‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: More of Nick Fury’s History Resurfaces

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Welcome to Recap & Ending Explained for the second episode of Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion.’ The last week’s premiere introduced us to the story, and we quickly realized this newest Disney+ series would be unlike anything we’ve seen from the Marvel Cinematic Universe before. After finding out that a group of rebel Skrulls has invaded Earth with the ultimate goal of taking it for themselves, Nick Fury returns from S.A.B.E.R. to fight in maybe his toughest war yet.

The first episode ended with Fury, Talos, and Maria Hill failing to stop the terrorist attack Gravik, the leader of rebel Skrulls, carried out to create tension between East and the West side of the leader, with the ultimate goal to start another global war that’s going to annihilate human race and left the Earth for Skrulls. Even though Talos’ daughter G’iah, who works for Gravik, promised her father to help stop the attack, the attack was successful. And on top of it all, Gravik shot and killed Maria Hill before he left the scene after the attack.

The beginning of the episode takes us back to the 1990s!

The second episode starts in 1995, when ‘Captain Marvel,’ a movie that first introduced Skrulls (and Nick Fury if we look chronologically), takes place. The first scene is basically a quick recap of that movie; how Talos and Nick Fury first met and how Talos went to find Skrulls a new home at the end of the movie.

Two years later, in London, we see digitally de-aged Nick Fury again as he welcomes some Skrulls to Earth, one of them being young Gravik. Fury asks the group of Skrulls to help them protect the Earth (well, this was 15 years before the Avengers first assembled), and in return, he’ll help them find a new home.


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After that, we jump back to the present day, back to the scene of the attack from the last episode. As Gravik and G’iah are leaving, one random American (who serves as Gravik’s scapegoat) is arrested at the scene, and Talos quickly grabs Fury while he mourns Maria, and together, they flee the scene.

Later, they are on the train, leaving Russia, where they play a game called “Tell me something I don’t know.” During the conversation, Talos admits to Fury that over a million Skrulls are currently on Earth. Talos expressed his hopes that humans and Skrulls can coexist, but Fury warns him that humans can barely even coexist with each other, let alone with aliens on the same planet.

Sometime later, Maria Hill’s casket is taken from Russia to London, where it’s set to return to the USA. At the airport, Fury meets with Maria’s mother, Elizabeth, who demands to know the truth. Of course, Fury can’t tell her the truth, but she still asks him, whatever it is that got her daughter killed, he better makes sure it wasn’t for nothing. In the meantime, the news about the attack has spread across the entire planet.

G’iah drives Gravik to the Skrull council meeting, where we see that some of the highly-ranked individuals in the world are also Skrulls, including the UK Prime Minister and the commander of NATO. Although they aren’t happy at first that 200 innocent people have died during the attack, Gravik says that humans are set to doom eventually.

He will make the process quicker and take the Earth for them. The council votes for Gravik to become a General of Skrulls, but one member of the council, Shirley, doesn’t agree with Gravik’s methods, so she leaves the meeting and calls Talos, who asks her to set up a meeting with Gravik.

Gravik and G’iah later return to the nuclear power plant they use as their shelter. Gravik is welcomed back with cheers and ovations, but G’iah suspects something and goes to investigate. She eventually finds a couple of doctors that are working on some machine.


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At the emergency security summit in London, James “Rhodey” Rhodes arrives on behalf of the United States to talk with 27 EU heads of state and the UK Prime Minister about the American involvement in the Moscow attacks.

Rhodes is asked about Nick Fury’s whereabouts, but Rhodes denies that Nick Fury or Maria Hill was ever at the scene of the attack, and he refuses to cooperate. After leaving the meeting, Rhodes is called by Fury, who asks for a meeting. Fury tries to explain the threat they’re facing, but Rhodes informs him that the USA is washing his hands, and Fury gets fired. Still, Fury wants him, that even when he’s out, he’s always in.

Back in Russia, Sonya Falsworth arrives at the secret location where the American arrested at the attack scene is questioned. Using her sophisticated methods, Sonya finds out that he’s also a Skrull called Brogan. Sonya tortures him and eventually finds out about the machine that Skrulls are building and about which G’iah also wants to know more.

Later, Gravik, G’iah, and two more Skrulls arrive at the location where Brogan is held, and they bust in with guns and bombs to set him free. Sonya flees the scene, and Gravik frees Brogan, but not before asking him what he told them. Brogan denies that he said anything, but Gravik doesn’t trust him and takes him to the forest, where Brogan is eventually executed.

In the meantime, Fury arrives at the large house, where we see a female Skrull preparing a meal. Once he gets in, Fury puts a wedding ring back on his finger and kisses her.

Nick Fury has been married all along!

This last scene is one of the most interesting things about Nick Fury that this series has provided for us. We honestly never thought we’d see Fury as a married man, let alone married to a Skrull.

It’s safe to say they met back in the 1990s, when Skrulls welcomed Talos and some more Skrulls on Earth, long before he knew that Talos invited a million of them to come over.

As for the main storyline, we see that Gravik is very serious about this plan, and now we need to wait for his next step. We got first teases about that machine he’s building, but we still don’t know its purpose.

Is it some weapon or maybe a machine that should teleport the rest of the Skrulls from across the universe to Earth? My money is on the latter, but it could also be some weapon that Gravik plans to use if the Avengers try to spoil his plans.


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While she continues to work for Gravik, we can’t oversee that G’iah seems conflicted with his cause, and a part of her surely knows that what Gravik is doing is wrong. We saw how Talos demanded a meeting with Gravik, but we bet father and daughter will also meet again. How will that turn out? Remains to be seen. Not to mention that we can’t wait to see Sonya’s endgame in all this.

We must ask ourselves how much of an impact this series will have on the MCU in general. We’ve seen now that some of the most important people in politics have been Skrulls all along, and it’s gonna be hard not to wonder, “What if they are the Skrull” whenever we see some other MCU character acting dubious in some other project.

What if James Rhodes is the Skrull? What if Sharon Carter is the Skrull? What if, basically, any other MCU character is the Skrull? Those questions will surely pop into our minds during other MCU projects in the future because this invasion seems too big to be resolved during this series’ run.

But maybe that’s for the better when you don’t see a plot twist coming. There are dozens of MCU characters from other projects that some fans suspect are Skrulls, but we’ll need to see how true that is.

The first two episodes of ‘Secret Invasion’ are now streaming on Disney+.

What are your thoughts on ‘Secret Invasion’ after the first two episodes? Let us know in the comments.

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