Is Nick Fury Gay, Straight, or Bisexual? (MCU & Comics)

Is Nick Fury straight gay or bi

The MCU is filthy rich with badass characters. However, there aren’t many that are as badass as Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. The guy formed the Avengers and was the president of S.H.I.E.L.D., and fought the most dangerous alien threats without any superpowers. But he always hid his private life, especially his love life. So, is Nick Fury gay, straight, or bisexual?

Nick Fury is straight in the comics and in the MCU. We know he has a wife in the MCU from a reference in the first Captain America film, and his wife officially ‘debuted’ in the ‘Secret Invasion’ series under the name Priscilla Fury. In the comics, he had children with two different women, along with numerous other love interests. However, his sexuality was never explicitly disclosed in the MCU.

And the reason why some fans believe that Nick Fury could be gay, or at least bisexual in the MCU, is a moment in the newest MCU show, Secret Invasion, where Fury is embraced by another man in what seems to be a pretty close and affectionate position. To break all the myths and doubts, here’s everything you need to know about Nick Fury’s sexuality.

Who is Nick Fury?

Nick Fury is one of the longest-tenured characters in the MCU that’s been around basically since Phase 1. He is portrayed by the legendary Samuel L. Jackson, who absolutely owns the role of one of the most epic, badass non-metahuman characters in the entire MCU.

Fury was, for a long while, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the dude that created the Avengers initiative in the first place to protect the world from alien threats. That journey began in the late 1990s, when Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel, and Fury decided to launch the initiative.


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In the comics, Colonel Nicholas Joseph “Nick” Fury, Sr. first appeared in ‘Sgt. Fury’ #1 back in 1963, and his role in the comics was pretty much the same as it is in the MCU. He’s the guy behind the curtain who keeps the monsters in check. There’s actually this awesome quote from ‘Original Sin’ Vol. 1 #5 that sums up Nick Fury perfectly:

“I’ve killed… More times than I can count. I’ve burned worlds. Destabilized galaxies. Dethroned gods. And I did it without any of them even knowing my name. That’s what it means to be the man on the wall. To be the invisible monster who keeps the other monsters at bay.”

As for his sexuality, we have much more information about Fury’s sexuality in the comics than we do in the MCU – although it was never explicitly, unequivocally stated in any of the two. If we take all the storylines where Fury’s sexuality does come up, I believe we have enough to piece together the correct answer.

Is Nick Fury gay, straight, or bisexual in the comics?

nick fury comics

In the comics, I don’t think it’s much of a question whether Nick Fury is gay, straight, or bisexual. From all the information we have, Nick Fury is straight and has never shown any interest in the same sex to make us think he might be gay or at least bisexual.

In Marvel Comics, Nick Fury isn’t just straight – he’s quite a womanizer. He has had numerous love interests – some more serious than others – but they were always women.

He had relationships with the likes of Jessica Drew, Daisy Johnson, and Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine. Then there’s Amber D’Alexis, a weapons smuggler who Fury had Mikel with – one of his sons.

Nia Jones was another woman who bore children for Fury in the comics. She was a spy that fell in love with Nick, and the couple had Marcus, a son, later renamed Nick Fury Jr. in the comics.


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Even other versions of Fury were straight. For instance, In the Marvel Ultimate Universe, this version of Nick Fury had an ex-wife, Monica Chang, who left Fury due to him being a charmer, a womanizer, and quite promiscuous.

Long story short, Fury in the comics has a long list of love interests, all of which are female. Now, it was never explicitly stated that he was 100% straight, so there is this possibility of him being bisexual, but if we look at the presented evidence, there’s nothing to support or suggest that Nick Fury is anything but straight in the comics.

Is Nick Fury gay, straight, or bisexual in the MCU?

Now, the fuss about Nick Fury’s sexuality exploded on the internet after MCU fans shared a particular moment from Disney+’s ‘Secret Invasion,’ where Nick is seen embracing another guy in quite an affectionate, close position. So, is Fury actually gay or bisexual in the MCU?

Well, his sexuality was never stated and never talked about much. He is straight because he is married to a woman. However, there is one scene that got the fans talking, a scene where Fury can be seen embracing another guy.

Firstly, the scene that most fans are referring to when talking about Fury’s potential sexuality is kind of taken out of context.

nick fury talos secret invasion

The guy embracing Nick Fury here is actually Talos, portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn. Talos is the benevolent Skrull that posed as Nick Fury for a while on Earth, and in this particular sequence, they are reunited after a while. 

Samuel L. Jackson also revealed to Vanity Fair that the head-to-head embrace was nothing more than a Skrull meeting and that Talos is like a ‘green brother’ to Fury. There was nothing romantic going on there, just a friend being a friend.

As for the other side of the coin, there’s evidence to suggest that Fury was straight all along because he is married. In ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier,’ Nick Fury speaks to Steve Rogers as he shares that his ‘wife kicked him out’ for undisclosed reasons. Cap answers that he didn’t know Fury was married, to which Nick states – there’s a lot of things you didn’t know about me.

The confirmation that Nick Fury is married – to a woman, came in episode 2 of ‘Secret Invasion,’ at the end of the episode, we can see Nick Fury entering a house, and a woman is standing in the kitchen that seems to have certain familiarity around Fury, she doesn’t seem to be the tiniest bit surprised to see him even though he spent a good deal off-world.

Priscila Fury

She asks Fury, “Aren’t you forgetting something” and Fury reaches into the drawer to put on his wedding ring. After Fury puts on his ring, the two embrace and kiss, so yeah, Fury is married to Priscilla Fury, and she is sure to have a bigger role in the upcoming episodes.


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Is Samuel L. Jackson gay, straight, or bisexual?

Samuel L. Jackson is a straight man, having been married to his wife, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, since 1980. LaTanya is also an actress and a producer, best known for her documentary work. 

The couple that’s been married for 43 years and together for over 50 have one daughter together, Zoe Jackson, who was born in 1982.

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