‘Secret Invasion’: Was Agent Ross Always a Skrull? Explained


Before the release of ‘Secret Invasion,’ we already saw in the teasers and the previews that Agent Everett Ross would return to the MCU. In the pilot episode, he was included in the opening scene involving Agent Prescod, who had been keeping tabs on the Skrull. But Prescod quickly noticed something wrong about Ross, only for us to find out in a chase scene involving Talos that Agent Ross in the series was a Skrull all along. So, was Agent Ross always a Skrull?

Agent Everett Ross wasn’t always a Skrull because we know that the real Ross was actually a fugitive of justice after his involvement with the Wakandans during the events of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.’ As such, the Skrull Ross in ‘Secret Invasion’ was obviously an impersonator.

Let’s not forget that ‘Secret Invasion’ takes place after the events of ‘Wakanda Forever,’ which means there’s a good chance that the real version of Agent Ross is somewhere in Wakanda. As such, the Ross in the opening scene of ‘Secret Invasion’ was clearly a fake one that managed to impersonate the real article to infiltrate the inner walls of the government. Now, let’s look at this topic in greater detail.

Agent Ross in ‘Secret Invasion’ was an imposter

Everyone’s favorite colonizer, Agent Everett Ross, appeared in the opening scene of ‘Secret Invasion.’ This scene was already teased about a week ago, and the pilot episode of ‘Secret Invasion’ that this scene was the opening scene of the entire series.

The scene involved Agent Ross entering what seems to be a safe house for a fellow agent named Prescod, who was obsessed with the Skrulls and their rumored plot to take over the entire world. Ross was listening to what Prescod had to say without being too open to the possibility that this man could be crazy or out of his mind. Prescod continued telling the story about how he connected the dots involving the Skrulls and their plan of starting a war that would allow them to take over the entire planet.

Prescod eventually gave Ross a disc that he said contained the data Nick Fury needed to learn more about what the Skrulls were planning. But he eventually attacked Agent Ross and tried to kill him. Ross, however, shot Prescod while he was in a bind, as it was revealed that he was working alongside Agent Maria Hill, who was on her way to get him.


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Upon exiting the room, Ross was being tailed by an unknown assailant. The entire chase scene led to Agent Ross falling to his death, as it was revealed that the former Skrull leader, Talos, was chasing after the agent. And that was when it was shown that Agent Ross was a Skrull the entire time, to Maria Hill’s surprise.

This was also a surprise to many fans of the MCU because Agent Ross has been around for a while already and has been featured in several MCU projects. And this allowed some fans to think that some of the MCU characters we’ve been following from the start were actually Skrulls the entire time.

After all, in the comics, the Secret Invasion storyline detailed how the Skrulls had been on Earth the entire time and were impersonating some of the most prominent superheroes. That was why there were big superhero names that turned out to be Skrulls the entire time.

But the thing about Agent Ross in the ‘Secret Invasion’ series is that this was clearly an imposter that was able to copy our favorite colonizer’s likeness. After all, there is almost no way for anyone to tell whether or not a person is a Skrull, and that’s why this imposter Ross was able to fool everyone except Prescod, who was quick to see that something was wrong.

Agent Ross is likely in Wakanda

The reason why Agent Ross in ‘Secret Invasion’ was never the real deal and was simply a fake can be traced to the fact that the real Ross couldn’t have been involved in the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’ That’s because we last saw him during the ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ events, which took place before ‘Secret Invasion.’

In ‘Wakanda Forever,’ Shuri and the Wakandans got Ross involved in the entire mess involving the secretive Talokanil, who were responsible for the attacks that other countries were blaming on the Wakandans. Shuri and the others wanted Ross to know that they weren’t responsible for such attacks and were also on the wrong end of the attacks coming from Namor and Talokan.


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That was why Ross secretly kept in touch with Shuri and the other Wakandans. Not even the director of the CIA, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Ross’s ex-wife, was aware of what was happening in Wakanda. However, de Fontaine bugged Ross’ car and discovered that he had been secretly communicating with the Wakandans.

Agent Everett Ross was charged with treason against the United States because the CIA thought that he was conspiring with the Wakandans, who the Americans thought were responsible for acts of war against the USA. That was why he was no longer an active agent by the end of the storyline of ‘Wakanda Forever.’

But while Ross may have been taken into custody and was on his way to prison, Okoye and a few other Wakandans broke him out and quite possibly allowed him to hide in Wakanda indefinitely while his name was yet to be cleared.

That is why we know Agent Ross in ‘Secret Invasion’ was a fake, and Ross was never a Skrull the entire time. The real Ross is likely chilling in Wakanda during the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’ And because Maria Hill probably doesn’t know that, she assumed that the Ross she was working with was the real article.

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