12 Most Powerful Skrulls in Marvel Comics, Ranked


The world of Marvel Comics is full of powerful aliens that may or may not threaten the planet’s safety. Of course, in the MCU, the ‘Secret Invasion’ series talks about the Skrulls and how dangerous they are to the entire planet because there are some Skrulls that are looking to take over Earth decades after they lost their homeworld to the war between the Kree and the Skrulls. And it is up to Nick Fury to find a way to stop the Skrull terrorist from destabilizing the planet.

While the MCU version of the Skrulls isn’t entirely powerful enough to take on some of the strongest superheroes, they are still quite dangerous due to their ability to disguise themselves as different people. But the comic book versions of the Skrulls are even more dangerous because some have powers that make them a lot stronger than the regular Skrulls. That said, let’s look at the most powerful Skrulls in Marvel Comics.

12. Paibok The Power Skrull

Paibok the Power Skrull is one of the few Skrulls made to be Super-Skrulls, which are Skrulls with powers and abilities that make them far stronger than their regular counterparts. In the comics, Paibok is the First-Ranked Skrull Commander that lives up to his title as the Power Skrull. That’s because he possesses superhuman strength and durability that is on par with some of the strongest characters in the comics.

Of course, Paibok possesses the standard shapeshifting abilities of a Skrull. But he also has a lot of different abilities, including the power to project strong energy blasts. He is also a great unarmed combatant capable of fighting some of the most skilled fighters on par. In that regard, he is a dangerous Skrull that the other Skrulls rely on when it comes to the battlefield and what he brings to the table in any kind of fight.

11. Replica

Even though the Skrulls are often seen as enemies and villains in the world of Marvel Comics, not all of them are evil. That’s because there were actually good people among the Skrulls, including a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics. We are talking about Replica, who appeared in a far-future storyline in the comics.


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The thing about Replica is that she may not be as strong as the other Skrulls, but she has heroism on her side. She became an important part of the Guardians due to her ability to shapeshift. Replica eventually became more important after founding the Galactic Guardians. While she wasn’t featured in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ trilogy in the MCU, she might appear sometime in the future.

10. Queen Veranke

The Skrull responsible for the entire Secret Invasion storyline in the comics was Queen Veranke, the leader of the Skrulls and the one that ordered them to infiltrate Earth. As the leader of the Skrulls, she can command all other Skrulls that may or may not be stronger than her. Of course, she also has powers, including shapeshifting, superhuman strength and durability, and energy projection.

But the thing about Veranke is that she was also incredibly wise and shifty. She once posed as Spider-Woman Jessica Drew in the ‘House of M’ storyline and gained the powers of Spider-Woman when she used the Skrull Infiltration Ritual. As such, this allowed her to combine Spider-Woman’s powers with her own, thus making her so powerful that she could take out superheroes quite easily while being able to keep herself hidden from the likes of Professor X.

9. X’iv

In the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline in the comics, there were Skrulls that were given important tasks that were suited to their abilities. X’iv is a Super-Skrull that was so strong that she was tasked to assassinate Teddy Altman, who you might be familiar with as Hulkling. And there’s a good reason why X’iv was given this task during the Secret Invasion storyline.

X’iv was powerful enough to take on Hulkling because she had Daredevil, Cloak, Dagger, and Elektra combined powers. As such, X’iv was powerful enough to fight the combined strength of the Young Avengers and the Runaways. And she was strong enough to last for a long time during the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline because she had a good combination of offensive and defensive talents.

8. Commander Chrell

Commander Chrell is one of the leaders of the Skrull Army during the events of the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline in the comics. In fact, he was the one that led the Super-Skrull training program that produced some of the strongest Skrulls in Marvel Comics history. That means he is a strong military commander who can command entire legions of Skrulls. But there is another reason why Chrell is so powerful.

Chrell possesses the combined powers of the Fantastic Four on top of his own powers as a Skrull. This makes him one of the most powerful Skrulls during the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline, as he took down the Runaways almost singlehandedly. After all, he has Mister Fantastic powers, the Thing’s strength and durability, Invisible Woman’s steal, and the Human Torch’s ability to produce flames.

7. Sinister Six Skrull

As powerful as he is, he is one of the Skrulls that was never named during the events of the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline. But the thing is that the Sinister Six Skrull is actually one of the strongest Skrulls in the entire Marvel Comics universe because he has the powers of six of the most iconic villains ever faced by Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. And this makes him a formidable opponent.


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The Sinister Six Skrull gives justice to his nickname because he wields the abilities of Hydroman, Lizard, Rhino, Electro, Sandman, and Venom. Each of those villains was already tough enough for Spider-Man to handle. But a Skrull that possesses the powers of all six of those villains should be more than formidable for any superhero. That is why he ranks as one of the most powerful Skrulls in Marvel Comics.

6. Criti Noll Clone

Criti Noll was a Skrull tasked to impersonate Hank Pym in the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline in the comics. However, she decided to betray the Skrulls to try to warn humanity of what the Skrulls were planning to do. That was when the Skrulls decided to clone Criti Noll to continue their invasion.

The new Criti Noll was so much more powerful than the original one, as he had all of Pym’s intelligence and abilities. On top of that, the clone also gained superhuman strength that was on par with the Hulk’s. The clone was also given the powers of Vision, Quicksilver, and Black Panther. This combination of powers allowed the clone to become one of the most formidable Skrulls during the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline.

5. Kl’rt

Kl’rt is the first-ever Super-Skrull in the storyline of Marvel Comics and is one of the few Skrulls against the Secret Invasion of Earth. In that regard, he isn’t entirely bad because he was against taking over a planet that was never their own.

The reason why Kl’rt is so strong is the fact that he can shapeshift into any of the members of the Fantastic Four. This gives him the powers of all of the members of the Fantastic Four. The best part is that he can use all these powers at once, making him one of the most feared Skrulls in the Empire. And the fact that he is basically an all-in-one package of one of the strongest groups of superheroes in Marvel says a lot about just how strong he is and how he is a one-man army all on his own.

4. Khn’nr

While he doesn’t have the combined powers of different superheroes, Khn’nr is a mighty Skrull that was specifically created as a clone of Captain Mar-Vell so that he could infiltrate Earth during the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline. That means that he has the powers of the incredibly powerful Kree superhero.

As such, Khn’nr has the cosmic powers of Mar-Vell, including his ability to travel at the speed of light and wield cosmic powers that are basically godlike. He even has cosmic awareness, which allows him to have a certain level of omniscience. Of course, like Mar-Vell, Khn’nr can project powerful energy blasts that can kill godlike beings with a single shot.

3. Godkiller

You’d have to be very powerful to be named Godkiller, as there are only a few characters in the history of Marvel Comics that are strong enough to take on the Asgardian gods. That was what Godkiller was because he was tasked with taking on the Asgardians on his own due to how powerful she was.

Godkiller possessed incredible powers that came from the likes of Thundra, Titania, Volcana, and Battleaxe. On top of that, she possessed the same weapon that gave Beta Ray Bill the power of Thor. Godkiller also used Stormbreaker skillfully, as she matched Thor’s powers with her own. And the fact that she could take on some of the strongest Asgardian gods gives her name justice.

2. Hulkling

While he may be named Hulkling, Hulkling isn’t a Hulk. Born Teddy Altman, Hulkling was the son of Captain Mar-Vell and the Skrull princess named Anelle. As such, he possesses the combined powers of two genetics. That is why Hulkling had the powers of a Skrull while possessing incredibly physical abilities from his father, who possessed cosmic-level powers.


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But Hulking is so powerful that he derives his power from his Excelsior sword, a powerful weapon with magical capabilities. This sword allows Hulkling to channel cosmic energy. As such, Teddy Altman was powerful enough to save the entire realm of Asgard.

1. Kly’bn

While many people view Hulkling as the strongest Skrull of all time, even the Skrulls have their own version of gods. This is where Kly’bn comes in as the omnipotent God of Skrulls. The fact that he is the god of all of the Skrulls makes him the strongest Skrull of all time. And he has powers and abilities that seem unparalleled compared to many of the different heroes and villains.

Kly’bn possesses all of the powers of the Eternals of Earth and Titan. One Eternal is already too strong for many heroes and villains to handle, but a being with the powers of all of the Eternals of two planets is as powerful as any being can be. That is why he was strong enough to handle the strength of Hercules, who is often portrayed as the strongest Marvel character in terms of physical strength.

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