‘Loki’ Season 2: Where Did Ravonna Renslayer End Up & What Happened to Her?

Ravonna consumed by alioth

‘Loki’ Season 2 finale was absolutely phenomenal. Loki has transcended from the prime Avengers villain into a God of Stories, leaving behind his former glorious purpose and assuming a new one, a benevolent one. And while most of his former TVA friends found new purposes in life and started moving away from “pre-designed” fate, not all of them have been so lucky, most of all Ravonna Renslayer, who found herself in quite a predicament in the episode’s last scenes. Let’s see where she ended up and what ultimately happened to her. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ravonna Renlayer found herself in the Void, and she was presumably consumed by Alioth. 
  • She was stopped from creating the new He Who Remains and punished for her crimes against the Multiverse. 
  • Miss Minutes, on the other hand, got a second chance; she is still a part of the TVA. 

Ravonna Renslayer was He Who Remains’ staunchest supporter & vital part of his plan 

Ravonna Renslayer was an important part of the TVA in both seasons of ‘Loki’ it’s only later that we learn that she was manipulated by the He Who Remains, winning him wars and leading the TVA at his side until her memories of that life were completely erased until she assumed the role of a mere enforcer, with little ties to her sought-after position as “Queen of Time” alongside He Who Remains. 

I mean, what did you expect? The guy manipulates fates for a living and has a plan for just about everything. What caused Ravonna to think that she would be exempt from that? It’s likely their romantic relationship, and it’s likely that Miss Minutes revealed that to her out of spite since her own attempt at courting Victor Timely ended in a sociopathic rant. 

In any case, both Miss Minutes and Ravonna conspired to assume the leadership of the TVA without Timely or He Who Remains. But considering that Loki “broke the wheel,” and the old status quo no longer stands, it’s likely that Ravonna would have ended up backtracking to He Who Remains’ original plan of reincarnating him through Victor Timely. 


Here’s How Loki Learned To Control His Time Slipping

Victor Timely never got the TVA guidebook

In one of the last scenes of the show, we can see a young Victor Timely making candles. The year is 1868, and his windowsill remains empty. This means that Timely will never learn things about Multiverse, time travel, and temporal looms, and He Who Remains won’t be able to reincarnate through him.

Victor Timely might still find a way to become who he was “meant to be.” But the first part of He Who Remains’ plan fell through since Ravonna failed to show up at that exact moment. 

Victor Timely

Besides, the TVA now uses a new guidebook, a post-Yggdrasil one, as OB can be seen unpacking the manuals aptly named the second edition.  

It’s also likely that even if Ravonna were to deliver the manual, it wouldn’t mean a thing since the same rules no longer apply, and Temporal Loom is no longer a thing that regulates the time; it’s Loki. 

Ravonna was cast outside of time 

The second scene leads us to Ravonna, who landed in the familiar environment, the one we saw at the end of Season 1. She can be seen connecting the dots of where she is. She was likely pruned sometime before she could deliver the guidebook and cast out to the Void. 

Ravonna at the end of time

A purple flash of light can be seen reflected on her face, and we know that Alioth lurks in the Void. It’s likely that she has been sentenced to true death by being consumed by Alioth. But this is just a theory and something that’s been implied. We never actually see Ravonna being consumed. 

What are the odds of Ravonna returning?

The chances of this variant of Ravonna returning are extremely slim, it’s possible to escape from the Void if you have a tempad on you, but it doesn’t look like Ravonna had one on her. 

This variant likely won’t return to bother anybody, but this doesn’t rule out her other variants. America Chavez is the only person in the entire Multiverse who doesn’t have variants, and this is the source of her powers. Considering that variants of Ravonna likely exist and might find themselves drawn or conspiring to work with other Kang variants.

The season finale set up a pretty huge concept in the MCU and wrapped up things with He Who Remains quite nicely. It also set up a stage for evil Kang variants quite nicely. We’re still processing things, but I have to say the show couldn’t have ended in a better way. There are still so many questions left, like where did Mobius go? Where di Slyvie ultimately go? Will Loki ever return? And yet, it still feels so complete and final.  

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