Rumor: ‘She-Hulk’ Season 2 Will Reportedly Start Development After the Strikes

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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continued expanding further following the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, the studio started developing television series for Disney+, which mainly served to either introduce new characters into the franchise or give spin-offs to popular supporting characters. One of the former series was ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,’ a legal comedy that premiered in August 2022 and ran for nine episodes.

‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ was a unique series for MCU at the time of its release. Since Deadpool hasn’t joined the franchise yet, Tatiana Maslany’s titular character became the first MCU hero who broke the fourth wall. The series received positive reviews from critics, particularly for Maslany’s performance, but the audience criticized the series for its visual effects, humor, and a lot of filler content. However, the series brought back Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock to the franchise, which was mainly praised, although a part of the audience deemed that the character of Daredevil was ruined.

A new season of the ‘She-Hulk’ series is rumored to start development after the ongoing strikes in Hollywood!

Some fans might say that the MCU is overcrowded now since many characters have been introduced, and only a few of them have a guaranteed future in the franchise. Out of all the new main characters we’ve met in Phase 4 through Disney+, only Ms. Marvel is confirmed to return this year in ‘The Marvels.’ Other newcomers, such as Kate Bishop, Moon Knight, Werewolf by Night, and She-Hulk, have joined the franchise, but when and where we’re going to see them next is anyone’s guess.

Since we don’t know when we’re going to see these new heroes again, and we probably won’t before the next gigantic crossover event, it would be okay if their adventure would continue in their own shows. Now, according to MyTimeToShineHello, She-Hulk will reportedly return in the second season of her own series, which will start development as soon as the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are resolved.


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As we all know, Hollywood is currently frozen due to the mentioned strikes; no writer is writing, no actor is acting, and the studios are still stubborn to negotiate a fair deal with both guilds. Apart from wages, the main problem is the usage of AI in filmmaking, which explains why the Directors Guild of America quickly got a new deal since it was deemed that AI still can’t replace a director’s work.

We, as the audience, can only wait and hope that the strikes will be resolved soon, and once that happens, it looks like we might get some new and more legit info about a new season of ‘She-Hulk.’ If this rumor proves to be true, that is.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Would you like to see ‘She-Hulk’ Season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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