‘Loki’: Here’s What the Throughput Multiplier Is Used for & How It’s Connected to Temporal Loom

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One interesting aspect of the ‘Loki’ series is its ability to introduce unique concepts, such as the Temporal Loom. In episode 3 of season 2, a new concept, the Throughput Multiplier, designed by Victor Timely, took center stage as a crucial solution for the TVA’s issues. So, what exactly is the Throughput Multiplier, and how does it contribute to fixing the Temporal Loom?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Throughput Multiplier is Timely’s invention set to fix the problems related to Temporal Loom
  • Throughput Multiplier is likely able to manage the energy that is created when several timelines are merged and formed into Temporal Loom, and it decreases the chance of Loom overloading.

Why does Temporal Loom need fixing?

In the first episode of season 2, Loki and Mobius set out to address a significant problem during the season’s events. With the help of Ouroboros (OB), they discovered that the Temporal Loom, the foundation of the TVA responsible for converting raw time into a timeline, was overloaded due to multiple branches emerging from the Sacred Timeline.

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It became evident that the Temporal Loom required fixing. In episode 1, OB closed the blast doors to protect the TVA from the energy overload. However, in episode 2, OB had to open the blast doors to attempt a fix. The challenge was that the Temporal Aura of He Who Remains was necessary for this task, but He Who Remains had already been killed.


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OB explained that the Temporal Loom was originally designed only to manage the Sacred Timeline, not to weave together different timelines. This overload occurred because it couldn’t handle the energy from the various timelines branching off the Sacred Timeline. If the Temporal Loom were to completely overload and destroy the TVA, the fate of the Sacred Timeline and other timelines in the MCU would be uncertain.

Loki and Mobius went to 1893 to look into a solution

This urgency led Loki and Mobius to 1893, believing that finding Ravonna Renslayer could provide a solution. Victor Timely, a variant of Kang or He Who Remains, presented a prototype of his Temporal Loom, revealing that Loki and Mobius needed to bring him back to the TVA to fix their Temporal Loom problems.

In 1893, at the World’s Fair in Chicago, Loki and Mobius found Victor Timely showcasing his inventions. He presented a small Temporal Loom prototype, explaining its capability to transform raw time into energy that could power the world on a larger scale.

A scramble ensued for Timely’s attention from investors and key characters, including Loki, Ravonna, and Sylvie. Loki and Mobius wanted him to fix the Temporal Loom. Ravonna sought him as He Who Remains, while Sylvie aimed to prevent his ascent.

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Ravonna and Miss Minutes succeeded in convincing Timely. Before returning to the TVA, they accompanied him to his lab on a boat to retrieve his life’s work. Timely and Renslayer shared a moment on the boat, discussing how the TVA guidebook had shaped Timely’s path as a genius inventor. It was revealed that Renslayer had left the guidebook in his home years ago, guiding him to his destiny. Timely showed Renslayer a drawing of his greatest discovery, the Throughput Multiplier, a device he believed could fix the Temporal Loom.

How can Throughput Multiplier help with Temporal Loom?

The Throughput Multiplier theoretically offers a solution to the TVA’s Temporal Loom problem by managing the energy from different timelines more efficiently. Timely may have designed it to address issues with his Temporal Loom prototype, acknowledging the imperfections in his invention. What Ravonna saw was just a drawing, and it’s uncertain if a working version had been created.


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It’s likely that the smaller Throughput Multiplier model seen in Timely’s lab was the same one taken to the TVA at the episode’s end. While small, Timely’s design could potentially be used to create a larger, functional version, given the advanced technology of the TVA.

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