Is Talos a Good Skrull? Comics vs. MCU

Is Talos a Good Skrull Comics vs. MCU
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The first episode of ‘Secret Invasion’ has been released, and so far, we’re hooked. Skrulls are now in a more prominent role in the MCU, considering that a significant portion of this alien race is cooking up a takeover of Earth. Talos, known in the comics as Talos the Untamed, has been at the center of the relationship between Skrulls and humans ever since he was introduced in ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, but where do his true alliances lie? This is what we’re going to set out to explore today as we bring you the answer to the most puzzling question so far, is Talos a good guy in the MCU & what about the comics?

In the comics, Talos the Untamed has been presented in a more villainous light due to being one of the most powerful and infamous warlords that the Skrull race has ever seen. In the MCU, however, Talos has been introduced as a rational man that has his people’s best interest in mind. He is capable of doing a lot of things to secure a planet for his people, but he draws the line when it comes to violence against innocents which is what makes him a good guy in the MCU.

Now that we’ve briefly explained whether Talos is good or bad, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more regarding his MCU & comics history, stay with us and keep reading!

Talos the Untamed was introduced in the comics as ruthless warlord

As far as Skrulls go in the Marvel comics, they are featured in some of the biggest and greatest storylines. The first example is the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline, on which the series under the same name is loosely based on.

Skrulls have more often than not been featured as the bad guys, and one of the most notable Skrulls in the comics is Talos the Untamed.

Talos was born as Skrull, but unlike the rest of his species, he lacked the necessary genetic predisposition for shapeshifting, and we know that shapeshifting is one of Skrull’s most powerful weapons.

Talos the Untamed in the comics

Due to a birth defect that caused this rather glaring weakness, Talos has undergone cybernetic enhancements and has gained access to strength, speed, and durability far higher than the rest of his species. He is thus considered to be a cyborg as well as a Skrull.

Due to his implants, Talos managed to climb the military ranks, becoming one of the most accomplished and decorated warlords, serving his government faithfully until the Kree captured him.


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The Kree-Skrull conflict was a war that spanned several millennia, with Skrulls considering Kree to be their most bitter enemy. The official guideline for Skrull soldiers when it comes to enemy capture is to commit suicide to avoid being tortured for information. Talos refused to commit suicide, and due to that, he became hated and ridiculed by his own species, gaining the nickname “Talos the Tamed.”

Skrulls Empress, after Talos has returned, offered him the chance to redeem himself and commit suicide, but Talos once again refused, wanting to instead fall in battle under his own terms.

Talos managed to beat Hulk and return to his former glory

Following his ridicule, Talos was all but exiled, but the opportunity to ascend back to his former status presented itself by pure chance. Talos found himself attending Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler’s wedding in Las Vegas.

He was yet another extra-terrestrial guest at the celebration, and as soon as the Kree spotted him, insults came as well. Talos wanted to make a scene but was stopped by Silver Surfer. Then he attempted suicide from the roof of the hotel where he was staying but failed due to his superhuman strength and durability.

Talos the untamed attempting suicide

Hulk came across Talos, who claimed that he was merely testing the Earth’s Gravity, but he recognized Hulk and noticed an opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of his people. If only Talos could defeat Hulk in fair combat, he would prove to the rest of the Skrull that he is warrior enough.

Talos challening hulk to a fight

Meanwhile, the Skrulls watching the fight from Earth’s orbit, cheered for Hulk to absolutely demolish Talos. Talos eventually told Hulk how he plans to use him to regain his former glory. He has beaten the Jade Giant in combat, with the Hulk going as far as to beg for mercy.

Hulk begs Talos for mercy

Skrulls watching the events unfold were quick to respect Talos once again following his victory over the “strongest mortal on Earth.”

MCU Talos is patient and tries to avoid violence as much as possible

Significant differences were introduced when it comes to the MCU’s version of the character. Talos has been presented as one of the Skrull generals, leading the losing war against the Kree invasion, which left their home planet Skrullos completely annihilated.

Talos in the MCU

Eventually, Talos makes a peaceful alliance with Captain Marvel and Fury, with the two of them promising a safe refuge for Skrulls on Earth until a suitable planet for Skrulls to inhabit has been found.

Talos does not suffer from a genetic mutation that renders him unable to shapeshift. He demonstrates his ability to take any form possible when he impersonates both Agent Keller and Nick Fury himself during ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home.’

As far as his personality goes, Talos is an honorable Skrull and considers violence the last resort, instead preferring to rely on words and diplomacy when it comes to warfare issues. He is willing to forgive, as was the case when he convinced Fury and Danvers that Skrulls weren’t the bad guys in the Kree-Skrull war. He was also quick to admit his mistakes and forge a long-lasting alliance with humans.


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Even when Fury disappeared from the face of the Earth following the blip, Talos was still loyal to Fury and hopeful that he would make good on his promise, which led to Skrull council ousting him as the representative and instead focusing on Gravik, the leader of radical Skrull faction that wants to take over Earth.

Talos lost a lot because of his alliance and faith in Nick Fury, primarily his wife Soren and daughter G’iah that turned sides and joined the enemy camp.

talos and fury

Talos is definitely one of the good Skrulls in the MCU, although the upcoming episodes will most certainly test the limits of loyalty and character.

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