15 Greatest Latino Superheroes of All Time (Marvel & DC)


Both Marvel and DC have an incredibly rich superhero repertoire of all colors and imaginable species. From cosmic beings to mutants and demonic entities, there is a rich and diverse world of Latino superheroes who have been fighting for justice and saving the day for just as long as comic books have existed. We’ve decided to use this opportunity to explore the world of Hispanic superheroes on the pages of both Marvel and DC comics. From the fiery powers of Ghost Rider to the high-flying acrobatics of Spider-Man’s Miles Morales, these heroes represent the best of what comics have to offer. Let’s take a look at our list of 15 best Latino superheroes ever created.

1. Wildcat – Yolanda Montez

Yolanda was born in Mexico, but her mother returned to the United States soon after her birth. Yolanda inherited the Wildcat mantle from her godfather, Ted Grant. As Wildcat, Yolanda has been a valuable member of the Justice Society of America. She is most notable for her incredible reflexes, agility, and super combat skills. She has retractable claws that she likewise utilizes in combat.

2. Nova – Sam Alexander

Sam Alexander lived all his life in Carefree, Arizona, but his mother was of Mexican descent. When he was 16 years old, Sam Alexander discovered that his father’s drunken ramblings were true and that he was, in fact, part of the Nova Corps. In his quest to save his father, Sam Alexander put on his father’s helmet and gained access to the so-called Nova Force that opened the gateway to powers on an unimaginable scale. Nova can manipulate energy, heal himself, create force fields and force blasts, fly, and utilize many other incredible powers and abilities.


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3. Tempest – Angel Salvadore

Even though Tempest’s ethnicity was never clearly stated, we can be 100 % sure that Tempest is among the coolest mutants ever created. Angel was 14 years old when she woke up in the cocoon and figured out that she was a mutant. Her newly acquired insect physiology made her an easy target for U-Men, that were in the business of hunting mutants for the purpose of selling their parts on the black market. She was luckily discovered by Wolverine, who brought her to Xavier’s school, and the rest is history.

4. Miss America – America Chavez

America Chavez is an extremely powerful superhero with a sad backstory. While she at first believed that she was born outside of our Universe in the place called Utopian Parallel, it turns out that wasn’t true. America Chavez was experimented upon from early age, which is the process that likewise granted her the superpower she now has.

Utopian Parallel turned out to be nothing more than a private island on which she spent the majority of her young life. America Chavez has embraced her Latino heritage; her cultural background is an important aspect of her identity and has been explored in various storylines.

5. Hawkgirl – Kendra Saunders

Kendra Saunders, most commonly known as powerful Hawkgirl, is a Cuban woman who unfortunately committed suicide, which led her to become the legendary Hawkgirl, a reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian princess Chay-Ara. Hawkgirl, however, never retained the memories of the former Hawkgirl, which led to somewhat strained relations between her and her fated mate Hawkman.

6. Ghost Rider – Robbie Reyes, Alexandra Jones

Not one but two characters that have carried the mantle of Ghost Rider were Lation. First, we have Alejandra Jones, a Nicaraguan woman that got bound with the Spirit of Vegenace through an unidentified ritual, and the second Latino Ghost Rider was legendary Robbie Eyes, a Mexican-American from East Los Angeles. Growing up on the dangerous streets, Robbie took part in various dangerous and illegal activities, all in hopes of earning enough money to move away and keeps his family safe, which eventually resulted in him being transformed into a Ghost Rider.


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7. Ajak

You must be wondering what Eternal is doing on this list. Well, we did mention that even cosmic entities have come in all shapes and colors. Even though he is Eternal, Ajak, for a time, took on the role of the Incan god Tecumotzin and the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Ajak was so fond of the native Peruvians that he decided to ally himself with them and use his incredible powers and connection with the Celestials to assist them.

8. White Tiger – Hector Ayala, Angela Del Toro, Ava Ayala

Holding the mantle of White Tiger is the legacy of the Ayala family. The first White Tiger, Hector Ayala, was the first to assume the identity of this legendary hero, followed by his niece Angela Del Toro. After Angela’s incident with the Hand, her death, and subsequent resurrection, the mantle of White Tiger passed onto Hector’s teenage sister, Ava Ayala.

9. Firebird – Bonita Juarez

Bonita Juarez was born in Taos, New Mexico, to Mexican parents. Bonita acquired her powers randomly when she came across a meteorite fragment whose radiation changed her on a cellular level. After being exposed to radiation, she discovered that she could fly, utilize pyrokinesis, that she has visions of the future, and is immortal to some extent.

Since Bonita believed that her powers came from ancient Aztec gods, she adopted the Firebird moniker and dedicated her life and powers to fight against evil.

10. Spider-Man – Miles Morales

Miles Morales was born to a Puerto Rican mother and African American father. After Miles is accidentally exposed to genetically modified spiders and bitten by them, he acquires similar powers to Peter Parker’s. He, however, keeps his powers a secret because his father harbors a deep distrust of superheroes. His cultural background is an important aspect of his character. In the comic book series, he takes on the mantle of Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker and struggles to balance his personal life with his superhero responsibilities.


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11. Catwoman – Selina Kyle

Catwoman Darwyn Cooke

Catwoman is known as one of the most famous villains that Batman encountered and as one of the most popular female antiheroes in DC comics. Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, was born to a Cuban mother, which makes her Latino. Her complicated and much-altered origin story is almost as complicated as her relationship with Batman. Still, she remains the famous cat burglar in the world of comics.

12. Blue Beetle – Jaime Reyes

There were many characters in the DC comics that held the mantle of Blue Beetle; however, the most famous one is a Mexican-American, Jaime Reyes. Jaime Reyes became assumed the identity of Blue Beetle after the scarab fused itself with Jaime’s spine. He never chose this path and often complained about his complicated life. Still, his strong sense of justice and courageous nature made him one of the most popular DC characters ever. His cultural background and heritage are important aspects of his character, and he has been portrayed as a proud Mexican-American who is proud of his heritage and culture

13. Green Lantern – Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz is a Honduran woman that currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Unlike most Green Lanterns before her, she was forced to accept the ring. Her cultural background and heritage are important aspects of her character, and she is portrayed as a proud Latina who is proud of her roots and culture. Despite being forced to take on the mantle of Green Lantern, Jessica eventually made peace with it and accepted her duties (and magical abilities) to fight the cosmic evils.

14. Power Man – Victor Alvarez

Victor Alvarez was born to a Dominican woman, Shades African-American gang member, and supervillain. Victor Alvarez discovered his superhuman powers in an incredibly traumatic way. He was caught up in the explosion staged by Bullseye that killed or injured a staggering amount of people, his father, Shades, was also allegedly killed by it.


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The only reason Victor Alvarez managed to survive such an ordeal was that the trauma of the event caused him to draw Chi from the dead bodies that surrounded him. He later discovered that he could control Chi to enhance his strength, durability, and stamina. He later took on the moniker of Power Man and decided to fight crime for money.

15. Echo – Maya Lopez

Echo was born deaf, but she also possessed photographic reflexes, which allowed her to perfectly copy her opponent’s moves. Due to this, Maya is considered to be among the greatest hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel Universe. Maya had a troubled childhood. Her father was killed by Kingpin, who served as his business partner for a time.

She was manipulated and lied to by Fisk for most of her life, and he even sicced her upon Daredevil on one occasion by lying to her that Daredevil killed her father. Maya eventually, with Daredevil’s help, figures out that Kingpin is behind her father’s murder which leads to her shooting him and blinding him.

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