James Gunn Wants Guardians of the Galaxy to Continue Its Run with Current Members


‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ concluded the trilogy with the release of Vol. 3, and it was an extremely emotional movie. First and foremost, it was Gunn’s last MCU movie after he was fired due to some old Tweets that got uncovered and before he took over the newly revamped DCU. Second, as we could see over the course of the movie, half of the core members of Guardians decided to part ways and pursue other things in the Universe. 

With Gamora returning to Ravagers, Quill returning to Earth, Mantis leaving the team to discover what she really wants, and Nebula and Drax staying on Knowhere to take care of the legion of children they saved from High Evolutionary’s experiments. The core of the Guardians team are known, those are Groot and Rocket, with Rocket serving as the team’s leader, and much of the old cast has been replaced with Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vel, Blurp, and Kraglin. 

Fans have already made their amends with Guardians pretty much being drastically different but still hold onto hope that former Guardians will make an appearance in one way or another in future MCU projects. That hope was shattered by Gunn himself on Instagram. When Gunn was asked by a fan who he would pick to continue his GotG legacy and whether he and Kevin Feige are still on good terms. 

Gunn answered as clearly as possible that he would love for Guardians to continue its run with the current rooster, and he and Feige are on good terms despite what transpired between them when it comes to business. 

Gunn also confirmed that some of the members are definitely not coming back. Bautista and Zoe Saldana have already made it clear that that’s it for them, with Bautista wanting to focus on more “serious” roles


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And while Gamora definitely has a good in-universe explanation for cutting all ties with Guardians, Drax doesn’t really have it.

And there you go, the next time we see Guardians of the Galaxy, we will most likely enjoy the current and rejuvenated rooster with new characters with plenty of stories to tell. 

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