Wonder Man vs. Marvel & DC Characters: How Powerful Is He?

Wonder Man vs. Marvel DC Characters How Powerful Is He
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When discussing the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, rarely ever does Wonder Man come to mind. Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, got his powers when he underwent ionic energy treatments orchestrated by Baron Zemo. This gave him powers that easily match those of the strongest characters in Marvel, which puts him on the list of notable Marvel powerhouses.

It would be nice to put Wonder Man’s powers and abilities in the context of other Marvel and DC characters and see how he manages against them. In the rest of this post, we’ll present you with a detailed overview of Wonder Man’s powers and see how powerful he is against other Marvel and DC characters?

How powerful is Wonder Man?

Wonder Man is extremely powerful. His powers mostly stem from ionic energy, which infused every cell in his body during experimental treatments. With ionic energy at his disposal, Wonder Man is on a completely different level than most other Marvel and DC superheroes, not counting cosmic beings and abstract entities.

Wonder Man’s ionic treatments infused his cells with a higher form of energy, allowing him to achieve planetary strength. The full extent of his strength is unknown, but it’s theorized that he is on more or less the same level as Sentry, and Sentry is currently one of the strongest – if not the strongest superhero in Marvel.

Wonder Man

His enhanced bodily tissues allow him to achieve incredible speeds and leap into heights, covering several hundred feet in long strides. Wonder Man can achieve speeds far above what the finest human athletes can achieve. He can also fly and has incredibly fast reflexes.


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Like most other superpowered humans, Wonder Man’s muscles do not produce fatigue toxins, making him highly immune to all effects of fatigue. He has vast reserves of stamina at his disposal, allowing him to last a lot longer in combat than most other superheroes. Wonder Man requires no sustenance and is functionally immortal. His incredible healing factor allows him to survive incredible injuries and even severed limbs. It’s been theorized that Wonder Man is partly made out of ionic energy, which allows him to survive some mortal blows. However, even without this, his healing factor is fast enough to repair catastrophic damage in mere seconds.

Wonder man bulletproof

What are Wonder Man’s powers and abilities?

Wonder Man’s transformation allowed him to access numerous other powers and abilities that go well beyond his enhanced physiology. He can count himself among the most gifted energy manipulators in the comic world due to his access to various means of harnessing and utilizing ionic energy.

To access most of his powers and abilities, Wonder Man has to be in his energy form. This transformation allows him to access powerful energy-manipulating abilities, such as creating energy constructs to shape raw energy into a material object of his desire. Wonder Man can likewise, in his energy form, shapeshift to take on any other form that he likes. He can also alter his size at will or teleport.

Wonder Man projecting energy from his eyes

Wonder Man accidentally learned that he could grant a portion of his powers to others, but this leaves him in a weakened state as long as he doesn’t reclaim the measure of power he granted. And speaking of a weakened state, a few things can destabilize and weaken Wonder Man.

Just like Sentry, Wonder Man’s mental state can greatly affect his manifested powers and abilities. The most notable personality line we can notice in Wonder Man is that he tends to be caught in a loop of pronounced guilt due to taking on the role of villain at first. In general, Wonder Man is extremely vulnerable to forms of energy that can disrupt his own energy pattern and how his molecules interact with the world. This makes him especially susceptible to weapons created out of pure energy.

Wonder Man teleporting

Now that we’ve covered Wonder Man’s basic arsenal and physical abilities, it’s time to compare him to some heavy hitters from both Marvel and DC universes.


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Wonder Man vs. Thor

Thor is more powerful than Wonder Man, but this doesn’t mean that Wonder Man would go down without a fight. Wonder Man is close to Thor when it comes to strength, but when it comes to other powers and abilities, Thor completely outclasses him. However, it depends on the version of Thor he is facing, as Wonder Man has been known to fight Thor to a standstill. But no matter how you look at it, Thor is simply on a different level. His Asgardian god physiology simply outclasses even Wonder Man’s ionic energy form.

Wonder Man punches thor

Wonder Man vs. Hulk

Even though Wonder Man can face and even win against the weaker Hulk versions, his strength levels and stamina levels are nowhere near that of Hulk. Sure Wonder Man’s full strength is largely unexplored, and he doesn’t get tired easily, but it’s still not enough to take on Jade Giant. Hulk has unlimited strength and unlimited stamina at his disposal.

WOnder Man vs hulk

He is able to fight days without getting tired, and his powers get further amplified the more enraged he is. Hulk doesn’t have the same powers and abilities as Wonder Man regarding energy manipulation and energy constructs, but he simply outclasses Wonder Man regarding raw physiology.
In the past, Wonder Man did manage to defeat Red Hulk.


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Wonder Man vs. Captain America

Wonder Man is objectively more powerful than Captain America. Captain America operates on the level of the finest human athlete, and he is considered to be an enhanced human due to being exposed to experimental super-soldier serum. Even though Captain America can stand his ground against most of the things thrown his way, he can never manage to catch up to the powers, abilities, and physiology that Wonder Man has at his disposal. Wonder Man is simply stronger, more durable, faster, and has better superhuman powers at his disposal.

Wonder Man’s raw physical strength is unmeasurable, while Captain America lifts 800 pounds and can bench press 1,100 pounds on his good day. Wonder Man can achieve massively hypersonic speeds, while Captain America can achieve 30 miles per hour while running. Wonder Man likewise has a healing factor going for him. While Captain America is not injured like a regular human being and can withstand more damage, his healing abilities and durability come nowhere near to that of Wonder Man. All in all, Wonder Man is far stronger and more powerful than Captain America.

Wonder Man vs. Captain Marvel

The outcome of this fight would depend on whether Captain Marvel can absorb Wonder Man’s energy and leave him powerless. But in any other case, Wonder Man seems to be stronger and more durable than Captain Marvel.
The key to Captain Marvel’s victory would be her vastly more powerful energy-manipulating abilities, which simply outclass Wonder Man. However, Wonder Man is far more powerful in terms of raw strength.

Captain Marvel energy manipulation

Wonder Man vs. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has better feats and better fighting skills at her disposal. She is extremely durable and strong and has a lot of powerful extra equipment. With everything said, she could clearly overpower Wonder Man, but how would she kill him? This would be an interesting match-up between the two since no matter how much raw physical energy Diana has, she has no way to resolve the matter of Wonder Man being made out of ionic energy. Ultimately he would win due to having unlimited reserves of stamina and, well, being completely immortal. It would be a long fight that would doubtlessly end up in Wonder Man’s favor.


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Wonder Man vs. Superman

It’s not surprising that Wonder Man and Superman are most often described to be at similar power levels. Man of Steel has more feats under his cape, but Wonder Man has been described to be at power levels similar to Thor and Sentry. The best-case scenario for Wonder Man is that he stalemates Superman.

Superman lifting

In the worst case, he gets obliterated by Superman due to his superior strength and fighting abilities, and maybe he can even manipulate Wonder Man’s ionic energy particles with his heat vision. However, the more realistic scenario would be that Wonder Man losses fair and square, although Superman has no way of killing him due to his immortality.

And that would be all. As you can see, Wonder Man is pretty powerful. This is probably why he isn’t used in storylines as often as other superheroes that are far inferior to him in terms of strength, powers, and abilities. He can easily take on the strongest superheroes that Marvel and DC universe have to offer, he might not win every time, but he can certainly hold his ground.

Wonder Man’s greatest strength and asset is his ionic energy form which puts him at the level of the strongest humans in the Marvel Universe.

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