Rumors Shed Light on Where Exactly ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Takes Place


As the release date of the upcoming ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is coming closer, more and more rumors and tidbits related to the movie’s development are coming to light. We don’t know much about the plot of a movie currently except that it’s going to include plenty of variants, plenty of cameos, and plenty of jokes.

We’ve seen in the trailer that the movie will take place sometime after the conclusion of ‘Deadpool 2’ as Wade’s attempt to resurrect Vanessa and make things right was successful, at least for a time. We’ve seen that Mr. Paradox and TVA will be heavily involved with the movie and that Deadpool’s antics in the upcoming sequel will allow him to cross over to the MCU’s Sacred Timeline.

CanWeGetSomeToast, a popular leaker and scooper with a pretty high reliability record revealed on X where the movie exactly takes place. According to the leaker, 70-75% of the movie takes place in the Void.

The Void is a destination at the end of time where the Time Variance Authority sends everything they’ve pruned. People there don’t age since it’s at the end of time. After the Multiversal War, He Who Remains assigned Alioth to guard him in his residence within the Void. The Void became a collection of alternate realities pruned by the Time Variance Authority and sent to the end of time.

The Void so far appeared only in ‘Loki’ series, and the last time we saw Ravonna Renslayer, she was stuck in the Void and presumably about to be devoured by Alioth, who was seen in the ‘Deadpool 3’ trailer.

The scooper also added that the original plan for the movie was that it take place during the original X-Men trilogy, recently Karan Soni revealed that the scraped sequel was supposed to be a Christmas movie in which Deadpool & the gang would travel to the North Pole to save Christmas.

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