Star Wars: Here’s How & When Kanan Jarrus Died

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Kanan Jarrus was one of the most important characters during the events of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ because he served as Ezra Bridger’s Jedi mentor while also providing guidance and leadership to the other members of the Spectres. As a leader and the head of a family, it was Kanan’s duty to ensure that every one of his friends was safe. That was why he sacrificed himself to keep those he loved alive. So, how and when did Kanan Jarrus die?

Kanan Jarrus died when he sacrificed himself so that Hera, Ezra, and Sabine could safely escape the Imperial facility on Lothal. He used the Force to keep an explosion at bay while also pushing his friends away from the explosion that eventually killed him. Kanan died in “Jedi Night,” the tenth episode of season 4 of ‘Star Wars Rebels.’

The death of Kanan Jarrus was one of the most heroic moments in the storyline of Star Wars because he died without even second-guessing what he needed to do to ensure that the ones he loved would not get hurt. His selfless act eventually allowed Ezra and the others to finally defeat the Imperial presence on Lothal, as his sacrifice was not in vain.

Kanan died as a true Jedi

If there’s one thing that we know about Kanan Jarrus, it’s that he was one of the most important characters in ‘Rebels’ because he was responsible for mentoring Ezra Bridger in the ways of the Force. He was also one of the leaders of the Spectres, as he was often the one guiding the other members throughout the entire events of the series. And without him and Hera, the Spectres wouldn’t have been formed.

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Of course, as the series progressed, Kanan’s entire purpose changed. He lost his eyesight when Darth Maul blinded him during their duel on Malachor V. Nevertheless; he started seeing things a little more clearly because he was now seeing through the Force and not with his eyes. But even if that was true, there was a point in time when he started questioning his purpose.

In season 4, he eventually got a better picture of his purpose after interacting with the Force-sensitive Loth-Wolf named Dume, who was a Force manifestation of Kanan’s will. He started seeing the bigger picture and what he needed to do as a Jedi. In a way, Kanan also realized that his time was up and that he would no longer be around for a long time because he wanted to tell Hera something that he couldn’t tell her.


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But that had to wait because Hera was in danger as the Empire was able to capture her. That was when the Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine went to work to try to rescue Hera from Governor Pryce on Lothal. Kanan took charge of rescuing Hera, while Ezra and Sabine worked together to find a way to exit the Imperial facility.

Hera, under the influence of a truth drug, was quite vocal about her feelings for Kanan, who wanted to tell her something but couldn’t find the time to do so.

The Spectres were able to escape the Imperial facility but were not out of danger yet. Their transport was on top of one of the fuel depots at the TIE Defender factory. Before boarding their transport, Kanan told Hera he loved her as they kissed passionately. Clearly, Kanan took this opportunity to tell Hera how he felt because he understood that his time was now ticking.

Just as that was happening, Governor Pryce ordered one of the AT-ATs to fire at the fuel depot so that the explosion would take out the Spectres. As the fuel depot exploded while Spectres were on their way out, Kanan understood that there was no way for them to escape the explosion. He used the Force to keep the explosion at bay with one hand. With his other hand, he pushed his loved ones away so that they could escape.

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As Hera, Ezra, and Sabine escaped, Kanan got caught in the explosion, and he died a true and selfless Jedi Knight. He understood his fate when he had visions after meeting Dume. And it was clear that he had prepared himself for that moment as he knew that this was the will of the Force.

Will Kanan Jarrus return?

In the following episode, Governor Pryce confirmed that they could kill Kanan Jarrus, the leader of the Spectres. It is possible that her people found his body in the ruins of the fuel depot that was destroyed. As such, Pryce decided to hold a parade on Lothal to celebrate her victory over the Spectres, not knowing that Grand Admiral Thrawn saw this as a defeat due to the destruction of the fuel depot that would have allowed the TIE Defender project to continue.

A few episodes later, Ezra rescued Ahsoka Tano from a certain death on Malachor V by traveling to that point in time using the World Between Worlds. While Ezra and Ahsoka were still in the World Between Worlds, they found a door leading to the exact moment Kanan died. Ezra wanted to save his master from certain death, only for Ahsoka to convince him otherwise.

Ahsoka told Ezra that Kanan knew what he was doing when he sacrificed himself. He understood this was the only way for Ezra and the others to survive. Ahsoka told Ezra that taking Kanan out of that moment in time would have killed him, Hera, and Sabine. As such, Ezra decided against saving his master even though he wanted to find a way to save him.

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In that regard, there is no way that Kanan Jarrus would return. Governor Pryce already confirmed his death. Even Ezra understood that he couldn’t save Kanan using the World Between Worlds because doing so would kill him and the others for whom Kanan sacrificed himself. As such, Kanan’s death is permanent.

What episode does Kanan Jarrus die?

Kanan’s death happened in episode 10 of season 4 of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ Entitled “Jedi Night,” this was one of the greatest episodes of ‘Rebels’ as it was perfectly able to build the mood up as the episode steadily led to Kanan’s death.


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Fans of ‘Rebels’ were even able to realize that the episode would not end well because there were a lot of emotional moments involving Kanan in that episode. It was as if the episode told fans that their favorite character was already preparing for his death. Truth be told, Kanan may have already known about his death after seeing it in one of his visions.

As such, Kanan’s death perfectly justifies the episode’s title. It was indeed a Jedi Night for Kanan because he died a true Jedi on a night that allowed him to show the world what a selfless and dedicated Jedi Knight was all about.

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