Why Is Wonder Woman Different from the Other Amazons? What Makes Her Special?

Why Is Wonder Woman Different From the Other Amazons What Makes Her Special

Wonder Woman is by far one of the most iconic female characters in the comics. Her indomitable will and superhuman characteristic have been entertaining readers for decades, and over time she has become a symbol of strength and righteous justice. We know that Wonder Woman belongs to a race of powerful women called Amazons, but we also know that Wonder Woman surpasses all of them. This is why we set out to explore what makes Wonder Woman special and why is she so different from the rest of her people? 

Wonder Woman is different from the rest of the Amazons because she is a demigoddess. She is Zeus’ daughter, which gives her access to some extra powers and abilities which can be traced to her godly lineage. Wonder Woman also has at her disposal several blessings given to her by the rest of the Greek pantheon and several extremely powerful artifacts. Due to this, Wonder Woman is more capable, stronger, and overall more powerful than your average Amazon. 

Now that we’ve covered, in short, what makes Wonder Woman stand out, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, keep reading!

Amazons are superhumanly strong, but none can measure up to Wonder Woman

The whole race of Amazon women has, over the years, had several origin stories, but in almost all of them, they were closely connected to the Egyptian pantheon, and due to this, the Amazons were considered to be superhuman in nature. 


And it’s true to an extent Amazons have superhuman strength, durability, stamina, and agility, and according to their latest origin story, they are immortal and share the same origin as the Valkyries from Norse mythology. 

Almost all Amazon women are heroic in nature, but one of them grew up to be the most famous of them all, having powers and talents that far surpass the rest of her brethren. Of course, we’re talking about Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman

We know that Wonder Woman is like the rest of the Amazons super strong, durable, agile, and has incredible combat skills afforded to her by centuries of practice and her divine improvement. In the rest of this post, we’re going to explain the differences between her and the rest of the Amazons in a bit more detail. 


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Wonder Woman is Zeus’ daughter 

In a revised version of Wonder Woman’s origin, she is not simply Amazon like the rest of her people. She is the daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Zeus. This was hidden from her for the large majority of her life. Instead, Diana believed that her mother created her from a lump of clay when she badly wanted a child. The truth is Wonder Woman was conceived like any other child.

Wonder Woman heritage

Zeus and Hippolyta at one point had an affair, and Hippolyta kept Wonder Woman’s godly heritage from everyone, fearing that jealous Hera would come after her and her child. Wonder Woman was the only child produced during Hippolyta’s and Zeus’ union. She has a twin brother named Jason. 

Wonder Woman received divine empowerment from several Olympian gods 

Being a demigoddess, Wonder Woman was already more powerful than your regular Amazon. In addition to this, she was crowned to be the champion of Amazons during a tournament in which she defeated all other contenders. 

As a champion, Diana received divine gifts from other Greek gods, most related to some physical aspects. From goddess Demeter, Diana received strength and empowerment, and now Wonder Woman is considered to be stronger than Hercules. Wonder Woman was seen overpowering Kryptonians in numerous instances, and she was likewise seen even manipulating cosmic bodies. 

lasso of truth wonder woman telepathy

Through Hermes, Diana received her godly speed and ability to fly. Wonder Woman can move as fast as Flash when he is at cruising speed. Her superhuman speed translated well to her reflexes, agility, and reaction times as well. Diana’s ability to fly is likewise magnificent. She was seen to be able to keep up with Superman in several instances. 

Diana mastery animals

Artemis gifted Diana with enhanced hearing, vision, and sense of smell. All of her senses are refined to be far above what the average human (or Amazon), for that matter, can perceive. 

Some versions of Wonder Woman were also highly gifted in magic, courtesy of Hecate. One of the greatest magic users in DC comics, Zatanna, noted that Wonder Woman’s magic is unlike anything she has ever seen. 

Wonder Woman has access to various sacred artifacts from Themyscira

As a champion of Themyscira, Wonder Woman gained access to several important and iconic artifacts that belonged to her race, some of which are even known as among the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe. One of the most iconic artifacts that Wonder Woman has access to is the Lasso of Truth. 

It’s mostly connected to various magical abilities related to telepathy, soul manipulation, and destroying corruption. In some instances, however, Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth to manipulate celestial bodies. 

She managed to move an entire planet with her Lasso; if that’s not impressive enough, she even lassoed the sun. Being forged by Hephaestus, the Lasso of Truth is completely indestructible and has the potential to stretch itself infinitely. Although it’s important to mention that the more the Lasso stretches, the less efficient it becomes. Along with using Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman uses weapons made out of pure energy.


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To sum everything up, Wonder Woman is no regular Amazon. She is special because she is a demigoddess and champion of Themyscira. Several other Greek Gods have magically empowered her, and as a champion, she also has access to some of Themyscira’s most powerful artifacts. 

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