‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained

Harley Quinn‘ returned with another episode, revealing many mysterious things from season four. In the previous episode, we saw what caused the apocalypse in Gotham City, who was responsible, and how Superman lost his powers.

This week’s episode, titled ‘Potato Based Cloning Incident,’ sees Harley finally discovering the truth behind her “hallucinations,” Ivy is affected by the apocalypse as well and tries her best to remove Lex from the position of power. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Harley meets her clone, while Ivy tries her best to stop Lex

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained

The episode starts with the couple meeting Harley Quinn – a clone. After the initial shock, clone Harley leaves the couple’s apartment to enforce justice in the apocalyptic Gotham City. Harley follows her doppelganger while Ivy is left to ” save the world.”

Harley catches up with her clone, who enforces her justice by stopping minor crimes like people throwing trash in the wrong bin, etc. Harley questions her doppelganger on how she was created, but in true ‘Harley Quinn’ show manner, the creation of the clone is absolutely ridiculous.

A single strand of Harley’s hair fell on a potato that reached Jim Gordon, who eventually put the potato in a supposed microwave to cook it – it was a clone machine in the end.

Harley’s clone is made from potato and even tastes like one if we’re to believe Harley. Ivy visits Lex during his usual spa session and calls him out for causing an apocalypse for his personal vendetta. Lex boasts about it, and when Ivy tries to attack him with her plants, she fails – besides Superman, Ivy is another person who is weak without the sun because it is essential for photosynthesis.


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Lex tells Ivy that the likes of Superman and her will suffer and stay weak and that he will stay and remain the boss. Harley and her clone “bond” over their adventures, with the latter revealing that she hung out with Batgirl and the Flash.

After agreeing that they will get on the same page, Harley, her clone, and Ivy try to kidnap Lex, but his goons stop them. Ivy doubts she will succeed in stopping Lex, especially without the powers. Harley encourages her and kisses her, but it’s actually Harley’s clone. In the end, both Harleys encourage Ivy to do her own thing.

We finally learn who killed Nightwing while Ivy campaigns for votes

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained

Ivy starts to campaign for votes to become the new CEO of the Legion of Doom. This time, she will have full control of the company without Lex looming over her back anymore. She visits the board members of the LoD and persuades them to vote for her. However, Ivy realizes she needs one more vote.

She is exhausted because of the lack of sun and seeks help from Talia al Ghul and Nora Freeze. In usual Talia manner, the leader of the League of Assassins encourages Ivy to get to that last vote from the man named Clegg, the last board member. Ivy must attend a golf tournament to persuade the man to vote for her.

In the meantime, Harley continues to hang out with her clone and encourages her to help Batgirl discover Nightwing’s murderer. However, Harley gets the shock of her life when her clone tells her she is indeed the one who killed Dick Grayson.

Harley is in shock, while her clone reveals that she witnessed Nightwing’s murder and explains the circumstances around his death – Harley killed Nightwing when she was sleepwalking.


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While Harley tries to process what she has done, Ivy goes to ‘Gotham’s Annual Celebrity Golf Game,’ where she must persuade Clegg to vote for her. She encounters Lex, who is doing the same as Ivy and tries to sabotage the woman. Ivy and Lex do their best to impress Clegg.

Harley goes to Doctor Psycho to guest star in his podcast called ‘Psycho Not Crazy with Dr. Psycho,’ but she has a favor to ask – she needs the villain to do the same as he did to Bruce Wayne, to enter her mind and reveal her deepest memories.

Doctor Psycho agrees to do it, and they return to the night Nightwing dies. We see sleepwalking Harley delirious near the campfire after she saved Batgirl when suddenly Nightwing arrives. After the sleepwalking woman offers Nightwing her friendship bracelet, Boy Wonder gets extremely mad – he accuses Harley of being evil and never becoming part of the Bat Family.

Sleepwalking, Harley chokes Nightwing with her friendship bracelet, and in the shadows, Harley’s clone witnesses the murder. The mystery has been revealed – Harely truly killed Nightwing.

Harley is in shock, but Doctor Psycho loves it. However, Harley overpowers him and hits him in the back of the head.

Harley realizes that her clone is too “righteous,” while Ivy needs to “one-up” Lex once more

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained

Ivy dominates the golf tournament, impressing Clegg and embarrassing the fuming Lex. However, while boasting around in front of Lex, Ivy accidentally kills Clegg with her golf ball.

Harley then calls Ivy to tell her she killed Nightwing, and the couple speak about their unfortunate killing spree. Harley gets an idea on how to make Doctor Psycho forget about the memory he saw – she calls the Flash to help her.

Harley asks Barry Allen to time travel five minutes back in time to prevent Psycho from reading her memories. Even though the Flash reversed time for five minutes, Ivy still kills Clegg, this time with her golf club.


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Harley evades Psycho and goes to her clone outside. Harley wants to make things right. But the Harley clone arrests the real Harley and proceeds to imprison her. The media (Tammy) reports from the golf tournament, and Ivy makes a statement about her murdering Clegg. The Plant Lady blames the lack of sunlight on Lex when suddenly, Bane headbutts her on TV – a small call back to the previous episode and Bane’s favor to Mama Nacarino.

Lex boasts in front of Ivy, and his ultimate win against her – even votes between board members means that Lex stays the CEO of the LoD.

Clone Harley captures Harley, who also learns that her copy is too “trigger happy” when it comes to justice – she arrests people who are doing minor and harmless things.

Harley challenges her, saying that she wants to do good by helping people. Of course, clone Harley tries to imprison Harley, who “one-ups” her clone and captures her instead.

The board meeting of LoD sees exhausted Ivy and overbearing Lex arguing over who is the better leader. Board members vote, and the result is a tie – Lex stays the CEO of LoD. However, the woman whom Harley and Bat Family saved in the first episode of season four, the Waynestagram model with the amazing clavicle, Devora Macklewaithe, arrives at the meeting as late Clegg’s wife.

After Lex encourages her to cast the last vote to determine the winner, Devora votes for Ivy, explaining she did it for Harley – Ivy is the new CEO and leader of Legion of Doom.

What happens to Harley and Batgirl?

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained

On the other side of the city, Batgirl signals the old Bat signal. Harley arrives to encourage Batgirl and her efforts and even offers her full support. However, the clone Harley arrives and tries to introduce herself as the real Harley.

Harley fights against her clone, and when they end up on the edge of the building, Batgirl intervenes and asks – who is the real Harley? Batgirl tells them the real Harley’s quote to her earlier in the episode – the world isn’t black and white.


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The imposters deny that statement, which helps Batgirl distinguish who the real Harley is and helps her defeat the clone. Clone Harley splatters on the pavement of Gotham City and turns into mashed potato, while the real Harley blames her clone for killing Nightwing.

Ivy turns off Lex’s ‘Earth Saver’ in LoD Headquarters and saves the world. Lex flees the Earth and goes to his place on the Moon, while Ivy feels she didn’t win.

Despite blaming the clone for killing Nightwing, Harley feels incredibly guilty about killing her Bat Family colleague and decides to leave the group. Batgirl is sad to hear that and tries her best to persuade Harley to stay.

Harley still insists on leaving, subtly hinting that she cannot stay with the group because she will either kill someone because of her evil tendencies or people being harmed in her vicinity.

While she explains this to Batgirl, the younger woman is shot in the back – the Joker maniacally laughs while Harley holds Batgirl’s body in her arms.

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