‘Secret Invasion’: Who Is Dr. Rosa Dalton?


The second episode of the ‘Secret Invasion‘ mini-series gave us more answers about what Gravik and his followers are up to, but many questions remain. However, we learned that Gravik is building a machine to strengthen Skrulls. To do so, he has help from a science division led by Dr. Rosa Dalton. Let’s see who she is and what we know about her.

Dr. Rosa Dalton is a scientist that, alongside her husband, helps Gravik to build a machine that will enable Skrulls to get stronger. She experiments with various species’ DNA samples and is pursuing the Harvest. She is loyal to Gravik and his cause.

Gravik is the leader of this secret invasion against humanity, and he wants to eradicate people to establish a secure and permanent home for Skrulls on Earth. Regardless of his resourcefulness and abilities, to make his goals come true, he needs help in various fields. And regarding science, Dr. Rosa Dalton is his right hand. Let’s see in more detail who she is.

Rosa and her husband are helping Gravik to enforce his plans

It was clear from the start that Gravik was well-prepared and knew what he was doing. Even though it seemed at first that his strategy was ‘divide et impera,’ after the second episode, it is clear that he has great plans for his Skrull followers and himself.

Gravik plans to create Super-Skrulls, an enhanced version of the species which will be stronger, among other things. To do so, he is building a machine that will enable him to carry on his plans, and the Dalton spouses are helping him with that. It seemed like Dr. Rosa Dalton was the one who was in charge of that project, and her husband was her assistant.

Gi’ah tried to find out more about what was happening behind closed doors because it was clear that Gravik didn’t tell her everything and was perhaps a bit suspicious of her. So, she followed Pagon to a secret lab where she overheard a conversation between him and Dr. Rosa Dalton. Pagon was unsuccessful in obtaining the Harvest, which is apparently one of the ingredients for the project to be successful.


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It was revealed that Dr. Rosa is experimenting with various DNA samples that are somehow connected with a huge machine that is still a work in progress. Later on, Gi’ah looked up Dr. Dalton on the computer, and what she found was a bit distressing but interesting nevertheless.

It was revealed that the Harvest is a set of DNA samples from various species. There were pieces of information about Groot’s, Frost Beast’s, and Cull Obsidian’s DNA samples – these are all powerful creatures with admirable abilities.

What is Dr. Rosa Dalton up to?

According to the pieces of information Gi’ah found on the computer, DNA samples from above mentioned species are already acquired, but it seems like Gravik still doesn’t know their location.

Pagon had already searched several locations but couldn’t find the Harvest. However, it is only a matter of time before the rebel Skrulls find the samples and Dr. Rosa can finish the machine.

So far, everything leads toward the fact that Gravik and his followers will alter their genetic material, enabling them to not only shapeshift but also possess other creatures’ powers.

Nick Fury showed his concerns about that already when he stated that he didn’t want the Avengers to be involved in this crisis.

Sonya Falsworth also does not rest and wants to know what Gravik is up to and who is helping him. To get the information she needed, this resourceful agent tortured one of the rebel Skrulls, Brogan, and she did that effectively. Brogan revealed to Sonya that Gravik is building a machine that is supposed to strengthen the Skrulls and that the married couple named Dalton is the scientist in charge of that project. Those pieces of information were more than enough for Sonya.


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So, even though there are still many things to learn about Dr. Dalton, we already know what she’s working on and that she will most likely succeed. We’ll find out more in the upcoming episodes for sure.

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