How Strong Is She-Hulk? Compared to Hulk, Thor, & The Thing

How Strong Is She-Hulk Compared to Other Strong Characters

She-Hulk first came into prominence in 1980, when Marvel decided to create their version of Hulk to gain the rights over her character. However, over the years, Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters, became popular in Marvel Comics by featuring in major events and becoming a member of the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Jennifer Walters is also an exceptional lawyer who helps the ones in need, but as She-Hulk, she is also a really powerful superhero. So, how strong is She-Hulk exactly?

She-Hulk can lift up to 100 tons, but since she has similar powers as her cousin Hulk, Jen can most likely lift even more weight. This is emphasized by her loss of control when she can multiply her strength as Savage She-Hulk and Grey She-Hulk. A powerful superhero is in the same realm as Juggernaut and Thor, with the potential to go even further, depending on the incarnation and emotional stability.

She-Hulk is similar to Hulk in many ways, and with the recent gamma-ray manipulation ability she gained during her tenure with Celestials, She-Hulk got even stronger than before. We will compare her power with other really strong characters, so if you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

How much can She-Hulk lift?

Jennifer Walters is a cousin of the famous scientist Bruce Banner, also known as Hulk. She got her powers after being shot by the mobster Nicholas Trask, who almost killed her on the spot; however, after the intervention of her cousin Bruce Banner who saved her life by blood transfusion, which was altered by the gamma radiation.

This leads to Jen mutating into She-Hulk, a powerful green being slightly different from Hulk. Since then, Jen has used both of her forms to help the ones in need with her attorney “skills” (mostly fellow superheroes) and become one of the strongest female characters in Marvel Comics.

What does that mean? Well, with her looks and obvious “growth,” She-Hulk gained powers similar to Hulk; however, she proved that she could control her emotions, anger, and transformation much better than her cousin. After becoming She-Hulk, Jen quickly learned the emotional triggers and managed to transform and embrace her new look.


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Despite being more in touch with her emotional state and transformation, She-Hulk can go berserk and destroy anything in her way, at least most things. She-Hulk can lift up to 100 tons, according to ‘Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Handbook,’ however, her strength can go even further if her gamma-ray levels are disturbed. Her incarnations as Savage She-Hulk, Grey She-Hulk, and others, lift much more than her “regular” form, making her dangerous to anyone.

Hence why her strength is still not really known, but we can safely say that She-Hulk might be on par with some of the strongest superheroes, both male and female, in Marvel Comics. Let’s discuss her strength further.

Is She-Hulk stronger than Hulk?

How Strong Is She-Hulk? Compared to Other Strong Characters

This might be the most common comparison in Marvel Universe, especially when discussing the power between two cousins. When it comes to intelligence, Jennifer Walters shares this trait with Bruce Banner, but the esteemed scientist is one of the most brilliant minds in the universe.

Jen’s control of her transformation and mental state is superior to Banner, and she is more skilled in classic combat. However, even She-Hulk cannot defeat Hulk in raw strength. Yes, they have similar powers; they are both mutated by gamma rays, but Hulk’s intense anger and unhinged behavior led him to unimaginable feats that She-Hulk herself was part of, unfortunately on the other side.

When World War Hulk fought against She-Hulk, she held up really well and even drew blood from him, but she was ultimately defeated. The same result happens every time the cousins find themselves on opposite sides – they are pretty close in strength, but Hulk can lift more and is stronger than his cousin.

Is She-Hulk stronger than The Thing?

How Strong Is She-Hulk? Compared to Other Strong Characters

The Thing is also a really powerful superhero who can lift up to 100 tons, as is featured in Marvel Comics multiple times. The member of the Fantastic Four is shown to regularly save innocents from the rubbles and dangerous debris during major city fights, but also in his gym, where he tests his limits by lifting tons and tons of heavy weights.


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However, in one comic book story, She-Hulk is seen lifting up to 85 tons of Thing’s most heavyweights in her normal state with one arm. This is an exceptional feat, confirming that she is indeed stronger than the Thing and will most likely overshadow him in weight-lifting competition. Frankly, this panel shows that Ben Grimm already knows he is defeated.

Is She-Hulk stronger than Thor?

How Strong Is She-Hulk? Compared to Other Strong Characters

This is an interesting one since Thor is an Asgardian God of Thunder, and knowing god-like creatures in Marvel Comics, their powers are insane. Thor will most likely overwhelm She-Hulk with his various abilities, but as her cousin, her strength is incalculable. She is marked as level 7 in the strength aspect, but as we already explained, She-Hulk’s powers also scale when her emotional stale and disruption of gamma rays occur.

Strictly in physical aspects, She-Hulk can lift more than the Son of Odin, despite him having powers and thunder on his side. She’s shown her durability being superior to Thor’s in the comics when she withstands the freezing cold temperatures and ultimately saves him with her body heat (ahem, the kiss), but her raw strength has more potential than the God of Thunder. Thor can lift up to 100 tons, potentially more, but She-Hulk’s physiology, gamma rays, and sometimes unstable emotional state propel her strength even further, just before her cousin, the Hulk.

It is safe to say that She-Hulk’s powers scale from one writer to another, but one consistent thing about her makes her extremely powerful – her strength that lifted meteors and the insane amount of weight that made The Thing scratch his head in confusion and awe.

What are your thoughts about She-Hulk and her strength? Let us know in the comments below!

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