Here Is How Juggernaut Is Related to Professor X

Here Is How Juggernaut Is Related to Professor X
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X-Men have had many enemies in the long history of the team, and Juggernaut is one of the most iconic and also among the most powerful ones. But did you know that Juggernaut and Professor X share more than rivalry as they spent the majority of their childhood together, and their histories and connected much like their futures are. Today, we set out to explore the long history between Charles Xavier and Cain Marko. Now, let’s see how Juggernaut and Professor X are related.

Juggernaut and Professor X are step-brothers and are related by law. Cain’s father, Kurt Marko, married Charles’ mother, Sharon Xavier, following the death of Charles’ father. Cain and Charles were never on good terms considering that Cain spent much of their childhood abusing Charles and being jealous of him. Charles once accidentally sensed the anguish and pain within Cain and figured that his father severely abused him while he was alive.

Now that we’ve covered how Juggernaut and Professor X are related, it’s time to analyze them in more detail. If you want to know more about their early lives and history, stay with us and keep reading!

Kurt Marko and Brian Xavier were coworkers until Brian died under suspicious circumstances

The story of Juggernaut and Professor X actually begins with their fathers. Both Kurt Marko and Brian Xavier were world-renowned scientists working in Alamogordo, New Mexico, at a Nuclear Research facility that was actually a front for genetic experimentation funded by Mister Sinister.

Even though they worked together, Kurt was always jealous of Charles’ father due to his fame and wealth, and in the accident that would soon claim Brian’s life, Kurt was one of the suspects.

Professor X mother Sharon remarries

Charles was nine years old when his father died, but since his mother, Sharon Xavier wanted to maintain the facade of a normal family for Charles, she soon found a relatively good marriage candidate to serve as a father model for young Charles.

Kurt Marko married Sharon for her money

What Sharon didn’t realize before her marriage to Dr. Kurt was that he was marrying her for her money and that the relationship will be far from idyllic. The true troubles, however, started when Kurt moved in with his underage son, Cain, a child from his previous marriage.


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Sharon also wasn’t aware of the fact that Kurt was a raging alcoholic and an abuser. Soon after moving in, he started abusing her both mentally and physically until she turned into a shadow of her former self, picked up some nasty habits, just like Kurt, and eventually died of alcoholism.

Charles’ powers were just starting to manifest themselves, and he was able to sense his mother’s pain and anguish. He did what he could to share the pain with her through telepathic connection, but he couldn’t save her from herself or from Kurt.

Cain Marko spend the majority of their childhood bullying Charles

Ever since he moved in, Cain was jealous of Charles. Charles was a smarter, polite, athletically inclined young man with a promising academic future. From the start, Kurt treated Charles better than he did his own son, which caused Cain to bully Charles relentlessly.

Cain Marko abuses Charles Xavier

After Charles’ mom died, things got even worse. As Cain grew up, his machinations became more violent and dangerous. However, Charles didn’t find it in his heart to hate him. Due to his powers, Charles was aware that Cain was being bullied by his father for almost the entirety of his life, and the things Cain did to Xavier were merely manifestations of his own hatred and suffering.

Kurt treated Charles way better than he did his own son. He found it in himself to be gentle toward him even. Which only fanned the flames of darkness within Cain.

One day, Charles overheard how Cain blackmailed Kurt because Kurt was allegeldy mixed up in the accident that claimed the life of Charles’ father. Kurt lashed out at Cain, threatening him never to mention that again. While trying to cause chaos inside his father’s laboratory, Cain purposely destroyed some chemical vials and caused a massive explosion.

Kurt managed to save both Cain and Charles, and while dying, he warned young Charles never to reveal his powers to Cain under any circumstances, which is something that Cain naturally overheard.

Kurt Marko saves Charles from lab accident

Cain continued to abuse Charles until they both left their home to pursue different paths in life.

Charles and Cain reunited in the military

Both Charles and Cain would, by the twist of destiny, find themselves serving in the same unit during the Korean War. While Charles was courageous and did everything in his power to succeed, Cain was only looking after himself and eventually deserted his unit.

Charles tried following Cain to talk some sense into him, but Cain entered a cave where the legendary Crimson Gem of Cyttorak was being kept. Cain interacted with the gem and eventually was transformed into a living avatar of Cyttorak, gaining unimaginable powers. His physique changed. He gained unlimited strength and invulnerability.

Cain becoming Juggernaut

As luck would have it, just at that time, the enemy bombarded the ancient cave, and due to the explosion, the temple caved in. Charles managed to escape leaving Cain Marko, now a Juggernaut, under tons of rocks and debris.

The explanation for Juggernaut’s ultimate survival was his supernatural stamina and durability. Juggernaut eventually, using his unlimited strength, managed to free himself from the ancient tomb.


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As you can see, even though Charles was bullied and even almost killed by Juggernaut in numerous instances, he still found it in his heart to try to free him from his ancient curse. The relationship between them is one of the most complicated in the comics and goes way back to their childhood days.

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