Soldier Boy vs. Captain America: Who Would Win in a Fight of Super Soldiers?

soldier boy vs cap

The world of fiction is full of some of the strongest characters of all time, and there is no doubt that soldier-like heroes are some of the most popular ones. Captain America is arguably the most popular of this soldier archetype in the world of superheroes, but we do know that The Boys has its own Captain America parody in the form of the Soldier Boy. So, in a fight between Soldier Boy and Captain America, who would win?

Soldier Boy would win in a fight against Captain America. Although Captain America has the experience and fighting skills, he doesn’t have Soldier Boy’s strength and durability. On top of that, Soldier Boy recently obtained the powerful ability to release nuclear energy blasts from his body.

It might be true that Soldier Boy has always been a parody character, but he is still stronger than Captain America and comes with powers and abilities that Steve Rogers doesn’t have. That is why he should be able to defeat Captain America without a lot of trouble, even though Cap is the superior fighter and smarter character between them.


In The Boys series, Soldier Boy was the original powerhouse supe that Vought had under its control. That means that he is capable of feats of strength that were never seen in the world before Homelander’s time. On top of that, Soldier Boy’s genetics were the ones responsible for creating Homelander, as Vought used his superhuman strength to create a stronger supe. In that regard, Soldier Boy is almost as strong as Homelander, who is strong enough to punch holes through different people’s bodies without any effort.

Captain America is a super soldier that was created through the super soldier serum. In that regard, he obtained physical abilities that allowed his body to reach the peak of human limits. As such, he doesn’t have superhuman strength but is still strong enough to beat a professional powerlifter or bodybuilder in a test of strength, as he is the pinnacle of human limits in terms of how strong he is. This also allows him to perform feats of strength that only the strongest humans in the world are capable of performing.

The difference between their strength levels is night and day because Soldier Boy has superhuman strength. On the other hand, Captain America is only at the peak level of human strength.

Soldier Boy 1, Captain America 0


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While his strength was legendary, his durability was on an entirely different level because Soldier Boy was often regarded as virtually unkillable due to the fact that he possessed a body that could withstand normal attacks and could never be harmed by conventional weapons. The only way for him to get hurt is to suffer an attack from someone who is at least as strong as him. However, in all other cases, Soldier Boy is too durable to die, as conventional human weapons don’t work on him.

Homelander Soldier Boy 1

Despite the fact that he is a legendary Marvel figure, Captain America’s durability is only at peak human level. That means that he is much more durable than a regular human being but is not superhuman in terms of his durability. He can survive attacks that would normally kill a regular person, but regular weapons and attacks can still kill him. And that’s the reason why Steve Rogers relies a lot on his shield for protection.


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Soldier Boy is someone that everyone in the universe of The Boys doesn’t know how to kill. On the other hand, Captain America can sustain wounds and injuries from regular attacks and normal weapons.

Soldier Boy 2, Captain America 0


While he was only gifted with superhuman strength and durability when he became a supe, Soldier Boy became a lot stronger years after the Russians captured him. Because of the experiments conducted on him by the Russians, he obtained the ability to release radioactive energy from his body in the form of powerful blasts that are as strong as small nuclear explosions. This attack is strong enough to fry a supe’s body at point-blank range. And even if the supe survives this attack, it is still powerful enough to injure the supe or, at the very least, rob them of their powers.

soldierboy 1

As mentioned, Captain America was never at the level of a superhuman, and that means that he has no powers at all. He may be one of the most iconic Marvel heroes of all time, but Steve Rogers doesn’t have special powers that put him at the level of the other Avengers that have superhuman abilities. In that regard, he has to rely on his peak human physiology, military training, and indomitable will to defeat his opponents.

This is another no-contest because Soldier Boy has powers, whereas Captain America doesn’t. One blast from Soldier Boy’s nuclear attack is all it takes to fry Steve Rogers.

Soldier Boy 3, Captain America 0


The thing about the supes of The Boys is that they are coddled brats that Vought spoiled. That means they are overgrown frat and sorority kids who just want to have fun. In the words of Grace Mallory in the series, Soldier Boy is the biggest idiot out of all of the Supes that she met. And this was clear in season 3 of The Boys when he struggled to understand simple concepts and was often shown to be quite stupid.

Despite the fact that he was never a genius, Captain America’s military training and experience allowed him to develop the ability to come up with military tactics that have proven useful in different fights. He is a born leader who knows how to use his allies in the best way possible, depending on their strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, Cap is also said to be at peak human level in terms of how fast he can think.

cap leading

We are talking about an experienced soldier with the ability to think at peak human levels versus a man often called an idiot. In that regard, Captain America takes this point from the biggest idiot in the world of The Boys.

Soldier Boy 3, Captain America 1

Fighting Skills

Like all of the other supes under Vought’s control, Soldier Boy was trained in basic combat and was also responsible for training all of the other members of his original team, Payback. But while he was a skilled fighter, the problem was that he was more of a mascot than an actual soldier because he didn’t have much combat experience against opponents that were just as strong or even stronger than him. As such, he isn’t the best fighter but is capable enough to stand up to anyone.


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In the storyline of Marvel, Captain America has always been described as one of the best fighters due to the fact that he trained in martial arts during his time in the military. On top of that, he was always on the front and was fighting different opponents with the same kind of training and experience. There were even instances where he had to fight opponents that were far stronger than him. As such, he has the skills, training, and experience to stand up to some of the strongest characters in Marvel.

cap v cap

Despite the fact that Soldier Boy is well-trained, Cap is simply the better fighter due to his martial arts expertise and experience in fighting some of the strongest opponents in the world of Marvel.

Soldier Boy 3, Captain America 2

Soldier Boy vs. Captain America: Who Would Win In A Fight Of Super Soldiers?

No matter how big of a prick and an a*hole he may be, Soldier Boy is much stronger than Captain America. Of course, Steve Rogers should be able to outsmart Soldier Boy and use his experience and skills as a fighter against him. But there is only so much that Cap can do against someone who is several times stronger than him and is almost impossible to hurt or kill for someone of Steve’s strength level.

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