Here’s How Charles Xavier Lost His Legs & Got Paralyzed


Charles Xavier is one of the most important mutants in the Marvel Universe and one of the most powerful ones. Professor X has had a huge impact on mutant society, despite his life being marred with personal tragedies. One of the tragedies that marked his life forever was the incident that cost him his mobility, and due to that, we’ve decided to bring you a full story of have Charles Xavier lost the use of his legs and got paralyzed. 

Charles Xavier lost the use of his legs and got paralyzed in a fight against alien Lucifer, that dropped a huge stone block on the lover half of his body. Even though Xavier’s life was saved as he managed to contact another mutant via his telepathic abilities and got medical attention in time, doctors failed to save his legs on time. From that moment forward, his wheelchair became a symbol of his character and his strength. 

Now that we’ve given you a short version of what happened with Charles, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more info regarding Charles’ early life and the events that led to his fateful fight with Lucifer, stay with us and keep reading!

How did Charles Xavier got his powers? 

Charles Francis Xavier was already born with his powers. He was born to Dr. Brian Xavier, a wealthy and influential distinguished scientist that worked on several nuclear projects in Alamogordo, New Mexico. However, this was merely a front for genetic experiments on people, and behind the projects was Dr. Nathan Milbury, otherwise known as Mister Sinister

Even though his father was involved with genetic experiments and Mister Sinister often experimented on Charles, his powers developed even before he was born, as Charles, by the use of his powerful telepathic abilities, was able to recognize the malignant presence of his twin sister and used his powers to induce miscarriage in his mother, while he was on the womb. 

Charles’ father will eventually die in an accident, and his mother, Sharon would remarry Dr. Kurt Marko. Marko used Sharon’s moment of weakness and grief and her wish for her son not to grow up without a father figure. The rest of Charles’ childhood would be a nightmare since Marko married Sharon only because of her wealth and influence.

Marko frequently spied on Charles, keeping him under his watchful eyes on the orders of Mister Sinister. When Marko’s son, Cain, moved in with them, Charles was frequently bullied. 

Cain bullied Charles, and Kurt bullied Sharon. Sharon eventually died of a broken heart, her last days being plagued by alcoholism despite Charles trying his best to utilize his powers to alleviate his mother’s pain. 


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Cain would eventually learn that his own father had something to do with the late Dr. Xavier’s death, and he proceeded to blackmail his own father. He eventually murdered Kurt by staging an extremely destructive lab accident.

During his last moments, Kurt Marko begged Charles for forgiveness and tried to protect him from his own son. Kurt gave Charles a solid piece of advice when he told him to keep his powers secret from Cain. 

Following Kurt’s death, Charles was left alone with Cain, who continued to torture him. Eventually, when he was 16 years old, Charles started attending Harvard, and his telepathic potential fully manifested. He was one of the most distinguished students, partially due to his powers. 

Charles Xavier theorized that he was born a mutant due to the radiation his parents were exposed to while working in the secret research facility. He also started figuring out that he had mental powers when he started losing his hair, so Xavier’s iconic baldness originated from his powers. 

Charles Xavier was drafted into Korean War 

Eventually, Charles started his undergraduate studies when at Oxford University. He was interested in the consequences of genetic mutations in human society, and this is when his dreams of peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans first manifested. 

It was at Oxford that he met Moira Kinross. At the time, he didn’t know that Moira was like himself, a mutant, but she did question Xavier’s dream of uniting mutant kind and humans having a fairly skeptical outlook on it. Eventually, the two will establish a telepathic connection, and Moira shows Xavier that she has reincarnation powers. She lived nine lives prior to this one, and she knew Xavier in all of them.

She also showed him that there is no peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans. At first, Xavier was crushed by these revelations, but the two eventually did attempt to make peace between the two kinds. 

Despite Moira being engaged at the time, Xavier once saved her from an accident, and the two fell in love and got engaged.

Soon after the engagement, Xavier was drafted into the Korean War, where he once again met with his step-brother Cain Marko. 

Marko would eventually use Crimson Gem from the Temple of Cyttorak and transform himself into Juggernaut. 

While serving in the war, Xavier saved many people and earned quite a reputation for himself, but everything seemed in vain because Moira sent him a letter that she was breaking of their engagement. 

Charles Xavier got paralyzed in his fight against Lucifer 

After Moira broke off the engagement with Charles, he dedicated the upcoming part of his life to traveling the world and learning more about it. It was during these travels that he eventually met Magnus, who would later be known as Magneto

During his travels, Charles set off the explore the walled City in the Himalayas, he was fascinated by the place, but its citizens were seemingly terrified by the tyrant that ruled them. Xavier eventually discovers that their leader is Lucifer and that he has extremely advanced technology at his temple of doom. He urged the residents of the City to unite with him against Lucifer so that they may defeat evil and live in peace. 

Reluctantly, the people accepted, and the day of the attack began. However, at one moment, Xavier broke off from the main attack group and found himself one on one with Lucifer. Lucifer dropped a giant and heavy stone slab on Xavier and departed for the stars. This was when Xavier learned that Lucifer was actually alien. 

Xavier eventually managed to call for help using his telepathic abilities, and he was transferred to Bombay to undergo treatment. Sadly the function of his legs was never restored. 


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