Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’: Who Is Talos’ Wife Soren & How Did She Die?

Marvels Secret Invasion Who Is Talos Wife Soren How Did She Die

Secret Invasion‘ recently premiered, and we’re excited to see how the conflict between humans are this shapeshifting race will turn out. Even though the majority of the Skrulls in the series are currently evil, two Skrulls were always considered to be the best of what their race has to offer. We’re, of course, talking about Talos & his wife, Soren. And even though Talos is set to play a major role in ‘Secret Invasion,’ in the first episode, we’ve learned that Soren is dead. Due to that, let’s see what happened to her.

Soren was one of the Skrull refugees that Captain Marvel saved after Mar-Vell’s laboratory was infiltrated while stationed above Earth. After the events of ‘Captain Marvel,’ Soren and Talos impersonated (upon their request) Nick Fury and Maria Hill and collaborated with Spider-Man & Mysterio before Mysterio turned out to be a villain. Soren was revealed to be dead in the first episode of ‘Secret Invasion,’ following Talos’ conflict with the Skrull Rebel group. It is implied that Gravik was the one who killed her.

Now that we’ve covered, in short, who Soren is and what happened to her, it’s time to explain it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Soren was Skrull refugee living on Earth

During the events of ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, we’ve been introduced to a conflict between Skrull and Kree. This thousand-year war led to the complete annihilation of Skrull homeworld ‘Skrullos.’ A tiny fraction of Skrulls managed to gain safe haven in the laboratory of Kree scientist who defected from the cruel Kree regime, Mar-Vell.

Mar-Vell worked tirelessly to save as many Skrulls as possible, and Soren, including her daughter G’iah spent six years in the laboratory in orbit near Earth.

Soren and Giah

Kree eventually managed to infiltrate Mar-Vell’s laboratory, which led to a deadly clash between unarmed Skrull civilians and Kree forces. If it weren’t for the intervention of Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, and Talos, Soren’s husband, all of them would die.

Soren was with the rest of the refugees saved and brought to Earth, where Fury made a promise to the survivors that he would find them a new planet to live on.


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Soren, like her husband, trusted in Fury’s promise

Soren soon settled on Earth with her husband Talos. The two, at one point, impersonated Nick Fury and Maria Hill during the events of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home.’ We know that Soren was quite optimistic when it came to Skrull future, believing that they could thrive anywhere. During the first episode of the ‘Secret Invasion,’ we saw that she brought some seeds from Skrullos to Earth and managed to grow a plant called Skrull Sky Planet which reminded her of home.

Skrull Sky Plant Secret Invasion

Soren and Talos had one child, G’iah, who was still a little girl during the events of ‘Captain Marvel.’

Soren was killed by Skrull rebel forces

In the first episode of ‘Secret Invasion,’ Fury and Talos were once again reunited on Earth, following the rising conflict between Skrulls and humans. Talos revealed that after Fury left Earth to take command of S.A.B.E.R., things changed in the Skrull community, and he was kicked out of the Skrull council because he still believed that Fury would make good on his promise.

Talos explained that he was replaced by Gravik, who radicalized Skrulls and motivated them to take the Earth and its resources for themselves. There’s no need to wait for Fury to deliver them a planet. They can simply take over Earth.

We’ve also learned that Soren died in the conflict, and G’iah, Talos’ daughter, was missing.

G’iah eventually resurfaced during the course of the episode, and it was revealed that she sided with Gravik and was currently one of his operatives stationed at New Skrullos. When G’iah arrived in Moscow to deliver payment for the dirty bombs and pick up the bombs themselves, she was ambushed by Talos.

At first, G’iah was angry and seemingly resentful toward both her mother and her father until Talos revealed to her that Soren was dead and killed by “the people she is now siding with.”

Giah secret invasion

It was indirectly confirmed that Gravik was the person behind Soren’s murder, although the means and how exactly it happened remained unrevealed. This is most likely something that ‘Secret Invasion’ will be dealing with in the future. What we do know is that Talos’ revelation managed to get some sense in G’iah, and ultimately she decided to help Talos’ and Fury’s cause, or at least it seemed like she did.

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