‘Loki’: Who Is Mobius a Variant Of? Explained

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A lot of people would say that the second season of ‘Loki’ ended in a bittersweet way as Loki was finally able to have the glorious purpose he always wanted while making sure that all of his friends were safe. But one of the things that we also know is that he made an incredibly close friend in the form of Mobius M. Mobius, who was one of the first people who trusted Loki enough to call him a true friend. Mobius, of course, finally decided to look at what his life could have been in the Timeline had the TVA not taken him. So, who is Mobius a variant of in ‘Loki’?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mobius is a variant of a jet ski salesman named Don, who is a single father of two children
  • Loki met this variant back in episode 5 when he traveled to different timelines because of his time slipping.
  • Don is struggling to take care of two sons, but it is clear that he loves his children and knows that he cannot leave them alone without a father.

Mobius loved his life in the TVA

‘Loki’ is full of different unique personalities, but fans would agree that Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius is quite possibly the best character in the entire storyline. Instead of pruning Loki because he was a variant of the one who was destined to die in the Sacred Timeline, Mobius gave him a chance to change his way as they both started working as analysts in the TVA so that they could dig into the mystery behind the Sacred Timeline deeper and deeper.

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Of course, Mobius became the first person to trust Loki enough to allow him to find the truth behind the things that were happening in the TVA. He ultimately became Loki’s best friend as they started working together to try to solve the problem related to the Temporal Loom in season 2. Throughout his entire run as an analyst for the TVA, Mobius was dedicated and loyal to his job.


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There were a lot of moments wherein people questioned Mobius and his decision of not wanting to take a peek into what his life was like in the Sacred Timeline. After all, all of the TVA employees found out that they were all just variants of different people in the Timeline. Almost all of the TVA employees went out of their way to try to learn more about who they were in the Timeline, and Mobius was the exception.

As people started questioning why Mobius never wanted to look at his life in the Timeline, he always told them that he loved his job in the TVA and that he was thankful to whoever was responsible for bringing him there. For as long as he could remember, his entire existence was tied to the TVA, as his job as an analyst was the only thing he ever knew. 

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Still, it was clear that something inside him was yearning to learn more about who he actually was and what his life could have been. Whenever someone tries to bring up the topic of Mobius’ decision of not wanting to learn more about his life, a nerve within him often gets struck. 

So, in a way, it was kind of clear that he actually wanted to look at his life in the timeline but was a bit too scared to get angry at the TVA or whoever was responsible for taking him away from his life. After all, no one would ever want to learn that the life they have lived the entire time was a lie.

Don, the jet ski salesman

Back in episode 5 of season 2, the TVA and everyone in it got destroyed by the Temporal Loom when it overloaded. Loki was the only one who remained as time slipped uncontrollably to different timelines across the multiverse. That was when he met a familiar face in 2023.


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Loki thought that he was speaking to Mobius, but it turned out that this man was a jet ski salesman named Don, who was unfamiliar with Loki and the things that he was saying about the TVA. In fact, Don thought that Loki was talking about buying an ATV.

It was eventually revealed that Don and the many different people Loki met in different timelines while he was time slipping were actually the original versions of the friends that he made in the TVA before they were taken to the TVA. This means that Mobius M. Mobius was a variant of Don, a jet ski salesman and a struggling single father of two sons who needed him.

don jet ski

In the finale of the series, Loki makes the ultimate sacrifice by deciding to be the one to replace the Temporal Loom and He Who Remains as the person holding all of the timelines together at the end of time. He understood that he was the only person capable of doing this, as he sacrificed his true desires of wanting to have friends and not wanting to be alone.

Mobius was just as affected because his time with Loki was the most fun he has ever had in the countless years he spent in the TVA. Near the end of the series, he decided to take a break from the TVA to visit the timelines. Mobius wanted to make sure that his friend gave his freedom up for something important, so he requested the file of his variant.


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The final scenes of the series allowed us to see Mobius looking at his variant as Don had just finished playing with his sons over in his home’s yard. A teary-eyed Mobius had nostalgia on his face before Sylvie appeared to join him. Before Sylvie left, Mobius told her that he was going to stay there for a while and let time pass, hinting at the possibility that he would have wanted to have the life that Don lived.

Mobius’ ending was just as bittersweet as Loki’s ending because he felt just as lonely as Loki felt while the new god of the timelines was watching over everyone at the end of time. So, while this was a satisfying conclusion to the storylines of the characters in the ‘Loki’ series, we can’t help but feel sad for Mobius after losing his best friend and realizing that he would have loved the life that was robbed from him a long time ago.

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