‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 1 ‘Resurrection’: Recap & Ending Explained

Secret Invasion Episode 1 ResurrectionRecap Ending

Welcome to the ending explained for episode 1 of ‘Secret Invasion.’ Titled ‘Resurrection,’ the episode is a good intro to the raging conflict between rebel Skrulls and the forces that are aware of it. A recurring theme over the course of the episode was Nick Fury’s inability to deal with the danger effectively due to his past trauma and age, something that Maria Hill was warning him about among other characters, and it eventually resulted in a lot of people getting hurt, including Agent Hill. Rebel Skrulls have declared an all-out war on humanity, and even though Gravik presents himself as the face behind the cause, there is obviously a greater threat behind everything. But before we give everything away, let’s see how the episode played out. 

Nick Fury is summoned back to Earth

The episode starts in Moscow. Agent Everett Ross is having a secret meeting with Agent Prescod that presents to him the idea, a conspiracy theory that all major terrorist incidents are connected to a single source, Skrulls, that have been assimilating themselves quietly among humanity for the past 30 years. Prescord reminds Ross that Fury and Captain Marvel promised Skrulls a new planet, and since planets are, well, difficult to come across, to say the least, Fury failed to deliver on his promise, and Skrulls are getting restless. 

Prescod shows Ross that Skrulls are planning to start an all-out war between Russians and Americans and shows him the plans involving a dirty bomb and terrorist attack. Prescod also urges Ross that Fury should be summoned back to Earth. 

Ross doesn’t seem to take Prescod’s warnings and rants seriously, but he promises to take this information to Fury, who is currently stationed at S.A.B.E.R. 

Prescod eventually figures out that something doesn’t add up and attacks Ross violently, choking him with the nearby wires.

Prescod choking ross

Ross shoots Prescod and escapes with valuable info. On the streets, he is chased by Talos and eventually intercepted by Maria Hill. Ross falls down from a great height leading to lethal injuries. 

Agent Ross as Skrull Secret Invasion

Talos reveals to Hill that Ross was Skrull all this time, as Ross’ corpse assumes his natural shape, that of a Skrull. 

Talos then urges Hill to contact Fury and summons him back to Earth ASAP. 


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Talos reveals that Soren is dead, Gravik is the rebel Skrull, and G’iah is missing 

Fury and Talos are finally reunited. Fury walks in on him, taking care of Skrull Sky Plant. Talos implies that Soren is dead, and Fury is seemingly heartbroken. There are also much bigger problems to deal with, as Gravik has gone missing. He is behind the rebel Skrull organization that aims to plunge humanity into war in an attempt to take over the Earth and claim it for the Skrulls. 

Skrull Sky Plant Secret Invasion

Talos’ daughter G’iah is likewise missing something that shocks Fury as well. Talos also reveals that Gravik is most likely hiding somewhere in Russia at the site of some abandoned nuclear power plant since Skrulls are immune to radiation. Most of those sites are secret, so they don’t have any idea of where to start. 

Talos has been kicked off the Skrull Council, and Gravik monopolized the fact that Fury left them to replace Talos. After analyzing the data recovered from Ross’ corpse, they discover that Gravik plans on utilizing a radical movement called A.A.R. (Americans Against Russia) to stage a terrorist attack and kick off the war. They plan on creating a dirty bomb with the materials recovered from the weapon cache in Kazakhstan. 

Fury is overwhelmed by all this information, and he goes on a walk, despite Hill and Talos suggesting otherwise. 

At the same time, Agent Rhodey reveals to Ritson that both Hill and Fury are missing from the official surveillance and that Fury is most likely back on Earth.

Sonya Falsworth lost faith in Fury and doesn’t believe that he can deal with whats coming

During his walk, Fury is kidnapped by goons sent by Special Agetn Sonya Falsworth, as he expected. He is brought to her lavish apartment as she questions him regarding the upcoming Skrull crisis. Fury uses a moment of distraction to plant a surveillance device onto the owl figurine. Fury asks Sonya what is in the warehouse in Kazakhstan, but Sonya answers that if he doesn’t know by now, he is not ready to take on this operation. 

Sonya Fallsworth Secret Invasion

She also comments that Fury has changed and is too emotionally scarred and old to take on this task. 

Skrull rebels have founded a settlement called New Skrullos 

Three hundred and twelve kilometers southwest of Moscow at the abandoned nuclear site, Gravik, G’iah, and the rest of the Skrull rebels have founded their own small commune that gathers displaced Skrulls. The settlement is called New Skrullos and serves as a center of operations for the upcoming war. 

Skrulls grow their own food there, native to their homeworld.

Beto eating Skrull produce Secret Invasion

A young Skrull under the name Beto approaches G’iah, and she immediately recruits him for the cause. She gives him a tour of the complex, including the fracking pods where the victims of Skrull identity theft are being kept while Skrulls assume their identities.

Shadowy Figure Secret Invasion

Even though Gravik was supposed to be in charge of the operation, a shadowy figure can be seen overseeing the whole thing from above. 


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G’iah is sent to retrieve the dirty bomb 

The surveillance that Fury planted in Sonya’s apartment turned out to be useful as Fury, Hill, and Talos got possible clues on who could provide the Skrull rebels with the bomb. The best lead they have is Vasily Poprishchin, who owns a high-end art gallery but is actually a former Chechnyan rebel who now works for the Skrulls. 

Poprishchin secret invasion

At the same time, back at New Skrullos, G’iah is tasked with retrieving the bomb from Poprishchin. She is given money and directions on what to do. G’iah manages to reach Poprishchin first and gives him the money, she escapes with the bombs, but not before Maria Hill notices her and starts shadowing him.

gah bomb money Secret Invasion

Fury and Talos eventually reach Poprishchin, who plays dumb and coy with them. Fury gives him two chances, to tell the truth, but Poprishchin decides to lie, which leads to an all-out conflict between him and Talos. After Poprishchin is killed by Fury, he is revealed to be Skrull himself. 

Poprishchin dead secret invasion

At the same time, Maria is shadowing G’iah and follows her to a metro system, where the two engage in a brief fight, during which Hill is overpowered. Luckily Talos arrives to help and discovers that Hill has been fighting with his own daughter, G’iah. 

Talos tries to talk G’iah out of delivering the bombs, but there is too much anger bubbling under the surface. Talos eventually reveals to G’iah that Soren, her mother is dead, and the Skrull rebels are in some way directly responsible for it. G’iah was unaware of her mother’s death, and even though she still escapes from Talos aiming to deliver the bombs, her trust in the cause is shaken. 

Hill reveals to Fury that she doesn’t trust him as she used to 

Following the whole affair with the dirty bomb, Hill and Fury are in a bar, and Fury comments that he managed to stop the Cold War from “turning hot” by mixing with the locals and buying their favors. Hill is skeptical about this and is in no mood to entertain Fury’s notion of living on old glory. 

Fury and Hill playing chess

Hill comments on how Fury is not ready for what’s coming, that the snap changed him, and that he is nowhere near the top of his abilities. The old Fury that she used to know before he went no contact for several years was always three steps ahead, and this new Fury is not, which is something that will lead to a lot of people eventually getting hurt. 

G’iah sides with Talos, but it’s too late 

Back at New Skrullos G’iah delivers the bombs, but she says that she was approached by a stranger and maybe they should postpone the operation. Pagon refuses and explains that they were given good bait. Later that same day, G’iah meets her father, Talos, and explains that the bombing will happen at the celebration of Union Day.

Giah secret invasion

She will mark the bags with bombs with infrared coloring so they know which bags to target. Three Skrulls will carry three bombs, and all target points will be near Vossoyedineniye Square during the Reunion day.  

Talos thanks her and tells her that her mother would be proud. 


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Is Agent Maria Hill dead? 

Reunion Day has come, and the celebration is in full motion as Fury, Hill, and Talos canvass the area filled with people in order to identify the bombs. Talos tells Fury that bombs will be marked with infrared spray. Fury gets visuals on the bombs, and they start tracking them. Fury is in the meantime, distracted by a girl with a rainbow ball who is obviously a Skrull.

Girl with rainbow ball secret invasion

As G’iah mentioned, they have at least a hundred operatives in the field. 

Fury walks around the square and notices that too many people are noticing him. Most likely, all of them are Skrulls which means that the Secret Invasion has indeed taken place while no one noticed.

One of the agents throws his backpack at Hill, and she catches it but discovers that the bags are decoys. Gravik enters the scene and detonates the bombs, creating chaos all around as hundreds of people are either dead or heavily injured.

Gravik blows up the place

Fury goes to face Gravik, but Gravik escapes. Somehow Gravik finds himself near Maria Hill and shoots her in the stomach while being shapeshifted into Nick Fury.

Gravik Nick Fury Shooting Maria Hill

The real Nick Fury notices that Hill is on the ground and sees that she has been shot in the vital area. Hill comments, “it was you,” but Fury denies knowing that Skrull has taken his place.  

Fury holds Maria as she dies while Gravik escapes. He is seemingly reminded of one of their last conversations, where she told him that someone was going to get hurt. 

Maria Hill dead

To see how things will play out, we’ll have to wait for the next Wednesday when ‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 2 is released. 

Who do you think is the girl with the rainbow ball and shadowy figure in New Skrullos? Let us know in the comments below!

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