Is Adam Warlock a Guardian of the Galaxy Now?


Mid-credits scene of Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teased Adam Warlock, but his full debut came in the most recent release of the franchise. Even though some fans are disappointed with how he was portrayed, we still hope that MCU has bigger plans for him and his character growth. Adam Warlock started out as a villain in GotG 3 but ultimately ended up a hero by saving Peter Quill, so does that mean that Adam Warlock is a Guardian of the Galaxy now?

Adam Warlock did join Guardians of the Galaxy after the original team disbanded, so he is officially a member now. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Warlock can be seen defending Krylorian townspeople from a stampede of creatures under the leadership of Rocket Raccoon alongside Groot, Kraglin, Cosmo, Phyla and his pet Blurp.

Now that we’ve covered that Adam Warlock is an official member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s time to analyze his journey in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Adam Warlock was created to destroy the Guardians

There are significant differences in Adam Warlock’s origin story compared to the source material. In the MCU, Adam Warlock was created by the high priestess of the Sovereign, Ayesha, with the help of High Evolutionary.

Ayesha wanted to take revenge on the Guardians because they doublecrossed her in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 regarding the theft of Anulax batteries.

Warlock was created by using an advanced Sovereign birth pod. He was designed to be the peak of the Sovereign species, having many powers and abilities otherwise unavailable to the average Sovereign. At some point, High Evolutionary figured out that Rocket Raccoon was with the Guardians, and he decided to utilize Warlock to fetch Rocket and deliver the subject to him, so he could study his brain further.


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Due to that, Adam Warlock was taken from his birth pod too early, which affected his cognitive development and most likely the extent of his powers significantly, as both Ayesha and High Evolutionary can be seen, in several instances, being frustrated with Adam Warlock and his child-like logic and behavior.

Still, he was powerful enough as it was, and he was sent to teach the Guardians a lesson.

Adam Warlock horrifical injured Rocket Raccoon but did not deliver him to High Evolutionary

Adam Warlock proceeded to storm the Knowhere, and he had no trouble locating Rocket Raccoon; he didn’t count on the fact that almost everyone nearby would start fighting him. Nebula, Drax, Mantis, and even Kraglin attacked Warlock with his Yaka arrow; however, he proved to be too much of a challenge with his incredible strength and flight.

Nebula was the only one that managed to hurt him by stabbing him. After experiencing pain, perhaps for the first time, Warlock flew away, seemingly forgetting about the fact that he needed to fetch Rocket Raccoon.
Rocket was left in the care of Guardians in a catastrophic state, barely holding onto his life.

When Warlock returned to Counter-Earth to High Evolutionary and Ayesha, High Evolutionary insulted his entire race and threatened to destroy them just as he created them. Warlock stood up to Evolutionary but was overwhelmed by his mastery over telekinesis, with which he pinned him against the wall and disabled him completely.

Both Ayesha and Adam Warlock were aware that if they didn’t deliver Rocket Raccoon first, the chances were, High Evolutionary will genocide their whole race.

Things started to change when Warlock met Blurp

After Guardians failed to recover the kill switch password from the OrgoCorp, their infiltration became a mess. Master Karja called Ayesha and delivered to her Fitz-Gibbonok, one of the Ravagers who knew where Rocket was currently being held.

Ayesha ordered Warlock to scare Fitz, but instead of “teaching him a lesson,” Warlock incinerated him with his energy-projection powers. Warlock likewise noticed that the Ravager was accompanied by a strange furry creature called Blurp. Warlock took a liking to Blurp despite his mother calling the creature hideous. At the same time, Gamora contacted Fitz through a communication device and willingly gave her location and the location of Rocket unknowingly since she had no way of knowing that Ayesha was on the other side of that conversation.

Adam Warlock decided to bring Blurp with him, hating to leave the creature in the care of his mother.

Warlock almost killed Gamora if it weren’t for Blurp

Warlock managed to infiltrate Bowie, and he saved Gamora from War Pig, but it was at that moment he realized that High Evolutionary was blowing up Counter-Earth.

He rushed to save his mother but ultimately failed to rescue her, and she went down with the building. Warlock was caught up in the explosion, and despite surviving it, it was too much to handle, and he collapsed as soon as he returned to Bowie.

When he woke up, he realized that he was tied with metal, he easily freed himself and planned on how to destroy Gamora, but she was holding Blurp and threatened to kill F’saki if Warlock didn’t back away.

Unwilling to sacrifice the life of his only friend, Warlock calmed down, but Bowie crashed into High Evolutionary’s ship, and Warlock was once again unable to escape. Peter Quill then set the ship to self-destruct with Adam still inside.

Warlock wondered why Groot saved him

The next time Warlock woke up, he was on Knowhere, and he watched as the kinds and animals that High Evolutionary experimented upon were being evacuated from the ship. We find out that Groot was the one who saved Warlock from the imminent destruction of the Planet. Warlock questioned Groot about it, and Groot answered that everybody deserves a second chance.


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When Peter Quill could not return to Knowhere on time, he was stuck in space and began freezing and dying rapidly. Warlock used his flying powers to bring him safely onboard Knowhere. Following the touching moment between the group, Adam awkwardly joined the hug despite being aware that he had caused this whole mess alongside High Evolutionary.

When did Adam Warlock join Guardians of the Galaxy?

We know that the original team disbanded for several reasons. Gamora never officially rejoined the team. She decided to instead join the Ravages. Nebula and Drax decided to stay on Knowhere and care for the rescued children. Mantis decided to follow her dreams and be her boss for a while, and Star-Lord decided to return to Earth.

Rocket and Groot were pretty much the only ones left in the team, well, with Kraglin if you count him from before, which left many vacancies in the team. Warlock joined the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of the movie. He can be seen on a distant planet along with Cosmo, Rocket, Groot, Kraglin, Blurp, and Phyla. They were hired to protect Krylorian townspeople from a creature stampede. While waiting, they discussed their favorite music, including Adam’s admiration for Adrian Belew and King Crimson. Rocket played “Come and Get Your Love.”

It’s no doubt the start of a great adventure. We hope we see a more serious version of Adam Warlock in the upcoming MCU projects since it would be a shame to reduce such an iconic and important character to comic relief.

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