics, and currently, they aren’t together. However, what about Daredevil? What is his role in all of this? Well, Matt Murdoch is a completely different and separate story, and until the moment we will discuss in this article, Black Cat and Daredevil barely interacted in Marvel Comics.

There are few connections between characters, primarily the villains, like Kingpin. What is the story between Daredevil and Black Cat? Let’s find out!

Why did Black Cat kiss Daredevil?

One of the most interesting aspects of any superhero in comics is the mini-crossovers, specifically when multiple superheroes interact or team up for an important mission. Particularly in the city of New York, where the most notable characters of Marvel Comics live and are active as superheroes.

Black Cat is from Flushing, Queens, while Daredevil is from Hell’s Kitchen, both New York-based neighborhoods. Both of them had really hard lives, but their first “real” interaction happened in ‘Daredevil’ #8 from the 2011 comic book run, where Spider-Man and Daredevil encounter Black Cat, who just escaped imprisonment.

The Cat is falsely accused of stealing a powerful WiFi hologram projector device and seeks help from Daredevil and Spider-Man. The trio then goes to Wasseschmidt’s apartment to find a clue on who framed Black Cat, where they find out the truth behind the conspiracy.

Did Daredevil & Black Cat Ever Date? Relationship Explained
Daredevil and Black Cat share a passionate kiss.

The trio splits up with Daredevil and Black Cat teaming up to explore Terra-One, where they discover that the evil criminal organization, Black Spectre, is trying to get the device for themselves.

Of course, Felicia Hardy decides to go her own way by making a deal with the mastermind behind the whole plan involving the holographic device – she goes behind Daredevil’s back and tries to steal Omegadrive that, includes all data about every criminal organization.

Black Cat seduces Daredevil intending to get into his apartment, and eventually passionately kiss after the mission at Terra-One. They almost “go all the way,” but the call from Foggy Nelson pulls Murdoch away from the passionate encounter and leads him to deal with his father’s missing body.


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Meanwhile, Black Cat tries to steal the Omegadrive from Daredevil but ultimately goes against it, even warning Matt Murdoch of the Black Spectre threat and their trying to kill the vigilante.

Interestingly enough, Felicia falls in love with Matt Murdoch but is forced to go into hiding after betraying the Black Spectre organization. This whole relationship was strange since both characters really like jumping from partner to partner; Daredevil is less obvious since that’s not his modus operandi.

However, despite brief romantic interaction, one comic book panel really made me laugh, and that’s Spider-Man’s reaction to seeing Daredevil and Black Cat together:

Did Daredevil & Black Cat Ever Date? Relationship Explained

Spider-Man and Black Cat have been together many times in the comics, mostly basic hookups that turn into something more, but they cannot develop into a relationship since both individuals have complicated lives.

Felicia Hardy is considered one of the three biggest romantic interests of Spider-Man, among Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, but her being briefly with Daredevil made some fans like the couple. The only thing that’s really strange and amusing at the same time is Daredevil’s tendency to sleep with female characters after spending five minutes with them – he truly is the ladies’ man of Marvel Comics.

What are your thoughts on the pairing? Let us know in the comments below!

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