How Old Was Peter Parker in All Spider-Man Movies?


In the last two decades, we’ve seen three Peter Parker characters in live-action movies. And even though Spider-Man has extraordinary superhuman abilities, he is not immortal, and that was evident when we witnessed the elderly Peter Parkers in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’ With that in mind, let’s see how old Peter Parker is in every Spider-Man movie.

In ‘Spider-Man,’ Peter Parker is 17-18 years old

In Sam Raimi’s trilogy, we meet Peter Parker, portrayed by Tobey Maguire. At first, Peter is a geeky high-school student who’s having trouble getting along with his peers and is often bullied. All of that changed when his school visited Columbia University’s Science Department. As Peter photographed Mary Jane, a genetically modified spider bit his hand, and Spider-Man was born.

Peter experienced many changes in his body afterward, not just physical, but his confidence also improved. He no longer let anyone bully him but instead stood up for himself. That happened when Peter was a high school senior, meaning he was 17 years old. Over the course of the movie, a lot happens, and Peter learns the lesson about responsibility the hard way. The movie’s storyline is set over several months, so Peter is 18 toward the end of the movie.


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In ‘Spider-Man 2’, Peter Parker is 19 years old

In what is arguably the best Spider-Man movie in the franchise, Peter’s life changes, but not necessarily for the better. High school is over, and he must juggle being a Spider-Man, working two jobs, and being an efficient student. Everything seems overwhelming at the time, and the fact that he even forgot it was his birthday proves that.

He celebrated his birthday with MJ, Harry, and Aunt May. After that, we learn that it is almost two years since Uncle Ben was killed, which means that this was Peter’s nineteenth birthday.

Things between Peter and Harry are not so great after everything that happened with Norman Osborn in the previous movie, and when Otto Octavius becomes Doctor Octopus, things only become worse for Peter from there.

In ‘Spider-Man 3’, Peter Parker is 20-21 years old

Only a few months passed after Peter stopped Doctor Octopus, and things finally seemed bright for him. He and MJ were in love, Spider-Man was loved by the people, and the city was safe and sound. For the first time, Peter believed that Uncle Ben would be proud of him. But, of course, all of that was nothing but the calm before the storm.

Following the timeline after the previous movie, we can conclude that Peter is 20 years old and possibly close to his 21st birthday.

In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ Peter Parker is 17 years old

Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker was slightly different than what we were used to from his predecessor, but it was special nevertheless. We know that Peter and Gwen Stacey begin their relationship in this one, go to the same high school, and are of the same age. So, after Gwen reveals that she’s seventeen during a conversation with her father, it becomes apparent that Peter Parker is also seventeen in this movie.


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In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, Peter Parker is 18 years old

Peter struggled a bit after he promised Gwen’s father in the previous movie that he would stay away from her to keep her safe. Nevertheless, Gwen is aware that Peter is Spider-Man and realizes that is why he is late to their high-school graduation. Since they are at the end of their high-school journey, it is easy to conclude that Peter is 18 years in this movie and is leaning toward his nineteenth birthday.

In ‘Captain America: Civil War’, Peter Parker is 14 years old

In the clash between two opposite sides of the Avengers, Tony Stark decided to call his guy on the bench. And what followed was an introduction of another version of the famous web-slinger in the MCU. It is fair to say that Peter was thrilled to meet all the superheroes, and even though he had to fight them at the time, he had no problem being friendly and introducing himself to the legendary superheroes.

Of course, Peter was just a boy then, and even though he showed admirable skills, everyone thought he was just a kid. Peter was 14 years old in this movie, so it is reasonable that Tony was always worried about his well-being. And even though this is not a Spider-Man movie, we needed to mention this movie also so the rest of the explanation would have more sense.

In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, Peter Parker is 15 years old

This movie was the first standalone movie where Tom Holland portrayed Spider-Man. As the audience was already familiar with him thanks to the movie mentioned before, the movie’s storyline took place a few months after Tony and Cap had their fallout. After ‘the internship’ with Tony ended, Peter needed to return to his normal life and return to school.

Tony urged him to stay out of trouble and to be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in hopes that he would keep the youngster out of harm’s way. Peter was 15 at the time. What followed next were the events in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ where Peter solidified his place as an Avengers and a superhero prepared to take on the ‘big guys.’

In ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Peter Parker is 17 years old

This movie proves all the claims regarding the age of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. As we get to see Peter’s passport, it is evident that he was born on August 10, 2001. Peter was among those people that vanished due to Thanos’s ‘Blip,’ which means that the five years that passed did not affect his biological age when he returned. This means that even though the events of this movie take place in 2024, Peter is 17 in this one.

In ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, Maguire’s Peter Parker is 37, Garfield’s Peter is 27, and Holland’s is 18 years old

When this movie came out, it was what every Spider-Man fan hoped it would be since it gathered all three Spider-Men in one place. The existence of a multiverse was confirmed in the MCU, and thanks to it, we witnessed a team-up of all the beloved web-slingers, some in their older years and some still young. Holland’s Spider-Man was still 17 years old since not much time had passed after the storyline in the previous movie when Mysterio revealed Spider-Man’s real identity.


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It’s been some since we’ve seen the other two Peter Parkers. That’s why they are much older, with Peter, portrayed by Andrew Garfield, now 27, and Peter Parker, portrayed by Tobey Maguire, who was 37 in the movie.

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