‘Secret Invasion’: Who Is Nick Fury’s Wife? Meet Priscilla Fury!

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We all know that Nick Fury is a Grade-A badass. However, little to nothing was known about his personal life other than the fact that Mama Fury was still alive. It was also implied that Fury actually had a wife, but now, it’s undoubtedly confirmed. So, who is Priscilla Fury, Nick Fury’s wife, and who portrays her?

Priscilla Fury is Nick Fury’s wife that first appeared in the second episode of MCU’s show Secret Invasion. She is, as it seems, a Skrull, which would explain why Nick has such a profound love and care for the Skrull people. The character is portrayed by the American actress Charlayne Woodard.

Although we only saw Priscilla in one scene so far – the final scene of Episode 2 of Secret Invasion – there are numerous pieces of information we can already piece together, as well as some rumors that may or may not prove to be true. For the time being, let’s see who Priscilla is, what we know about her for certain, and what may possibly be true.

Who is Priscilla Fury?

Priscilla Fury is a new MCU character that appeared for the first time in Secret Invasion Episode 2 – specifically, in the final scene in a London home where, evidently, she lived with Nick Fury. Indeed, Priscilla Fury is Nick Fury’s wife, as established in the scene after she reminds Nick to put on his wedding ring, and they kiss.

There were rumors about Nick Fury’s wife appearing in the show, and in the trailer, there was a short scene of Charlayne Woodard – the actress portraying Priscilla – standing in some sort of a vault or a room, holding a gun in her hands.

Now, in the comics, Nick Fury doesn’t really have a wife despite having numerous love interests – even children. That means Priscilla is a completely new character, made specifically for the purposes of the show – and the MCU in general.

We also learned a lot about who Priscilla is, just from those few shots and pieces of dialogue, as well as a flashback somewhere around the mid-portion of the episode. And, oh yes, it was a shocker – but a shocker that explains so much about Fury and his affiliation with the Skrulls.


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Is Nick Fury’s wife a Skrull?

Yes – Nick Fury is married to a Skrull, and he knows she is a Skrull. Right before Nick enters their home, Priscilla changes from her alien form into her human form and appearance, clearly indicating that she is, in fact, a Skrull.

We then see a flashback that happened likely shortly after the ending of ‘Captain Marvel’ (2019), where Nick Fury, Talos, and several other Skrulls promise the Skrull people that they’ll find a new home for them.

A Skrull woman there named Varra already seems to have a diamond engagement ring around her finger. She is one of the Skrull leaders on Earth, along with Talos, who introduced Nick Fury to a young Skrull named Gravik

nick fury wife priscilla fury

Gravik was an orphaned boy, and it seems as if Fury and Varra raised the kid as their own. Unfortunately, Gravik rebelled, as Fury’s promise of a new home for the Skrulls never manifested, and he decided to take over Earth as the new planet for the Skrulls.

That would explain why Gravik has such a deep resentment and hatred towards Fury, and it would also explain why Fury cares so much about the Skrulls – it’s personal for both of them.

Or, should I say, all three of them, as I bet that Priscilla Fury is, indeed, Varra, the Skrull woman we see in the flashbacks. It was never explicitly stated, nor was Varra even credited in the post-credit scenes, but that only makes it that much more suspicious.

I bet that they’re trying to keep the connection a semi-secret before they finally reveal the history of the Fury family and how they came to be, explaining why Nick cares about helping the Skrulls so much.

Also, I believe the previous rumors about Priscilla Fury being a S.W.O.R.D. agent to be true as well, as she wouldn’t be the first Skrull hired by Nick Fury to be his agent and help him complete perilous missions.


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What does Nick Fury having a wife prove?

Although it might seem like a minor thing, it actually speaks volumes that Nick Fury indeed has a wife and a family of his own. First of all, it proves how incredibly talented he is at keeping his job and personal life completely separated.

Second, it shows that, although Fury might seem cold, distant, and not even slightly emphatic towards others, he’s actually a guy that cares a lot.

And third, it proves that he didn’t actually lie in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ when he told Steve Rogers that his wife kicked him out. I mean, they’re still together, obviously, but he didn’t lie about having a wife, after all, because if Priscilla/Varra was already wearing an engagement ring shortly after ‘Captain Marvel,’ it means Fury has been married for 30-ish years.

Who is the actress portraying Priscilla Fury?

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Priscilla Fury is portrayed by Charlayne Woodard, a talented American actress who had actually worked with Samuel L. Jackson before – over twenty years ago, that is. She portrayed Elijah Price’s (Samuel L. Jackson) mother, Mrs. Price, in the movie ‘Unbreakable’ (2000) and then again in its sequel, ‘Glass’ (2019).

Although Charlayne has had numerous prominent roles in the movie and TV industry, such as parts in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ or the 1996 film ‘The Crucible,’ her most amazing work came on the American theatrical scene.


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Not only is Woodard an exceptional actress, but she is also an incredible playwright, winning two Obie Awards in her career, as well as being nominated for a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award. Her four solo plays, ‘Pretty Fire,’ ‘Neat,’ ‘In Real Life,’ and ‘The Nightwatcher,’ are incredibly respected and really showcase the incredible talent that Charlayne possesses.

You can actually learn more about the actress on her own website, charlaynewoodard.com.

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