‘Loki’: Here’s How Sylvie Caused the Nexus Event When She Was a Child

What was Sylvies nexus event

The reason various versions of the same character in the Sacred Timeline had to be pruned was due to their tendency to trigger Nexus Events. These events compelled the timeline to deviate from the intended Sacred Timeline, jeopardizing the ascension of He Who Remains. This scenario unfolded in ‘Loki’ when Sylvie, a variant of Loki, was apprehended by the TVA with the intent to prune her, as she posed a threat to create a Nexus Event. The question arises: How did Sylvie manage to instigate a Nexus Event when she was just a child?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The running theory is that Sylvie’s existence was the Nexus Event that she “caused.”
  • Her Nexus event was never revealed, but it’s understood that she was likely arrested due to being a female version of Loki.

The fact that Sylvie existed is what caused the nexus event

In ‘Loki’ Season 1, we witnessed the TVA capturing Loki, a variant resulting from the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Instead of pruning him, the TVA recruited Loki to help with a more pressing issue involving another variant of Loki—Sylvie, a female Loki who had been eluding the TVA since childhood, causing disturbances that forced timeline resets.

Sylvie’s gender set her apart from the predominantly male Loki variants, prompting skepticism about the TVA’s intentions. Unlike other Loki variants who triggered Nexus Events through significant actions, Sylvie’s capture occurred when she was just a child playing innocently with toys.

child sylvie

Speculation arose that Sylvie’s true Nexus Event was her existence and inherently good personality. In a poignant flashback, she played the role of a hero, contrasting with the mischievous tendencies of the standard Loki. Even as a child, Sylvie exhibited kindness, urging help for another variant being apprehended by the TVA.


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Sylvie’s Nexus event was never revealed

Season 1’s encounter between Sylvie and Ravonna Renslayer hinted that Sylvie’s Nexus Event might be her very existence. Playing with her toys, Sylvie imagined her Valkyrie toy saving the day, portraying her innate goodness. Renslayer’s evasive response to Sylvie’s inquiry fueled the belief that Sylvie’s existence itself was a threat.

While Sylvie later became vengeful due to the TVA’s actions, her fundamentally good nature endured. In Season 2, having achieved freedom, she chose a simple life and demonstrated compassion towards a variant of He Who Remains. Sylvie’s sparing of this variant reflected her understanding that character variants could differ in personality and life paths, challenging the TVA’s notion that a nice Loki posed a threat to the Sacred Timeline.

Ultimately, the TVA may have perceived Sylvie’s inherently good nature as a menace to their orchestrated events, fearing deviations that could alter the rise of He Who Remains. Sylvie’s journey highlights the complexities of character variants and their potential to reshape the course of the MCU’s Sacred Timeline.

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