15 Most Powerful Sith Artifacts of All Time (Ranked)

sith artifacts ranked
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The Sith Order is known for being relentless in pursuing their goals, be it through lightsaber duels, political influence – or just total destruction. On their path, however, the Sith have used numerous incredibly powerful gadgets and artifacts to help them achieve their objectives. Today, we are ranking the 15 most powerful Sith artifacts ever from both Canon and Legends.

15. Staff of XoXaan

sith artifacts staff of

The Staff of XoXaan was first introduced in ‘Star Wars: Legacy #14 – Claws of the Dragon Pt. 1’ and wielded by the Sith Lord called Lady XoXaan. She was one of the founders of the Sith Order, and the Staff was used to amplify one’s Force powers. It only worked on the Dark Side of the Force, though.


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XoXaan lost her staff, which found its way to Iona Murron, which ultimately helped Darth Kage get her to join the Dark Side. Although falling at first, Iona managed to come back and joined the Jedi later, so I reckon the Staff wasn’t that powerful.

14. Bracers of Najus

sith artifacts bracers of najus

The Bracers of Najus were incredibly powerful gauntlets created by Najus, a powerful Sith craftsman who designed the bracers to exponentially amplify the user’s Dark Side powers when fighting a Light Side opponent, giving them a clear edge. The problem was, however, that the Bracers didn’t work against other Dark Side wielders.

The artifact was lost for centuries until it was recovered by Profex Rynalla.

13. Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger

sith artifacts gauntlet of kressh the younger

The Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger was created by the Sith Lord Ludo Kressh for his son, Elcho, whom he wanted to make invincible. The gauntlet kept the wearer protected from any kind of attack or touch from other individuals that they hadn’t consented to. 

For instance, if a Jedi were to attack the wearer of the Gauntlet with a lightsaber, it would repel them with a strong blast of Dark Side energy. It wasn’t deadly on its own, but it surely made its wielder that much more dangerous.

12. Force Disperser

sith artifacts force disperser

While the artifact itself doesn’t have destructive powers, one could argue that it is one of the most dangerous artifacts on this list. Force dispersers allowed Sith Lords to conceal their Dark Side from other Force-sensitive beings. It was famously used by Chancellor Palpatine for years, successfully hiding him and his plans from the Jedi.

11. Sith Chalice

sith artifacts sith chalice

Another artifact that was on full display by Palpatine that no one even realized what it does was the Sith Chalice. It is a chalice that had the effects of powerful manipulation of those who could smell the incense burnt within the chalice.

Palpatine retrieved the Sith Chalice from Malachor, a planet with a long and dark history.

10. Mask of Darth Vader

sith artifacts mask of darth vader

The Mask of Darth Vader wasn’t such a powerful artifact on its own but rather on what it presented. It was a symbol of fear and darkness ages after Darth Vader passed away, and it actually ‘helped’ Kylo Ren feel the darkness within the helmet to channel his own inner Dark Side potential.

After the mask was completely destroyed, the darkness within it dispersed, allowing Kylo Ren to return to the Light Side.


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9. Embrace of Pain

sith artifacts embrace of pain

This technically wasn’t a Sith artifact, as it came from the Yuuzhan Vong – a powerful species that came from outside of the galaxy and caused the deaths of 300 trillion sentient species. They hated mechanical technology and made all of their advancements with organic tech and genetic engineering. One such piece was the Embrace of Pain.

It’s an organic torture device that could inflict so much pain that it would turn even the most powerful Jedi to the Dark Side over time. The Embrace of Pain had toxins, sharp objects, acids, electric shocks, ligament stretchers, and more. Then, when a person is on the brink of death, the device would lower them to the ground and aid their injuries, just to keep them alive for repeated torture.

8. Double-bladed sapphire lightsaber of Exar Kun

sith artifacts exar kun lightsaber

Exar Kun was a Jedi Knight who ultimately fell to the Dark Side. He found an ancient Sith Holocron, instructing him to create a Force-imbued double-bladed sapphire lightsaber – one of the most powerful lightsaber weapons ever made. Kun used it to kill his former Jedi Master, Vodo-Siosk Baas.

Kun was eventually taken down during the Great Sith War, and his weapon was recovered by a Jedi agent tasked with collecting powerful, dangerous Sith artifacts.

7. Mask of Exim Panshard

sith artifacts mask of exim panshard

The Mask of Exim Panshard – a vile ancient Sith – contained the screams and agony of all his victims. The cruel metal the mask was created from had the ability to contain the Dark Side of the Force and corrupt anyone daring to put on the mask.

Even some Sith Lords couldn’t use the mask without hatred consuming them, killing those around them even if they were members of the same group.

6. Mask of Darth Nihilus

sith artifacts darth nihilus

Darth Nihilus is one of – if not the – most powerful Sith Lords ever. His mere existence was disturbing the balance, and he could create wounds in the Force with his power. Nihilus became obsessed with harnessing more and more Dark Side powers, but it caused his body to disintegrate and annihilate itself slowly.

So, Nihilus found a way to preserve his spirit in a Mask he had built. It was believed that whoever wore the Mask would gain the unfathomable powers of Darth Nihilus, at the risk of their body slowly decomposing, much like Darth Nihilus’.


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5. Sith holocrons

sith artifacts sith holocron

One might argue that the holocrons are actually the most powerful Sith artifacts in existence, not because of their physical destructive powers, per se, but rather the secrets they contained. The holocrons contained the biggest secrets of the Sith Order within. They were also a piece of artificial intelligence, helping the wielder find and apply the information they needed.

Jedi also had their own holocrons, mostly kept in the archives of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

4. Jebble Box

sith artifacts jebble

This artifact, also known as Lord Remulus Dreypa’s Oubliette, was not created to destroy and shatter but rather to box and preserve. As explained in ‘Knights of the Old Republic 27: Vector, Pt. 3,’ Dreypa created the Jebble Box as a device to confine even the most powerful individuals.

The person confined in the Oubliette could survive thousands of years, shielded from essentially every external influence – even the destruction of a solar system or a galaxy wouldn’t harm someone in the Jebble Box. 

It was an incredibly powerful and useful artifact, initially built to confine Sith Lord Karness Muur, the holder of the Muur talisman that turned people into Rakghouls. More on that later in the article.

3. Great Force Crystals

sith artifacts great force crystals

Both the Jedi and the Sith used Force-sensitive natural crystals for various purposes (for instance, kyber crystals were used to build lightsabers). However, the Sith Order was known for using colossal Force crystals for various nefarious purposes, such as building and powering colossal canons and spaceship artillery.

One of the most significant Crystals to be found and hidden by Emperor Palpatine was the Great Crystal of Aantonaii. Its full power remained a mystery, though seeing how important it was for Palpatine (who was still a Chancellor when he retrieved it), it must be an incredibly powerful artifact to possess.


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2. Darkstaff

sith artifacts darkstaff

Thousands of years before the rise of the Empire, an unknown Sith Lord created the Darkstaff – an incredibly powerful sentient artifact first appearing in an RPG called ‘Philology.’ The Darkstaff had the power to seamlessly shatter planets, as it did to the planet of Oblis. The destruction of the planet created the asteroid belt in the Cularin system.

Fortunately, the staff was destroyed by the Heroes of Cularin before it could corrupt and harness the Eye of the Sun – one of the most powerful Jedi artifacts ever created.

1. The Muur Talisman

sith artifacts muur talisman

I’ve mentioned the Muur Talisman when speaking about the Jebble Box, which was meant to contain Sith Lord Karness Muur. The Talisman, given to Muur by Lord Sorzus Syn, made its wielder immortal while giving them the power to unleash the Rakghoul plague.

The plague could transform billions of sentient beings into Rakghouls – a mindless army of zombies at the disposal of the Muur Talisman wielder, who controlled them as an army of the undead.

The artifact was so feared upon that the Sith Lord wielding it was killed by other Sith Lords who feared the Talisman’s power.

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