Molecule Man vs. Beyonder: Who Would Win in a Fight?


While Marvel Comics is a world full of incredibly powerful entities that have capabilities that are beyond imagination, there are some that tend to be higher up on the scale due to how powerful and godlike their abilities are. For one, Molecule Man seems to have powers that are nigh-omnipotent. Meanwhile, there is the Beyonder, who is known to be one of the most powerful characters in comic book history. So, in a fight between Molecule Man and Beyonder, who would win?

Beyonder would easily win in a fight against Molecule Man because he outclasses him in every department. While Molecule Man could possibly contend with his ability to manipulate molecules, the Beyonder can warp reality and has attributes that are beyond what Molecule Man possesses.

It is worth mentioning that the creation of Molecule Man is one of the things that the Beyonder was responsible for, and that means that Molecule Man is simply a product of the Beyonder’s powers. This is why Beyonder is stronger than Molecule Man and is one of the strongest beings in the history of comic books.


Molecule Man, unfortunately, doesn’t have any enhanced physical abilities because his powers are limited to molecular manipulation. However, using his powers, he is capable of manipulating matter such that he can lift objects that are incredibly heavy. In the past, he used his powers to lift a mountain as heavy as 150 billion tons. Nevertheless, his ability to lift things is a byproduct of his molecular manipulation instead of his own strength.

As one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel multiverse, the Beyonder has enough strength to match the strongest characters that Marvel has to offer. It is said that his strength is incalculable, and that means that he can lift objects that are so heavy that not even some of the strongest Marvel heroes could match the Beyonder’s strength. While there are no true strength feats for the Beyonder, it is still safe to assume that he is a lot stronger than almost all of the characters in Marvel Comics history.

Molecule Man is strong only due to his ability to manipulate matter. However, the Beyonder is innately strong without having to rely on his powers. That means that the Beyonder is so much stronger than Molecule Man.

Molecule Man 0, Beyonder 1


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Molecule Man may have incredible powers that allow him to manipulate matter at will, but he isn’t really that durable. That means that he can still get hurt when someone gets a good shot at him, although he is pretty much capable of manipulating his own molecule to heal himself. He is also capable of manipulating his molecules to make sure that he can withstand powerful attacks. But he isn’t innately durable, as his powers don’t extend to his physical abilities.

As a being with powers that are almost unlimited and a body that is beyond godlike, the Beyonder is an extremely durable character that has no weaknesses whatsoever. On top of that, he can warp reality to instantly heal himself from injuries. Nevertheless, while he doesn’t have any weaknesses, he can still be weakened, as that was the case when Doctor Doom found a way to trick him into investing his powers into a machine, thereby making him lose most of his powers and durability. Other than that, it is almost impossible to hurt the Beyonder.

Molecule Man, for all intents and purposes, has the physiology of a regular human being, and that means that he is susceptible to damage. On the other hand, the Beyonder is simply beyond conventional standards when it comes to how durable he is.

Molecule Man 0, Beyonder 2


Molecule Man isn’t the most intelligent when it comes to his scientific or tactical intelligence. In fact, he isn’t even intelligent at all because he can’t even understand technology. However, due to his powers, he is capable of probing the entire universe using his power to manipulate molecules. At one point, he was even capable of comprehending just how big the multiverse is as he is actually nigh-omniscient in terms of his ability to understand how the multiverse works.

As a being that exists outside the multiverse, the Beyonder’s intelligence far surpasses any person that lives in the Marvel multiverse, as his intelligence is something that can comprehend things that are beyond the multiverse itself. That means that the Beyonder has knowledge that not even the most intelligent beings in the multiverse could comprehend. And he has the ability to sense things that are happening in the greater multiverse, as it was the presence of Molecule Man that made him understand that something called the Marvel multiverse existed.

We are talking about a man with a level of intelligence and understanding that’s beyond the multiverse. In that regard, the Beyonder is far smarter than Molecule Man.

Molecule Man 0, Beyonder 3


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Powers and Abilities

Molecule Man is, for all intents and purposes, a god in terms of how powerful he is, as he was once regarded as the most powerful entity in the entire multiverse, as even the Living Tribunal respected him. Of course, the Living Tribunal is the representation of The One Above All in the Marvel multiverse. That is, of course, before Molecule Man was retconned. But even after he was retconned, he is so powerful that his control over molecules and reality is pretty much godlike, as he can affect the entire Marvel universe with a single thought and could kill an incredibly powerful being like Galactus with his mind.

The Beyonder, before he was retconned, was the most powerful character in the entire Marvel Comics multiverse, as only The One Above All could surpass his powers. That means that there is no one in Marvel Comics history that could contend with his powers as the Beyonder is capable of manipulating reality and matter as he sees it. On top of that, he can also manipulate energy and tap into the Power Cosmic and the different mystical energies that can be found in the Marvel multiverse.

It was often depicted in the comics that the only character that could actually fight the Beyonder before he was retconned was Molecule Man. But the Beyonder was always stronger than Molecule Man, except for that one time that he was defeated.

Molecule Man 0, Beyonder 4

Fighting Skills

Molecule Man, due to the nature of his powers, doesn’t possess any fighting abilities whatsoever because he is already powerful enough without having to fight in hand-to-hand combat. What use are fighting skills if he could just erase someone from existence with a single thought? As such, Molecule Man never had to develop fighting skills because there was never a real need for him to actually fight. Instead, he could just use his incredibly unfair powers to basically defeat almost anyone in the world of Marvel Comics.


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The Beyonder, despite being an entity that exists beyond the Marvel multiverse, can actually fight. That’s because the truth is that there are a lot of Beyonders that exist beyond the Marvel multiverse, and all of them are “soldiers” in their own right. This means that they had to develop fighting skills that they needed to contend against different entities that they encountered whenever they traveled from one dimension to another. The same case applies to the Beyonder, who is also a well-trained fighter in his own right.

So, if we were to cancel out the powers of Molecule Man with the powers of the Beyonder, who would win? Well, it would be the one that could actually fight. That’s why the Beyonder takes this round as well.

Molecule Man 0, Beyonder 5

Molecule Man vs. Beyonder: Who Wins?

It might be true that Molecule Man has powers and abilities that are incredibly difficult to comprehend due to his ability to create realities and multiverses. But let’s not forget that Molecule Man only exists because of the Beyonder, as his power is a result of the Beyonder’s own power. As the old saying goes, a stream cannot rise higher than its source. That means that Molecule Man, as powerful as he is, is behind the Beyonder in almost any facet imaginable.

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