All 28 Spider-Man Girlfriends, in Chronological Order

all spider man girlfriends

Spider-Man has been one of the most beloved Marvel characters for decades, being adored by fans as well as other characters within the Marvel universe. As such, it’s no surprise that Spider-Man racked up a lengthy list of admirers, but many fans may be surprised at just how many girlfriends Spider-Man has had over the years.

Peter Parker (Earth-616) would have had 15 girlfriends – or 24 love interests when including relationships that are not considered ‘official’ or mutual. Miles Morales (Earth-1610) has only had two girlfriends across timelines, namely Katherine Bishop as well as Gwendolyne Stacy (Earth-8), while Miguel O’Hara (Earth-928) dated Xina Kwan before leaving her for his younger brother’s girlfriend, Dana D’Angelo.

While Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy usually take center stage, there are many other women who have captured this legendary hero’s interest as he matured. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about all Spider-Man‘s girlfriends in chronological order, focusing on the most notable Spider-Man figures to date.

All of Spider-Man’s girlfriends & love interests

Considering Marvel’s many universes and timelines, not to mention the release of the “Spider-Verse” saga, many fans are aware of just how many Spider-Man figures there actually are. In fact, the existence of so many Spider-Man characters led to the infamous “Spider-Man Pointing” meme, which Marvel and fiction fans have used for many years.

peter experience 1

However, for the sake of simplicity, this article will only be focusing on the most prominent Spider-Man characters that take the spotlight – Peter Parker of Earth-616 and Miles Morales of Earth-1610, as well as Miguel O’Hara of Earth-928.

Peter Parker’s (Earth-616) girlfriends & love interests

The most infamous Spider-Man figure to date is still Peter Parker, the original individual to take on the name (alongside Peter B. Parker from E-616 in the Spider-Verse saga). Peter Parker from other timelines or universes will be excluded, as their love interests are often similar with differences in terms of how and when.

Since Spider-Man’s love interests do not always develop into full-blown relationships, we have excluded characters seen as “crushes.” As such, this list will only include all of the girls that Peter Parker entered a mutually romantic relationship with, particularly those that lasted over a decent period of time.


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He has had many romantic flings and crushes over the years, but not all of them blossomed into anything more than flirtation. In total, Peter Parker of Earth-616 would have had 15 girlfriends – or, 24 love interests when including those that cannot technically be considered ‘official’.

Examples of these instances still deserve an honorable mention due to their part in Peter Parker’s life and character development, including figures such as:

  1. Liz Allan, who only returned Peter Parker’s romantic interest after the ship had sailed. Despite Peter Parker’s past interest, the two never became an item.
  2. Rogue, who almost kissed Peter Parker on one occasion.
  3. Emma Frost had an obsessive crush on Peter Parker.
  4. Glory Grant, a flirtatious neighbor of Peter Parker.
  5. Sophia ‘Chat’ Sanduval, who dated Peter Parker for some time in the Earth-20051 continuity (Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man).
  6. Captain Jean DeWolff, a close friend of Peter Parker, had one-sided feelings for Spider-Man. Peter Parker only discovered her death.
  7. Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) went on a civilian date with Peter Parker, but the two agreed that they lacked romantic chemistry.
  8. Silver Sable, who had unreturned romantic feelings for Spider-Man.
  9. Marcy Kane, who turned out to be a Contraxian alien named Kaina.

1. Betty Brant

betty brant

Betty Brant (Elizabeth Brant) was Peter Parker’s first girlfriend, making her debut with the release of Amazing Spider-Man #4 in 1963. She started taking the J. Jonah Jameson’s assistant role and later became a star Daily Bugle reporter.

The two noticed each other quickly, and they soon started a friendship that would turn into a mutual romantic attraction in Amazing Spider-Man #9. They had a rocky relationship, seeing rough patches from the very beginning.

She was never alright with Peter Parker vanishing all the time for seemingly no reason, and it was clear she would have never been able to accept his role as Spider-Man. The relationship finally ended, and Betty Brant eventually married another Daily Bugle employee named Ned Leeds.

2. Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson, or “MJ,” is considered the ‘favorite’ girlfriend among many Spider-Man fans – eventually becoming Peter Parker’s final pick in numerous timelines. The two met on a blind date set up by their aunts in Amazing Spider-Man #42 released in 1966, after which they began dating.


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However, MJ and Peter Parker had conflicting lifestyles, which led to them breaking up and restarting their relationship once they had both matured. Peter Parker proposed to MJ on numerous occasions, and they got married with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 in 1987.

While their loving relationship was erased in the One More Day storyline due to a deal between Peter Parker and Mephisto, they ultimately reunited once again – proof that the connection between Peter Parker and MJ remains against unimaginable odds. Mary Jane Watson seems destined to be Peter Parker’s wife in many timelines and universes, including the Spider-Verse saga – and hopefully, the MCU timeline as well.

3. Gwen Stacy

gwen stacy earth 616

There’s always been an ongoing battle for the title of Peter Parker’s “best girlfriend,” primarily between MJ and Gwen Stacy. While MJ is considered his final true love, Gwen Stacy is considered Peter Parker’s first true love – and for many good reasons.

Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker’s connection began with the release of Spider-Man #53 in 1967 after the two visited a scientific demonstration together. They were madly in love and planned to get married in the hope of a happily ever after, but this fell apart after Gwen’s death in Amazing Spider-Man #121.

4. Priscilla “Cissy” Ironwood

Priscilla Cissy Ironwood

The shortlived romance between Peter Parker and Priscilla “Cissy” Ironwood is often forgotten, and it’s seen as bizarre due to how abruptly it started and ended. Cissy Ironwood became Peter Parker’s girlfriend in Marvel Team-Up #80, which was released in 1979.

Peter and Cissy had a few good dates – particularly one that was interrupted by a werewolf, later revealed to be Doctor Strange. However, the relationship fizzled out due to Peter’s busy lifestyle.

5. Debra Whitman

debra whitman

Peter Parker had a brief romantic relationship with Debra Whitman, starting with the release of Spectacular Spider-Man #46. The relationship came to an end due to her growing instability as well as her suspicions about Peter Parker’s true identity.

6. Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat)

black cat giant size infinity score 1

Felicia Hardy, more commonly known as “Black Cat,” was the first romantic relationship that Peter Parker had as Spider-Man. The two dated on and off for a while and became costumed partners over time – he even revealed his true identity to her after she was injured in Spectacular Spider-Man #76.


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While their relationship grew into a relatively strong one, it was not to be, and the two eventually broke up. Peter Parker’s reunion with MJ and marriage created a contentious dynamic between them, but they would later develop a strong friendship instead.

7. Jill Stacy

Jill Stacy

Although surprising, Peter Parker did begin a romantic relationship with a family member of Gwen Stacy after her tragic death. Jill Stacy, Gwen’s cousin, returned to New York and became close friends with MJ.

She provided a shoulder to cry on when a stalker and her death kidnaped MJ was staged. Peter Parker and Jill Stacy went on a few dates, but he never moved on or accepted that MJ was dead, and the romance fizzled out fast. Jill Stacy finally stopped pursuing Peter Parker when MJ resurfaced.

8. Sarah Rushman (Marrow)

Sarah Rushman Marrow

Marrow and Peter Parker had met a couple of times in costume, developing a closer relationship in the Spider-Man/Marrow one-shot. She developed a civilian identity known as “Sarah Rushman” under the control of S.H.I.E.L.D. programming and started dating Peter Parker casually, but this ended when she was freed from their control.

9. Kitty Pryde

History of Marvel's Kitty Pryde

Peter Parker went on a date with Katherine Anne “Kate” Pryde (“Kitty Pryde”) in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1. They became an official item shortly after their first date, with Kitty Pryde even creating a new masked costume allowing her to accompany Spider-Man on his adventures, but the two ultimately ended the relationship.

10. Michele Gonzales

Michele Gonzales

After Peter Parker’s marriage to MJ was erased, he started a brief and awkward romantic relationship with his roommate, Michele Gonzales. A drunken night featured in Amazing Spider-Man #601 revealed her feelings, but it ultimately led to a painful breakup several issues later due to Peter being unable to accept the relationship.

11. Carlie Cooper

Carlie Cooper

Although Carlie Cooper is a pretty good character, many fans despised her for being Peter Parker’s next official girlfriend after his marriage to MJ was erased. They had their first date in Amazing Spider-Man #642, but she ended things with Peter after discovering his Spider-Man identity.

12. Anna Maria Marconi

Anna Maria Marconi

Peter Parker and Anna Maria Marconi had their very first date in Superior Spider-Man #10. But, this took place at a time when Peter’s body was taken over by Otto Octavius as “Superior Spider-Man” – meaning that Anna Maria Marconi is technically Otto’s love interest, and not Peter’s.

While she wasn’t Peter’s love interest, she played an important role as her growing relationship with Otto ultimately helped him redeem himself. Otto relinquished Peter Parker’s body in order to help save Anna from the Green Goblin, and she continued to work alongside Peter even after discovering that the man she truly loved was Otto.

13. Cindy Moon (Silk)

Cindy Moon

Another interesting yet short-lived relationship occurred between Peter Parker and Cindy Moon, who was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker. This led to her taking the name of “Silk” and fighting crime much like Spidey, and the two discovered an “animalistic” attraction towards each other from their very first interaction.


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This attraction developed into an uncontrollable passion whenever they were near each other – which could be romantic, problematic, and potentially toxic. Peter Parker and Cindy Moon ultimately decided against these urges, choosing to remain allies and friends during the original Spider-Verse comic event.

14. Lian Tang

Lian Tang

Peter Parker briefly dated a scientific designer named Lian Tang while he spent time at his new Parker Industries headquarters in Shanghai. The two had a fairly happy relationship until Peter discovered she was working for the Zodiac in order to help heal her sick mother.

He forgave her for the betrayal, primarily due to her true motives, and she assisted Spider-Man in the form of “Spider-Rider” near the fall of Parker Industries. But, the romantic connection that the two had could never be recovered.

15. Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird)

Bobbi Morse Mockingbird

Peter Parker became particularly close with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Bobbi Morse during his time as a successful CEO, requiring her to serve as a full-time superhero liaison. The two became close and developed a romantic relationship, and they were forced to move in together following the fall of Parker Industries, but they ultimately broke up after learning that they didn’t have much in common – apart from their line of work.

Miles Morales (Earth-1610) girlfriends

The love life of Miles Morales is nowhere near Peter Parker’s, particularly since he’s been trying to wrap his head around his powers.

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Miles Morales has developed a romantic relationship in some cases, although the relationships mentioned below occur in alternate realities.

1. Katherine Bishop

katherine bishop

Katherine Bishop made her very first appearance in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Volume 2) #12. Katherine “Katie” Bishop from Earth-1610 is an alternate version of the character, and she is seen as Miles Morales’ girlfriend a year after his mother was killed by Venom.

2. Gwendolyne Stacy (Earth-8)

Gwendolyne Stacy

While many fans anticipate a budding romance, Gwendolyne Stacy of Earth-65 has not started a romantic relationship with Miles Morales as of yet. It’s unknown if Gwen and Miles will get together, especially considering that some fans believe Gwen could be transgender in the Spider-Verse saga.


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However, the two heroes did manage to form a happy life together on a different timeline. The romantic connection between Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 and Miles Morales was confirmed in the “Sitting in a Tree” storyline after the two discovered an alternate reality (Earth-8) where they were happily married with children.

Miguel O’Hara (Earth-928) girlfriends

Miguel O’Hara from Earth-928 has gained far more attention since the release of the Spider-Verse saga. He takes the role of Spider-Man 2099 in the future in his timeline and universe, and Miguel O’Hara met the original Peter Parker during a time-traveling adventure where they fought the Hobgoblin of 2211 A.D.

miguel 2

He does not have an active love life, but he has a history of complex relationships, all of which have ended under some unfortunate circumstances. The details surrounding all of Miguel O’Hara’s romantic relationships have been detailed below.


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1. Xina Kwan

xina kwan

Xina Kwan was a close friend of Miguel O’Hara when they were children, and they shared many common traits. They began dating and developed a loving relationship into their adult years, although it would come to an end when Miguel O’Hara developed another relationship behind Xina’s back.

2. Dana D’Angelo

Dana DAngelo

Dana D’Angelo was initially introduced as the girlfriend of Miguel O’Hara’s younger brother, Gabriel O’Hara. However, Dana D’Angelo and Miguel O’Hara began a secret romantic relationship – also while he was still in a relationship with Xina.

While their relationship certainly had an unfavorable start, the two did seem to genuinely fall in love after they both officially left their previous partners for each other. Miguel O’Hara eventually proposed to Dana D’Angelo, and they got engaged for a while, but Miguel broke up with her following the revelation of his parentage.


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Soon after their breakup, Dana D’Angelo (unsurprisingly) started a relationship with a new man named Tyler Stone, Miguel’s boss and, coincidentally, his biological father. Although Miguel O’Hara has to be held accountable for what happened, the entire situation was still quite unfortunate considering the great relationship that he had with Xina to begin with.

That’s everything there is to know about all of Spider-Man’s girlfriends in chronological order. It’s safe to say that Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes in terms of attracting romantic affection, with the main universe’s Peter Parker going on far more dates than many fans anticipated.

What do you think about how many girlfriends Spider-Man has had over the years? Let us know in the comments below!

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