‘Secret Invasion’: What Is the Skrull Council & Who Are the Members?


Secret InvasionEpisode 2 just aired, and we’ve gotten a better insight into what exactly Skrulls have planned when it comes to the takeover of Earth. We know that somewhere down the line, Gravik and the Skrulls, in general, have become disillusioned with Nick Fury and his promise, the fact that Talos invited all other Skrulls in the galaxy to join him on Earth didn’t help either. Even though Gravik is massively powerful when it comes to his political influence, in episode 2, we find out that he has the support of other powerful and high-ranking Skrulls. This is why we decided to bring you a bit more info regarding the Council of Skrulls & its members. 

Skrulls Council is basically the government for Skrulls separated from the human government. Skrull Council oversees and greenlights all decisions that are directly related to the Skrull members. Talos used to be a member of the Skrull Council until Gravik and his radical ideas replaced him. The current Skrull Council members are, besides Gravik, Pamela Lawton, Sergio Caspani, Chris Steam, and Jack Hyun-Bin. Shirley Sagar can, at this point, be considered a former member since she visibly disagreed with the ideas presented by Gravik. 

Now that we’ve covered what the Skrull Council is, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Nick Fury leaving Earth affected Talos’ standing in the community 

In the first episode of ‘Secret Invasion’ we’ve learned that things kind of started falling apart in the Skrull community the moment Fury left Earth without delivering on his promise that he made decades ago. 

He promised a new planet for the Skrull race but failed to deliver on it because he can’t just find and claim an entire planet and because he was too emotionally wounded by everything that happened with Thanos and the Blip. Instead, he retreated to S.A.B.E.R., a new space station dedicated to defense against extra-terrestrial attacks. 


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After Fury left, Talos lost his place on the Skrull Council and was replaced by Gravik, who was at one point a close friend of Nick Fury. The fact that Fury left pissed him off and led him to become disillusioned by the entire human race. 

What is the role of the Skrull Council? 

In episode 2, we’ve seen that Gravik visits a group of very important people, he is barred from carrying a weapon into the room, and G’iah has to wait outside because the meeting is confidential. 

The first scenes led us to believe that Gravik was meeting with humans, leaders all across the world; however, from context, we realize that the people that he is talking to are actually Skrulls in disguise, only parading as humans in order to amass vast power and help the odds of their people , and of course, to amass power for themselves. 

The current members of the Skrull Council are: 

  1. Pamela Lawton – a Skrull posing as prime Minister of the United Kingdom 
  2. Sergio Caspani – a Skrull posing as Commander of NATO
  3. Chris Stearn – a Skrull posing as FXN News Anchor 
  4. Jack Hyun-Bin – a Skrull posing on, for now, unrevealed position
  5. Shirley Sagar – a former member of the Skrull council 

Is the Skrull Council good or bad? 

The Skrull Council used to legitimately serve the interests of the Skrull people on Earth, but nowadays, they are the villains looking to depose humans on their own planet. 

Gravik gave them the whole speech about how Fury broke the promise he made decades ago, and now this is a valid reason to kill 2000 civilians, including children. 

The Council of Skrulls first condemned Gravik’s action, but he had Pamela Lawton Skrull on his side, and she appointed him as general, giving him free rein to basically do what he wants while Skrulls are at war against the humans. 

And now allow me a moment to rant. So Gravik told the Council that humans are heading for self-destruction? Are you serious? Is this really his opening line? Skrulls literally lost their entire planet, Skrullos, to Kree forces during the war that they didn’t really need to fight, as per Shirley’s words. 

So if anything, Skrulls are the last race to talk about violence and self-destruction, considering that they already managed to mess up one planet. 

Second, Gravik has a tendency to look down on humans, while Skrulls offered nothing but betrayal and uncivilized behavior in return. It was Fury’s good show of will to offer them anything alone, and expecting a single person to deliver a whole planet, seems a bit far-fetched. 


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Considering that Skrulls have superpowers and technology more advanced than humans when they’ve managed to wage against the Kree, they had plenty of time to find their own damn planet. What did they do instead? They are planning to depose “inferior” race and murder as many humans as possible to get to that goal. 

Rant over, but expect more in the future. 

Anyway, Shirley and Sergio offered what appeared to be the only opposition during this meeting, and basically, Skrull Council decided that Skrulls would be waging war on humans, so this definitely makes them the bad guys. 

Shirley resigned from her position on the Council, and she managed to contact Talos to let him know what is going on. 

What kind of role Skrull Council will play in the future, we’re going to see next Wednesday when the next episode of ‘Secret Invasion’ released on Disney+.

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