How Powerful Is Supergirl? All Powers & Abilities Explained


Supergirl is among the most powerful female superheroes in the DC Comics universe, but despite that, she always seems to be in the shadow of her more famous cousin. Still, she is a force to be reckoned with and capable of standing up to some of the most powerful villains in comics in general. Today, we’re not going to compare Supergirl to Superman. Instead, we’re going to focus solely on her powers and abilities and analyze them in a bit more detail. Let’s see how powerful Supergirl is exactly.

Supergirl is extremely powerful due to the fact that she can absorb and utilize yellow sun radiation that supercharges her like a battery. Due to that, Supergirl possesses the same potential as any other Kryptonian and has access to a vast array of powers such as heat vision, super-breath, energy projection, force field creation, and, surprisingly, even sound manipulation. Every aspect of Supergirl’s physiology is likewise massively enhanced, giving her access to nearly unlimited strength, durability, speed, and stamina. 

Now that we’ve given you a shortened version of what Supergirl can do join us as we explore it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Kara’s Kryptonian physiology unlocks godlike powers

All Kryptonians have more or less the same potential while on Earth; why? Because yellow sun radiation supercharges them. And not only does it make them practically invulnerable and infinitely stronger than an average human being, but it also gives them the ability to store the sun’s energy and manipulate it later. This means that even if Kara is not exposed to the yellow sun, she won’t lose her powers until she exhausts the previously stored energy. Pretty neat system. 


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Supergirl has the ability to project her stored energy through massive energy blasts. She can also create protective force fields that keep her shielded to some extent, not that she needs any more protection; she is practically immortal already (likewise due to the yellow sun).

Due to the massive capacity of her lungs, Supergirl can create hurricane winds and expel them at devastating speeds, freezing the air in the process.

She can also manipulate sound, although the extent of this power is unknown.

Supergirl has several types of vision 

One of the most iconic powers that Kryptonians have is their heat vision, the ability that allows them to unleash devastating beams of intense heat, burning everything in their way, but this is not the only type of “vision” the Supergirl has.

Supergirl has an extraordinary range of visual abilities, and she can perceive the world in a way unimaginable to regular humans. She can tap into the electromagnetic spectrum by seeing radio and television signals. Due to her ability to tap into electromagnetic energy, she can also perceive human “auras,” which serve as a unique marker for each human. 

Supergirl can observe insanely distant objects with her telescopic vision, although the extent of her telescopic vision is unknown and not understood fully. Her X-ray vision can penetrate everything except for lead, providing her with a unique insight into the inner workings of just about anything. And lastly, Supergirl has microscopic and infrared vision, granting her insight into a world on an atomic scale, even in complete darkness. 

Supergirl’s senses are incredibly enhanced compared to regular humans, including her intellect. This is due to her advanced brain structure that all Kryptonians seem to share, which is, in fact, what allowed them to build one of the most advanced civilizations out there. 

Supergirl is likely to win every physical contest she enters 

So far, we’ve only focused on Kara’s extraordinary abilities, and yes, those are pretty iconic and enough to deal with the majority of villains in the DC Universe, but even in the physical sense, Supergirl is a powerhouse. 

Once again, she can thank her Kryptonian heritage for this, as her bodily tissues and muscles are far stronger, more durable, and denser than those of an average human. 

Supergirl can lift around one million tons, although the extent of her strength is not completely understood, and it’s possible that she can surpass this number. One thing more impressive than her strength is her stamina, which is seemingly endless as long as she has access to yellow solar radiation. Even if she doesn’t, she can use her stored reserves and continue fighting for far longer than your average human without ever feeling the effects of fatigue. 

It’s unknown whether fatigue would affect her the same way as it would humans. 

Supergirl can also fly, but this has nothing to do with her physiology, as this ability is related to the fact that she can manipulate graviton particles and, seemingly, warp gravity around her. Still, her speeds are impressive.

She can reach the speed of light in outer space, and on Earth, she can easily outrun a bullet. Due to her insane speed, Kara is often compared to Flash, but she will never be able to outrun him because the source of her speed is not the Speed Force. This is also why Superman will never be faster than Flash as well.

Supergirl is impossible to kill and functionally immortal 

As long as Kara is on Earth, or near any yellow sun for that matter, she will never age and will forever stay in her prime. It’s clear that we cannot “outlast” Supergirl, but we also can’t hurt her, at least not in any obvious way. Her Kryptonian body is immune to most forms of conventional damage, including weapons and explosions of most types. She is immune to most human ailments and can resist any poison or toxin. 

The most notable exceptions to this rule are Kryptonite and magic.


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As you can see, Supergirl is pretty powerful, extremely strong, and nearly indestructible, and this is what rightfully gave her the nickname “Girl of Steel.” 

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