New ‘Venom 3’ Trailer Teases Toxin & Other Symbiote Villains – Here’s What We Know About Them

Venom the last Dance villains

‘Venom: The Last Dance’ yesterday dropped its first trailer showcasing Eddie Brock and Venom on the run, following their elimination of Carnage. Based on everything we saw, Eddie & Venom are hunted not only by humans but by the Symbiotes as well.

Recently, some leaked merch heavily implied that the villain in the upcoming movie will either be Toxin or Lasher, the released trailer finally confirmed that it will indeed be Toxin.

The confirmation came from the trailer subtitles when Stephen Graham’s character spoke, seemingly being captured and held in a cell.

Toxin is the offspring of the Carnage symbiote, making him the “grandchild” of the original Venom symbiote. In the symbiote hierarchy, Toxin is considered one of the most powerful. Based on how ‘Let There Be Carnage’ ended, we can assume that Toxin has plenty of motives to hunt down Eddie and Venom. Toxin’s most notable host and the current host in the movie is Patrick Mulligan.

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Toxin possesses all the typical abilities of symbiotes, including shapeshifting, enhanced strength, speed, agility, and the ability to cling to surfaces. Toxin is considered stronger than both Venom and Carnage, but unfortunately, he most likely won’t be the main antagonist in the movie.

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The trailer showcased plenty of Symbiotes, most of them unnamed at the moment, it also showcased what we can only assume is Xenophage. The Xenophage creatures are known for preying on symbiotes, making them unique predators. Xenophages are depicted as large, insect-like aliens with powerful mandibles and a terrifying appearance. They are introduced as antagonists targeting Eddie Brock and his Venom symbiote.

‘Venom: The Last Dance’ is set for release in the United States on October 25, 2024, in IMAX and other premium large formats. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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