Supergirl vs. Darkseid: Would Kara Be Able to Beat the Ruler of Apokolips? 

Darkseid vs Supergirl who would win in a fight

Darkseid is counted among the most powerful characters in the DC comics universe. He is a New God boasting extremely vast reserves of destructive powers; we know that he has clashed with Superman for as long as he has existed, but how would he fare against another member of the Superman family, namely, Kara-Zor-El, Supergirl? Despite being less iconic than her cousin, she can certainly hold her ground in terms of her powers and abilities, and due to this, we decided to explore how she would fare in a battle against the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips. When it comes to a battle between Supergirl and Darkseid, who is more powerful, and who would win? 

Darkseid is more powerful than Supergirl and would win in a fight against her. The New God Darkseid has insane destructive energy output, and considering that he is capable of destroying entire planets, he wouldn’t struggle against an average Kryptonian. Darkseid was able to put down the combined attack of Justice League members; he wouldn’t struggle that much against Supergirl, even if she is among the most powerful characters in the DC comics. 

Now that we’ve covered that the chances of Kara winning against Darkseid are slim, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to analyze the powers and abilities of both characters until you can see for yourself how we reached our conclusion. For more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Darkseid’s current New God physiology destroys all incarnations before it. His Omega Effect that follows him as a dangerous aura allows him to fire beams from his eyes capable of cutting through almost anything. He can completely disintegrate matter on a molecular level by utilizing omega beams. Darkseid can manipulate darkness and use it as a form of energy to carry out powerful attacks such as Erosion Blasts. Additionally, he can control gravity and time, absorb other forms of energy, alter his size, and summon the Black Racer entity when necessary.

Darkseid hurts Superman with Omega Beams

By utilizing his destructive powers, Darkseid was able to kill Quintessence, a group of the highest order of beings within the Multiverse. With Omega-Beams, Darkseid can melt entire planets apart and even mess with the fabric of space-time as it is possible to transport people through dimensions with them. 

Supergirl, like the rest of the Kryptonians, has the ability to utilize the yellow solar radiation that powers her vast array of abilities. Supergirl is capable of more or less the same things as her cousin, with several notable additions. She can employ heat vision and super-breath, and she can project her absorbed solar energy for a variety of destructive purposes.

Supergirl red blast

Kara is likewise capable of producing powerful force fields around her, but the extent to which it would be able to protect her from Darkseid’s attacks is unknown.  

Supergirl’s powers are impressive, and she would certainly be able to hold her ground against the majority of DC characters. However, she wouldn’t be able to counter Darkseid’s pure destructive might. The point goes to the Evil God. 

Points: Darkseid (1:0) Supergirl 


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Strength and Stamina 

Darkseid has no strength limits, especially when he is enhanced. His New God physiology allows him to lift at least 100 tons while he is not enhanced by his vast powers. While he is enhanced? Who knows? He was known to lift two billion tons in some instances. When you have as many abilities at your disposal, you rarely care to engage your enemies in a physical manner. In terms of stamina, Darkseid has plenty of it. He once fought Hightfather Izaya for a week, exerting himself at full might. It’s generally considered that he has unlimited stamina. 

Darkseid vs Izaya

Supergirl, like her cousin, has access to virtually unlimited strength and stamina. Kryptonians are really good at converting yellow sun radiation into energy, and due to that, they can move mountains literally with little to no rest needed. Supergirl, according to some sources, can lift at least a million tons. She likewise has access to virtually unlimited stamina and can keep fighting as long as it’s needed.  

Supergirl punches superman

Supergirl is stronger, but Darkseid is stronger; the point goes to him. 

Points: Darkseid (2:0) Supergirl 


Darkseid easily traverses vast cosmic distances in short amounts of time, and it is a general understanding that he can move faster than light. His combat speed is likewise impressive as he is known to be able to keep up and even match the speeds of the fastest combatants in the DC comics universe, such as Superman and Wonder Woman. Besides his extremely fast movement speed, Darkseid has plenty of means and technology at his disposal to cleverly utilize teleportation, and he can also fly. 

Darkseid flying to the edge of the universe in moments

Supergirl can reach speeds faster than light in outer space, and on Earth, she can “outrun” a bullet. She has insane speeds and is often compared to Flash, who has the ability to tap into the Speed Force. Supergirl is likewise extremely fast while fighting as well as she has fast reflexes and reaction times. She can measure up among the fastest combatants in the DC universe. 

Supergirl speed

Considering that both Darkseid and Supergirl are capable of reaching mind-blowing speeds, we’re going to call this one a draw. 

Points: Darkseid (3:1) Supergirl 


Darkseid is immortal and virtually indestructible. He survived the destruction of whole planets basically unharmed. He is immune to damage generated by most forms of energy and can survive even if terrible injuries are inflicted upon him. Even though Darkseid can be killed and has been killed before, his essence is just too powerful to be contained by Death, and he will always find a way to return. 

Darkseid takes a blast from heat vision

Supergirl is technically immortal, but as long as she stays exposed to yellow sun radiation, she will remain in her prime and not age a day. However, her youthful looks won’t help her in the fight against Darkseid, but her Kryptonian physiology will. Kara is capable of withstanding extreme damage due to her dense tissues. She is immune to most conventional forms of damage, and it is really difficult to injure her to the point that she can’t fight or move. But, and there’s a big but coming, like most Kryptonians, she also has a weakness to Kryptonite and magic

supergirl tanks blasts

With everything said, Supergirl might be as tough as steel, but due to her significant weaknesses, especially her weakness to magic, the point goes to Darkseid.


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Points: Darkseid (4:1) Supergirl 


Darkseid is often regarded to be among the smartest characters in comics in general, and he has vast resources and technologies at his disposal. This is just one of many reasons because of which he is difficult to deal with. His careful planning and strategizing allowed him to defeat some of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. 

Supergirl can also be considered a genius on a physical level. Her brain structure is more advanced than a regular human being, which means that she analyses and processes information much faster than humans. She can’t, however, measure up against Darkseid, whose whole identity revolves around the fact that he plans and schemes all the time. 

Combat Skills 

Darkseid rarely has to utilize his combat skills since he can blow up most enemies with his Omega Beams, but when he does utilize them, you would be surprised that he is among the most capable and deadly fighters in the DC universe. Historically, Darkseid used his combat skills to take down entire planets and some of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. 

Darkseid floors superman

Kara is quite proficient in several hand-to-hand combat forms. It’s due to the training that she underwent while back on Krypton. She is also skilled in Kryptonian fighting styles and quite a capable swordsman. However, she is nowhere near the rest of the Justice League regarding combat skills, and they struggle against Darkseid. She also lacks eons of experience that Darkseid has. 

Kara combat training on krypton

Points: Darkseid (5:1) Supergirl 

Supergirl vs. Darkseid: Who would win? 

Darkseid is stronger and more powerful than Supergirl, and he wouldn’t exactly struggle against her. He is physically more imposing, more durable, smarter, and better combatant, and he has vast powers and abilities at his disposal that Kara wouldn’t be able to counter.


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Besides, Superman struggles against Darkseid alone, and he is generally considered to be the more powerful between the two cousins. All in all, Darkseid would deal with Supergirl even though it would be a tougher battle than you would have expected. 

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