Rumor: MCU Future Projects Will Reportedly Feature an Equal Number of Good and Bad Kang Variants

Rumor MCU Future Projects Will Reportedly Feature an Equal Number of Good and Bad Kang Variants
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Ever since the Multiverse Saga of the MCU began, we were aware that the next big villain of the MCU would be Kang the Conqueror & his variants. When the first season of ‘Loki’ dropped, we got our first taste of He Who Remains as a somewhat morally grey version of Kang that was supposed to keep the Sacred Timeline balanced and protected from his evil variants that once upon a time started the Multiversal War.

Then came ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania,’ which gave us our first taste of Kang the Conqueror and the chaos he is able to sow throughout the Multiverse. The post-credit scenes reveal the existence of, in his own words, far worse variants that are looking to enslave the time itself.

Council of Kangs 1

Now Alex P., one of the most trustworthy sources regarding everything MCU, shared on X that there will be Kang variants that are both good and bad and opposing sides, meaning that the next few phases should feature more or less an equal number of benevolent and evil Kangs.

This somewhat makes sense since not all Kang variants in the comics were bad after all. Council of Kangs was evil to the core, but Kang himself found himself on the side of the Avengers once or twice in the source material.

This also leads us to the recent rumor that Victor Timely, who all expected to be a big villain in the currently-running season 2 of ‘Loki,’ might not be the villain of the show after all.


Is Kang the Conqueror in ‘Loki’ Season 2? It’s Complicated

Considering that Multiverse, timeline, and multiple realities are in big focus, this isn’t that much of a surprise. The next movie that will most likely show what is going on is ‘Kang Dynasty”, a next major crossover anticipated to showcase the new generation of Avengers battling it out with Kang variants. Although details about the plot and the cast are scarce, it is confirmed as the first Avengers movie since 2019, when ‘Endgame’ was released. ‘Avengers: Kang Dynasty’ is set to arrive sometime in 2026.

What do you think about the concept of good and bad Kang variants existing across the Multiverse? Let us know in the comments below!

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